Why CrossFit? Coach Kevin

My 1st official coaching day was 17th March 2015, so It'll be 3 years come next March but i have been with The Ox Box coming on 4 years now.
Internship was started back in March 2014, after the open.
The experience has been really great. Working at Crossfit Collingwood made me realise I wanted to pursue my interest of becoming a personal trainer and I have always wanted to help people ever since I was a kid growing up. Therefore, as a first step. I studied for Certificate Level 3 and 4 in Personal Training so I can learn more and be a qualified PT to help others.
I have learnt a lot over the past 30 months and that has helped me become a better coach. This involved learning from my mistakes, learning from Ren and Josh and also from the further studies I have done throughout my time while coaching:
- CrossFit Level 1 & 2;
- Aerobic capacity seminar;
- Outlaw way;
- Pendlay Olympic Lifting seminar; and
- This November, Carl Paoli's seminar in November focusing on functional movements and gymnastics!
I will continue to learn and further educate myself so I can be a better coach than I am now. I am always looking at ways of improving as we should all pursue excellence in anything we do not just as a coach in my current situation, but in everyday life, because it is easy to take the easy road and think you know everything (i.e. the saying "ignorance is bliss"). I want to ensure the members are getting the best out of me when I am coaching them on the floor.
I love seeing the changes people have made in their lives by turning up and training every day and living a healthy life because I'm not doing this for the money, but to affect change in people's lives and that is worth more than money. I love what I do and want to continue on with it. I'm hoping that I somehow have contributed and helped in some way shape or form to affect these changes to members within the community.
I love the Ox Box community and how everyone makes everyone feel welcome. No one is singled out and everyone is welcome to every event. We are one big HAPPY Family of Ox's and I love that. I have experienced a lot of communities with special groups within it which promote negativity and exclusion within the community - we don't ever want that at CrossFit Collingwood.  I'm not being biased here, but I truly think the Ox Box is a special gym, a one of a kind and I'm sure many members who have been to gyms all around the world can testify to that. I've been to over 20 and I can safely say, Josh and Ren have done a really awesome job.
I am really stoked to have been part of this journey with the members and the gym and looking forward to what lies ahead. Come December it will be my 4th year with Crossfit Collingwood (literally joined the second day I moved to Melbourne after checking out CrossFit Vic in the morning) and it's funny how I've been a coach for nearly 3 years of that time.

The Savage Ox – December 2017

December 2017


HOLY BANANAS! The year is wrapping up Oxes,

For the month of December we are really excited about what is ahead. Not only is it our 5th year anniversary tomorrow the 2nd December, have a YOGA class with our member Freya coming up, our Annual New Years Eve event, The Christmas Day WOD, but also the start of cycle 4 and the introductions of our NEW specialty cycle of Savage Conditioning. We are jam packed!

Now we are really getting close to the silly season we are still focused on you achieving your goals. Our dedication to your health and fitness will stay firm and we want you to do the same, keep your goals in mind, keep coming to train, keep making smart food choices and let us support you starting 2018 differently.

We had some sad news that our intern Hugo Gondart is leaving us before the end of the year to head back to New Caledonia. While we are super disappointed, It has been amazing to support him in his growth as a coach. His willingness to be out of his comfort zone, not only to learn English but pursue a passion for health and fitness is beyond admirable. He will not be here but we will be staying in contact with him.

Our intern Tom who started training with us 1 year ago this month, completed his CrossFit Level 1 certification last weekend, showing that he is dedicated in being the best for the athletes at The Ox Box. Amped up and wanting to share the knowledge he has learned he will be moving forward into the next phase of Internship with us.

Coach Kev has been apart of the crew at the Ox Box for 4 YEARS! and coaching for almost 3! Chemical engineer by degree, procurement specialist by day, after working a solid day at his day job, he comes in to the studio to educate and inspire you all just because he loves seeing you all improve. Thank you very much coach.

Keep it savage team.

— Studio Manager Aleisha



Sat, 2nd Dec - 5th Anniversary and infamous Christmas party!

Sun, 10th Dec - Restorative Yoga with Freya

Sun, 31st Dec - New Years Eve WOD/PARTY



27th Dec to 6th Jan - 7 am & 8 am WODS only

Christmas Day, 25th Dec - 9 am Christmas WOD

Boxing Day, 26th Dec - CLOSED

1st Jan - CLOSED




For our members,

As indicated above we will be offering 7 am and 8 am WODs from Wednesday the 27th to Saturday the 6th of January. For those under individualised programming, there will be 7 am and 8 am slots available.

As per tradition, on Christmas Day we will be hosting the 12 Day of Christmas WOD.

This is something that the staff do to celebrate Christmas. Whilst all members are welcome, please keep in mind it is super casual. The staff will always support you when needed, however, keep in mind its Christmas to them too. Be super respectful of the space, clean up after yourself. Read the WOD before you enter the building, and know what you're doing.

Boxing Day and New Years Day we are closed.




