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If you aren’t familiar with the world of CrossFit, the box is what most call a gym. The Ox Box is home to CrossFit Collingwood. Not your typical gym, we want to see you learn. So think of us like a classroom.

Our space contains all the equipment to make you a better you, bars, weights, ropes and everything else you need to get fit with us. No TV shows to watch, no mirrors, no motivational posters. This allows you to focus on you and nothing else.

You will be challenged every time you come in, but in a good way. You will find strength, speed and stamina you never knew you had and while you get results, learning how you did it and why it’s important.

We are suitable for all fitness levels and experience levels. No matter what your fitness goals: weight loss, tone up, build muscle or to compete, our mission is to make you the “best version of yourself" possible”.

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