At the start of June this year CrossFit Collingwood made a shift in the way we have athletes join our fold. Both New to CrossFit and Experienced CrossFitters alike now complete 8 x 1 on 1 Private Coaching Session to refine movement patterns and identify areas of opportunity. At CrossFit Collingwood we understand the importance of touching base with a coach on a regular basis, there is no cookie-cutter way to start CrossFit and more to the point everyone who joins our community has a desire to LEARN to be better. So without further ado, Congratulations and welcome to the CrossFit Collingwood Community to all of those athletes who completed their 8 Academy Session this month:

Drew Davis

Dale Hawthorn

Sarah McArthur

Kerem Hamdi

If you have not sweated with them yet, then make sure you going and say hello to that unfamiliar face in the studio to make them immediately familiar



This is long overdue, better late than never! We want to publicly recognise members that have gone around the sun with us. We are proud of your persistence and your recognition that fitness and health is a lifestyle change you carry with you for the rest of your days. We are at a stage where we have had athletes with us as long as we have been open. A massive shout out to Anna Whitelaw, Adam Rice and Tammy Fankhanel for their trust and support all of these 5 frikin Years.

Madz Knight - 2nd Anniversary - 4/11/2015

Matt Went - 1st Anniversary - 14/11/2016

Anna Whitelaw - 5th Anniversary - 01/12/2012

Danny Ditroia - 1st Anniversary - 01/12/2016

Pez Quattrociocchi - 1st Anniversary - 09/12/2016

Dom Bates - 1st Anniversary - 13/12/2016

Tom Lowe - 2nd Anniversary - 15/12/2015

Tammy Fankhanel - 5th Anniversary - 19/12/2012

Adam Rice - 5th Anniversary - 30/12/2012



For those that don't know our member Freya, she has been studying hard to achieve her goal of becoming a yoga instructor. We are super proud of all her efforts and we would like to continue supporting her development in a class setting.

9 am Sunday the 10th December Freya will be taking us through a 1-hour Restorative Yoga Session.

To support Freya, simply show up to the class (before 9 am), friend and family are welcome. Simply pay with your smiles and support. We have limited Matts, so feel free to bring your own if you have one.

For anyone that has experienced a Yin Yoga class, you can expect a similar experience in this session. For those that are completely new to Yoga, GREAT nows your chance! Restorative Yoga involves long passive stretching and breathing techniques. We also believe the YOGA is extremely beneficial to CrossFit Training, here is a list of reasons if you are not convinced:

1) Yoga improves your range of motion and general mobility.

2) Yoga helps you focus.

3) Yoga teaches you how to breathe more efficiently.

4) Yoga develops your ability to balance.

5) Yoga gives you time to relax.

6) Yoga reinforces good positioning.

Hope to see you then, simply book through WODIFY under Events. Please email us at info@crossfitcollingwood.com if we can expect your friend or relative.



My Day at the Freestyle Seminar

Recently we sent Studio Manager/ Coach Aleisha to Freestyle Seminar to hang out with Carl Paoli, author of Freestyle and Gymnastics WOD. Whilst this was an amazing opportunity for Aleisha to refine her coaching technique from a physical perspective, Carl Paoli also challenged her perception of the experience of movement. Click the link below to read the full article.

[vc_wtr_button url="url:http%3A%2F%2Fwww.crossfitcollingwood.com%2Fmy-light-bulb-from-the-freestyle-seminar-coach-aleisha" label="Read Me" align="none" size="normal" color="c_black" corner="wtrButtonRad" background="wtrButtonNoTrans" animate_icon="wtrButtonHoverAnim" full_width="wtrButtonNoFullWidth" target="_target" el_class="" margin_left="0" margin_right="0" margin_top="0" margin_bottom="0" animate="none" delay="0"]





Check out Coach Kev's article on our Specialty Cycle in cycle 4. Coach Kev completes the CrossFit Aerobic Capacity seminar taught by CrossFit Legend Chris Hinshaw.

" Improving your AEROBIC CAPACITY is a key element in helping you become a more well-rounded athlete. It will help improve blood flow, oxygen and nutrient uptake to working muscles and help recovery when resting. This help you perform better and longer during WODs. This could mean performing extra repetitions on the bar before putting it down or hanging onto the pull-up bar and performing more pull-ups before coming off. Essentially our bodies become more efficient at using oxygen to fuel our muscles during workouts."

A great read for all those both nervous and excited about what is installed for the next 13 weeks.

[vc_wtr_button url="url:http%3A%2F%2Fwww.crossfitcollingwood.com%2Fnew-specialty-class-savage-conditioning" label="Read Me" align="none" size="normal" color="c_black" corner="wtrButtonRad" background="wtrButtonNoTrans" animate_icon="wtrButtonHoverAnim" full_width="wtrButtonNoFullWidth" target="_target" el_class="" margin_left="0" margin_right="0" margin_top="0" margin_bottom="0" animate="none" delay="0"]




New Specialty Class - Savage Conditioning

Hey Ox’s Hope you are all excited about the next training cycle of “Conditioning and Stamina”. This cycle starts at the perfect times as it peaks right around The CrossFit Open. Of course if you have a solid engine you will perform at your highest level. If you are new to The Ox Box and do not know what The CrossFit Open is, rest assured you will learn more soon enough.

SAVAGE CONDITIONING is our new specialty class which runs in parallel to our CrossFit classes for the next 13-week cycle and is designed to turn us all into cardiovascular beasts by improving our AEROBIC CAPACITY! In these classes, we will be looking at ways of improving our rowing technique, increasing those wattages on the assault bike and identify ways to make your runs not only smoother but faster!


“Aerobic Capacity is the ability to use oxygen to fuel exercise activity”


Sounds sexy, right? I can hear the sighs through the interwebs. Let’s be honest, Nobody really wants to work hard on the assault bike or do rowing/running interval sprints. However, if you are the person reading this and is thinking, “nobody got time for that”, or “I hate running/rowing/assault bike”, then this is the most important cycle for you.

Building a better engine will help you in all aspects of your training from weightlifting to gymnastics and while it can be difficult to see the carry over at times, there is method to the madness.


“Most weightlifters recognise that in between their reps, a developed aerobic system will help them in their recovery.” (Hinshaw 2016)


Improving your AEROBIC CAPACITY is a key element in helping you become a more well-rounded athlete. It will help improve blood flow, oxygen and nutrient uptake to working muscles and help recovery when resting. This  help you perform better and longer during WODs. This could mean performing extra repetitions on the bar before putting it down or hanging onto the pull up bar and performing more pull ups before coming off. Essentially our bodies become more efficient at using oxygen to fuel our muscles during workouts.

You will see this scenario all the time in and outside the gym during an exercise. The individual is hunched over, breathing heavy with the hands on the knees. What I recently learnt at the Aerobic Capacity Seminar with Chris Hinshaw is that when our bodies are in that position, it’s our brain telling our body to stop. Essentially, shutting down our system. This is due to our heart rate exceeding 85%+ of our maximum heart rate. By improving our AEROBIC CAPACITY, this scenario will be minimised, allowing you to continue working out, which in turn will again, help you improve your overall health and fitness.

SAVAGE CONDITIONING, on top of your CrossFit classes will compliment your development and growth as an athlete in your ability to utilise oxygen more efficiently. Do not fall into the trap and not attend these classes because you think it will decrease your strength.

It will in fact do the opposite, help your overall strength gains by improving your recovery rate, meaning you can work for longer. Remember, everything we do at The Ox Box is to help improve your overall health and fitness so you can train until you are 80!

This is going to be an awesomely sweaty cycle, and will help you reach your fitness goals.

As Coach Josh famously puts it:

“We want you to be able to have sex when you are 80” (Hromis 2012)


My Light Bulb from the Freestyle Seminar - Coach Aleisha

"this seminar is just an excuse to connect"

Recently I attended the Freestyle Connection seminar with Carl Paoli, author of Freestyle and GymnasticsWOD.com. It was a day-long session with Carl Paoli and his colleague Daniel Peterson. In this session, myself and 59 others were challenged and changed. Not just in our application of gymnastic movement, but also our general perception of movement. We covered techniques and progressions in regards to hollow body holds, head stands to handstands, muscle ups and pistol squats, and burpees. In fact, if you are interested in a full disclosure of Carl Paoli’s method you simply have to look in his FreeStyle Book. As Carl said, “everything is in that book, this seminar is just an excuse to connect”. So what can I share with you that isn’t already (very well) said in his book?

Like many others, I originally discovered Carl Paoli through his short and simple progression youtube videos. It was in 2016 I discovered Carls programming and education available in Gymnastics WOD. That was a very exciting discovery for me as I am rather passionate about pursuing gymnastic movement. Yet what I discovered from the seminar was outside of Gymnastic movement, rather a mindset was revealed to me. Hopefully, it will also resonate with you too. Note that this is my interpretation, or epiphany, from the seminar, I truly believe this mindset is one worth considering.

I have broken down this mindset into 3 stages.

Assume Responsibility: This was the first concept made known to us at the beginning of the seminar. We are responsible for choosing how we participate in the experience. We are responsible for making the experience meaningful.

  • We are responsible for questions we seek to explore and answer.
  • We are responsible for being aware of how we feel.
  • We are responsible for being aware of what we want to learn.
  • We need to assume that responsibility in order to hold ourselves accountable to our experiences.

This is your life, assume responsibility for it, it's yours to make the most of. Once we realize that, the feeling is rather freeing. You can enter a situation, such as a CrossFit class, and make it your own. Ask yourself, what do I want out of this situation? This is not to be confused with expectations being fulfilled. We should no longer assume that other people or things are responsible for fulfilling our expectations. Rather it's about identifying what you want to experience for yourself and being actively aware of it. That way you can then make the situation meaningful to you. From a perspective of a coach and athlete relationship, I think Carl summed it up rather well; “I can’t make you celebrate your wins, we can only inspire a space.” For example, if I was running a disco I cant force you to dance, but I can do my best to provide good tunes.

Feel: Your body is the only one you get to experience - do you feel that?. Are you just moving through the motions or are you really feeling it? Sometimes we need to have it pointed out to us in order to think about it. As your reading this, can you focus on your pinky toes. What sensations can you feel in that little appendage, how does that sensation change when wriggling them a little. Now consider applying that focus to your whole body, particularly when moving, how aware can you be of how it feels to be YOU. This is part of being an active participant in your life. Being aware of your body, this one body you get to enjoy. Who cares what everyone else can or can't do, this is what you can do, and that's effen awesome! Enjoy it.

Share: Finally, whatever new found knowledge you gain, share it. Light bulbs are not meant to be kept in a closed room, they should light the way for others to see. You give back to the world what you have received. Create space in your life to have a teacher impact your relationships. This is not about finding people to inspire you, you are your inspiration. Be passionate about yourself and your wins, help other people to see that in themselves.

You guys are all amazing and I am grateful to Feel, Share and Connect with you all.

The Savage Ox – November 2017

November 2017 Edition

Hey Team,

Christmas decorations are appearing around Melbourne whether we like it or not. This may be a surprising reminder to some of how fast this year has gone by. From experience, November and December are typically busy months for all. From our experience with members, we know some of you like to get into the Christmas Spirit early. You put massive amounts of energy into work deadlines, Christmas treats are lying around everywhere, you go interstate or overseas to see family, social event after social event, and you slack off on your training. This is the time that people put on a lot holiday bulge, the Christmas jiggle. DO NOT SLACK OFF! Make the impossible possible, just about no one has work at 530 am, so make that your time to train, get it done. Say no to the sweets, decide that once a weak you'll treat your self, create limitations. If your struggle with this kind of Goal setting then you certainly need to come to our Goal Setting Work Shop this month.

— Studio Manager Aleisha




Barbell'n'Pancakes -  4th 

Event details below.

Melbourne Cup Public holiday - 7th 

7am and 8am WOD only on this day! Stay safe, be merry.

Goal Setting Workshop - 29th 

7:30 pm Wednesday, start the new year write and plan ahead, or better yet start now!




At the start of June this year CrossFit Collingwood made a shift in the way we have athletes join our fold. Both New to CrossFit and Experienced CrossFitters alike now complete 8 x 1 on 1 Private Coaching Session to refine movement patterns and identify areas of opportunity. At CrossFit Collingwood we understand the importance of touching base with a coach on a regular basis, there is no cookie-cutter way to start CrossFit and more to the point everyone who joins our community has a desire to LEARN to be better. So without further ado, Congratulations and welcome to the CrossFit Collingwood Community to all of those athletes who completed their 8 Academy Session in Sep:

Lauran Wood

Brian Brady

Dylan McArthy

If you have not sweated with them yet, then make sure you going and say hello to that unfamiliar face in the studio to make them immediately familiar




We want to publicly recognise members that have gone around the sun with us. We are proud of your persistence and your recognition that fitness and health is a lifestyle change you carry with you for the rest of your days.


Ben Milroy - 1st Anniversary - 2016-10-16

Nicholas Aird - 3rd Anniversary - 2014-10-16

Anna Tuechler - 2nd Anniversary - 2015-10-19

Peter De Luca - 3rd Anniversary - 2014-10-20

Bethany West - 3rd Anniversary - 2014-10-22

Michael Pham - 1st Anniversary - 2016-10-11





Lift some heavy shiz then stuff your face with some freshly flipped pancakes! You'll also have a wonderland of condiments to choose from. Though out the month we will be asking about how you like your pancakes, who know's you may see your recipe on the menu.


We will be using the True Protein Pancake Mix so you can get ALL THE GAINS after lifting the heavy things.

*there will be no OBSU or other classes on this day.

Event Details:

- Event Kick off - Saturday 4th November 7 am

- Weightlifting - 7 am to 9 am approx

- Pancake Feast 9 am - 10 am

RSVP Details:

- Email info@crossfitcollingwood.com

- Management will process your ticket and reserve your spot :)

- Also, write a Song request for a Spotify playlist for the day!




The CrossFit Collingwood Internship Program our interns are immersed in the day-to-day operations of our CrossFit affiliate and provided a unique opportunity to shadow and learn from the best :).

This PAID, 100 Hours Program is for any CrossFit trainer, at any level, that allows us to assess and individualise the needs and interests of the intern to create a customised learning experience.

Through workshops, case study and peer discussion all of our Interns dramatically improve their coaching skills as they observe experienced coaches at work, develop lesson plans and lead classes. Including constant feedback, analysis and suggestions for improvement.

Beyond coaching and running classes, our interns also have the opportunity to take part in the day-to-day operation of the affiliate, learning about program development and implementation, leadership, business practices and long-term planning.

Upon completion of the Internship, Interns may be offered a coaching role here, but only if they cut the mustard and hit our standards. However, at the completion of the program, they will have a better sense of purpose and new perspectives for how to train clients and possible run their own businesses.

We are super proud of both Hugo and Tom and their dedication to becoming the best coaches they can be. Their desire to help people live healthier lives through CrossFit is one of the reasons why they have been selected to participate in the program. They both showed a true desire to start careers in the fitness industry and we are incredibly grateful that we get to share OUR brand of health and fitness with them in the goals to become the best coaches for everyone they help in the future.

[vc_wtr_button url="url:http%3A%2F%2Fcrossfitcollingwood.com%2Fwhy-crossfit-a-word-from-intern-hugo%2F" label="Hugo Gondart" align="center" size="normal" color="c_rurple" corner="wtrButtonRad" background="wtrButtonNoTrans" animate_icon="wtrButtonHoverAnim" full_width="wtrButtonNoFullWidth" target="_target" el_class="" margin_left="0" margin_right="0" margin_top="0" margin_bottom="0" animate="none" delay="0"]

[vc_wtr_button url="url:http%3A%2F%2Fcrossfitcollingwood.com%2F%3Fp%3D7202%26preview%3Dtrue" label="Tommy Fankhanel" align="center" size="normal" color="c_rurple" corner="wtrButtonRad" background="wtrButtonNoTrans" animate_icon="wtrButtonHoverAnim" full_width="wtrButtonNoFullWidth" target="_target" el_class="" margin_left="0" margin_right="0" margin_top="0" margin_bottom="0" animate="none" delay="0"]




If you're interested in a challenge, try the NO!vember challenge.

Say NO to junk food. NO to snooze and sleeping in. NO to not training. NO to the daily Wine. NO to bing weekends. NO to not having time to yourself. Have a NO attitude towards the parts of you that holds you back from achieving your goals. 

You want to lose body fat and have abs? Start saying NO to the things that are stopping you from achieving that goal, such as office treats or chocolate in the confectionary aisle, nightcaps, junk food, etc. Do you want Bar Muscle-ups? Say NO to the easy route. Make it hard and say NO to a higher score on the whiteboard - in the end, what matters most is that you challenged yourself the hardest way possible. Say NO on skimping out in the warm-up, once again if you make that easy for yourself, you won't get strong enough to do muscle ups. 

You are the driving force behind your decisions, you have the power to say yes and to say NO. Often we get lost in the moment and roll over to what validates us in that moment.  However, long-term results are not achieved instantaneously. They are the accumulation of many decisions over time. Decisions that were made in a brief moment.

Now, we have no intention of detracting from another important campaign - MOVEMBER. Raising Awareness about Prostate Cancer is an important cause. Stop men dying young. If any of our members would like support raising money for this event (such as leaving a coin donation can), don’t hesitate to reach out to us.




7:30 pm Wednesday we will be hosting our last goal-setting workshop for the year. If your struggle at Christmas or New years then this will certainly help you get centered.

The reason we do these Workshops every quarter is because WE AS COACHES KNOW that without goals you have no momentum. Check out this months 'Personal Responsibility' By Coach Josh

[vc_wtr_button url="url:http%3A%2F%2Fcrossfitcollingwood.com%2Fa-word-on-personal-responsibility-coach-josh%2F" label="Personal Responsibility" align="center" size="normal" color="c_rurple" corner="wtrButtonRad" background="wtrButtonNoTrans" animate_icon="wtrButtonHoverAnim" full_width="wtrButtonNoFullWidth" target="_target" el_class="" margin_left="0" margin_right="0" margin_top="0" margin_bottom="0" animate="none" delay="0"]


THE MIND ROOM - Workshop Discount


Tucked away in Collingwood you will find 'The Mind Room', home to a community of psychologist that want to see people excel in life and in sport.

They have offered our members a special discount, buy one booking and your friend comes for free. Or another way to look at it, 2 tickets are half priced (normally $204 each). This booking will get you into their 'High Performance Mental Skills' workshop on the 3rd of December, Sunday 10 am to 4 pm.

What you will learn

  • 6 separate psychological skills that will specifically improve performance
  • How to integrate these mental skills into everyday training
  • How to combine these skills to reach optimal performance for competition
What you will get
  • Worksheets & audio links summarising key ideas
  • Practical exercises that can apply for both team and individual preparation


Simply follow this link, make a single booking, email; hello@themindroom.com.au, and they will supply a coupon code for your plus one.



Also hidden away in Collingwood is Chamellia Pop Up Store. Offering a delicious rang of Chia's and hot chocolate. We were especially blown away by their Turmeric Chia!

Located at 16 Montague street (connecting Rupert and Rockeby street). Pop in, have a sneaky bev and enjoy the amazing atmosphere.

At Chamellia, we're proud to be one of the few tea producers in the world to have a direct involvement from crop to cup. For us, producing organic, sustainable and ethical tea and bringing people enjoyment makes life rewarding.

Read more about them here.



October was our last Savage challenge for the year. Due to the lack of interest, we're going to put it on a pause on the Savage challenge until further notice.

Congrats to Anthea and Ben Milroy on completing this month Savage Challenge :D (ben for some reason we couldn't load your post, sorry)




Use #theoxbox or #crossfitcollingwood on Instagram and your picture might get featured. We have had such a great month of Photo's.






Why CrossFit? A word from Intern Tommy

I have always loved being active and playing sports. I also have spent a decent portion of my life playing video games hunched over for days at a time eating family packs of m&ms in single sittings.
I've been fit. I've been fat.
I couldn't do a push-up when I was 18 years old. I walked up a slight incline to the bus stop each morning for school and was hot and sweaty by the top.
I crossed paths with CrossFit and got my ass handed to me when I thought I was fit.
I realised that performance was more important than how I looked. I realised that health was more important than performance. I realised that if I move like I am 80 years old when I am 21 how am I going to move when I am 80?
I realised that if you consistently don't have time for something, it is not a priority for you.
I realised that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Seeing joy in the success of others will in no way negatively impact my own success.
If I aim high and miss my target, wherever I end up will be closer to my target than my starting point.
From failing a single push up to hitting my first muscle up, I've learnt that nothing is off limits with a concerted effort and consistency. I've learnt that better movement allows for efficiency and longevity. Injuries are opportunities to move better and turn weaknesses into strengths. Surrounding yourself with people who pursue excellence and stay positive will rub off on you which will subsequently rub off on others.
It has been a year since I started CrossFit and it has been the best year of my life.
I love the idea that I can play a part in making someones workout the best hour of their day, help them hit another rep, shed another kilo, gain a new skill, make a new friend, and hit their craziest goals.
This is why I am so happy to be doing the internship at CrossFit Collingwood.

A word on Personal Responsibility - Coach Josh

About 1 year ago I read this amazingly impactful book called “Extreme Ownership” by Jako Wilink and Leif Babin. The book, in essence, speaks to the mindset of responsibility. That life is 1% of what happens to you and 99% how you react to it and that the only way to truly take control of your life is to take responsibility for everything that happens to you, even if the problem is not necessarily in your control.

This is a truly difficult concept to deal with, I mean think about it. Even if something is not your fault, it is still your fault.

So WHY did I enjoy this book so much? Because it speaks to personal responsibility and I truly BELIEVE in the concept. I BELIEVE that by taking ownership of everything that happens to you in your life it allows you the freedom to take action. It allows me to always look to how I can improve, educate and inspire others. By taking control of the situation regardless of the reason why it happened, you gain the ability to grow, learn and improve.

So let's draw the parallel to your health and fitness goals. You take the first step and get a gym membership. So now that I am paying money for my goals they should happen by osmosis (insert sarcastic tone)

Imagine purchasing a car and then expecting the car to drive you around everywhere, put on your seatbelt for you, change its own oil and tyres, and clean itself. The logic is the equivalent of purchasing a gym membership and assuming you’ll get your goals by default. Here is the thing, you still need to rock up often, make sure you’re moving safely, perform maintenance work on your body, cool down appropriately, and give the workout your all and then eat according to your goals. The same goes for your car, you need to learn how to drive, make sure you are regularly servicing it, put the right fuel in it, etc, you get the analogy.

The positive is the “CAR” that you have purchased comes with all the bells and whistles. You get THE SAVAGE LIFE CURRICULUM which is like the manual to your car aka a better relationship to your body and mind. You don’t have to drive alone, there is a coach in the passenger seat to navigate you and help improve your driving. But here is the thing you still have to drive!

You can have the best car in the world but if you are a shitty driver then you are not going to go far. If you let the excuses start piling up like work is taking up your time, you are not connecting with the trainer, you do not like eating broccoli, your partner is an enabler.

This is you giving up your power and control of the situation.This is you not taking responsibility for the fact that you need to drive. This is you putting a big faceless issue as to the reason why you are not achieving or slipping back to old habits. Until you stop making the excuses for WHY you are not achieving your goals, and take responsibility for the reason WHY you are not achieving them, then identify that the roadblock is you and not “insert your issue” and you then have the power to improve it.

It then becomes a conversation with your boss about your health suffering because of your job, it becomes a conversation with your partner about wanting to change your lifestyle for the better, it is a conversation with a coach about improving the communication between each other, it is coming into the studio with a beginners mind regardless of how many times you have heard the coach explain a clean.

Do not get me wrong, I know that this is a tough concept to deal with but by taking responsibility and not blaming whatever, what you are saying to yourself is that YOU have the power to take control and effect change, that you are not up against some insurmountable force, but the actions that you take daily, the consistent change to lifestyle and habit is what breeds results.

You saying the reason why I am not achieving X is that I am not doing Y is an incredibly powerful statement and one that YOU are able to change.

One thing I have seen time and time again in our industry is people looking for the perfect program, the perfect way. The problem is simple but sure as shit not sexy or easy. It is hustle, hard work and consistent concerted effort that achieves the result you want. It is the refinement of diet, the consistent effort that gets the results. Do you think you will be the CEO of your company if you do not put in the effort to achieve it? No, it is years of learning and effort that make it happen, so why would your body be any different.

That is where I have found goal setting to be such an integral part of living a life of ownership. By clearly defining your goals and the actions you will take to achieve them, you are then able to create change.

Why? I hear you ask... because now that insurmountable WHY now has context and actionable steps towards you overcoming the adversity.

You will never always be motivated, what you need to learn is to be disciplined.

Why CrossFit? A word from Intern Hugo

My story is simple, I grew up in France, small city in middle of the country with a very great family. I always practiced sports since my childhood because my parents are athletes. At 18 years old, I decided to join the French Army, I worked 5 years on a mechanical airplane. It’s also in the army where I discovered CrossFit. I started CrossFit in addition to martial arts. The CrossFit concept interested me more and more with time. After 1 year of training I decided to devote myself to CrossFit totally.
Through CrossFit I discovered a lot of different skills. This for me more than just a sport or training method, it’s really a lifestyle or art of living by taking care of our health. Because health to me is the most important thing. This why I want to be a Coach. I want to transmit my knowledge to the people interested in developing their health. Of course I've just started and I need to learn a lot more.
I love the challenge and I’m so curious, this is the reason I decided to start a big journey around the world which has lasted over 1 year. I wanted to associate my travel with CrossFit and I think It was an amazing idea because I met and will meet a lot of incredible people in with the same mindset as me, thousands of kilometers from my home.
My biggest challenge right now is to control my emotion to be focused on my goals. The best remedy for that is to keep my life simple but simplicity is not always easy…
Thanks to my passion, I can progress in a lot of skills, I learn to live outside my comfort zone and learn about myself.
CrossFit makes me act and it’s by acting that you can evolve. I think it’s by staying positive that you can meet positive people and it’s thanks to these people that I can keep going my adventure.

"You can't out train a bad diet" - Coach Josh

You are only as strong as your weakest link:
You can't out train a bad diet. You can't out supplement a bad diet.
This one goes out to all of you who train to lose body fat. Yes, you! However before you retreat into denial, read this...
I keep on saying this to clients: you cannot out train a bad diet. If you find it frustrating to hear this, it’s nothing compared to the frustration that I experience. It feels like a redundant conversation but one that must be drilled into the brains of all athletes.
I want to make you realise that the body you want is achieved from the 23 hours you are not training in the studio. These 23 hours have a far greater impact on your physicality, capacity to train and overall health than your 1 hour workout. However, it’s these 23 hours that are the most difficult to attack.
During your one hour workout you have your Coach with you to provide you with guidance, assistance, support, and motivation. As for those other 23 hours? You’re on your own. You have to provide the structure. You have to exercise your willpower to achieve. You have to be self-disciplined. For those 23 hours, the responsibility for your weight loss resides with you.
It is always your efforts that produce results when it comes to your body. We are very good at lying to ourselves. We give up way too easily.
Deep down, you know exactly why you are not getting the changes to your body you want. As brutal as it sounds It is because you are not putting in the effort. Forget the excuses. If you were putting in the effort, you would be seeing the results on the scale and in the mirror.
In this world of instant gratification people are simply not willing to put in the effort to see results. Even when you are given the structure! You want instant results, without real consistent effort. You think that after 2 weeks of not eating shit, a six pack will appear. Think again.
So here is the deal: you want results? Stick to the following FOREVER:
1. Do not eat crap.
2. Be consistent.
It is that simple.
Yet we make it difficult for ourselves.
Once you gain momentum in staying consistent with your eating habits, you will then be able to see changes. You will establish a baseline from which you will make the modifications you want. It is this long term consistency that will see you understanding your body better and arriving at the destination of your ideal weight.
This one is a short one, guys. It might sound harsh, but I wrote it because I want to see you achieving your goals. I know you want to achieve your goals, but there is no easy route or shortcut. Less is more. Consistency is always key.

The Savage Ox – October 2017

October 2017 Edition

Hey Team,

I can't believe how fast this year has gone by! There are Christmas decorations out already and I'm not sure how I feel about that...

In the month of September we experienced a lot of change; with Coach Caity finishing her journey with us (WAHH!), the search for a Full Time Coach position, the 2017 Team Series, the return of Barbell, etc.

I hope you enjoy this months Newsletter, myself and the team put a lot of effort into improving it every month, we hope you notice the changes.

— Studio Manager Aleisha



Tom Fankhanel - Internship 2017

What does this mean for Tom and our members? See the details below.

Barbell'n'Pancakes - 4th November 

You read that right! Check out Event details below





We are incredibly proud of how everyone conducted themselves during the team series. We are also super impressed by the amazing costumes, as you can see it was a very fabulous and comical affair.


We hope that everyone left the box with new experiences and greater bonds with their fellow athletes. I think at this point its a good time to reflect on a post that Coach Josh released at the beginning of September:

One of my favourite things about CrossFit is suffering with others. Training with people allows us all to elevate each other through inspiration, competition and camaraderie. It allows us to challenge ourselves in different ways, a Partner WOD for instance now has more purpose. 

We are not only training to improve our own fitness but now also want to push a little harder for those people of whom we are sacrificing energy with. We now do not want to let our team mates and friends down by giving into that loud voice in our head that say “just put that wall ball down, you are tired” it challenges us to push ourselves a little further than if we were left to our own devices.

What makes me personally feel warm and fuzzy is that even though “WE” place this expectation on ourselves that we do not want to let our partner or team down, our partners and our Teams just want us to do our best. They are not concerned about winning the WOD, they are just as invested in our accomplishments as they are their own and that is just plain AWESOME. When in life is the success of other just as important of the success of self.

Thank you to all who participated, supported and shared the experience with us. Already looking forward to next year!



We officially said Goodbye to Coach Caity, last Saturday was the last class she coaches with us. It was a privilege to have her apart of this community and we are so proud of her for following her goals. Thank you for being such a great example to us all, hard work and persistence will pay off, and along to way you can make some amazing memories and relationships. We know you we will be seeing you around the traps and hopefully for a few "Guest Coaching" appearances as you will always be apart of the CrossFit Collingwood Community. Bye for now.




At the start of June this year CrossFit Collingwood made a shift in the way we have athletes join our fold. Both New to CrossFit and Experienced CrossFitters alike now complete 8 x 1 on 1 Private Coaching Session to refine movement patterns and identify area's of opportunity. At CrossFit Collingwood we understand the importance of touching base with a coach on a regular basis, there is no cookie cutter way to start CrossFit and more to the point everyone who joins our community has a desire to LEARN to be better. So without further ado, Congratulations and welcome to the CrossFit Collingwood Community to all of those athletes who completed their 8 Academy Session in Sep:

Amy Engler

Aaron Harvey

Kirsten Sprague

Paul Tinkler

Ellen Wilkonson

If you have not sweated with them yet, then make sure you going and say hello to that unfamiliar face in the studio to make them immediately familiar




This is long over due, better late then never! We want to publicly recognise members that have gone around the sun with us. We are proud of you persistence and your recognition that fitness and health is a lifestyle change you carry with you for the rest of your days.


Jesper Nyborg - 2nd Anniversary - 21/09/2015

Andrew Collier - 3rd Anniversary - 22/09/2014

Nancy Nguyen - 4th Anniversary - 25/09/2013

Molly Jayan - 4th Anniversary - 26/09/2013

Frank Cahill - 4th Anniversary - 26/09/2013





Lift some heavy shiz then stuff your face with some freshly flipped pancakes! You'll also have a wonderland of condiments to choose from. Though out the month we will be asking about how you like your pancakes, who know's you may see your recipe on the menu.
We will be using the True Protein Pancake Mix so you can get ALL THE GAINS after lifting the heavy things.

Event Details:

- Event Kick off - Saturday 4th November 7 am
- Weightlifting - 7am to 9 am Aprox

- Pancake Feast 9 am - 10 am

RSVP Details:
- Mon 4th October
- Email info@crossfitcollingwood.com
- Management will process your ticket and reserve your spot


Familiar photo? Familiar face? We'll you're about to see a whole lot more of this guy. Tom, tommy, T-Fank, is our new recruit for 2017 Internship.

You can expect him to be shadowing our classes as of this month.

What to expect. We'll, when we say "shadowing classes" this doesn't mean Tom will be hiding in dark places... watching...

What Interning involves at CrossFit Collingwood is 100 hours of Shadowing classes, in the first 50 hours the intern (with a registered Coach) will observe and learn; movement patterns, the class structure, how to pick faults and how to correct them, nutrition, coach to client communication, etc. The 50 hours after that get a bit more involved, slowly introducing Tom as holding the classes with a Coach supervising.

We are truley excited to have Tom moving from behind the desk at CrossFit Collingwood to on the floor. His attitude and genuine sincerity is something that we welcome to the coaching team.




The amazing thing about CrossFit is how it fosters a community by bringing people together under a common interest. Sometimes life long relationships are even created from being in the CrossFit Community. Regardless as to whether people become best friends or acquaintances we hope that in this environment - CrossFit Collingwood - all the interactions people have with each other will be positive experiences and lead to positive relationships.

Positive relationship doesn't necessarily mean you need have an intimate friendship or a friendship at all. Everyone won't like you, the same way you can't like everyone, and thats ok. This however should not stop us from creating positive relationships. What we mean by a positive relationship is that you are patient, supportive, kind, curious and empathetic in your interaction with other people.

It's so easy to fall into negative interactions, to commiserate, and sometimes to be unfair and offended. We all do it time to time, we're only human right? However, to what degree is that excuse acceptable? If you're human you also have self awareness. So, if you catch yourself in a negative interaction, good job you caught yourself - now stop. Often we catch ourselves, and we keep going. Or sometimes it's not until we walk away we realise that wasn't fostering a positive relationship.

You may be familiar with the phrase "treat others how you would want to be treated". To us this is a provisionally acceptable phrase. Whilst its important to treat people in a way that upholds your standards of human kindness, it is also important to remember people are not you. They will not always receive your actions with the same sentiment, nor will they always deliver to you the same type of kindness. Its not to say we shouldn't have some standards on how we want to be treated or how we treat others. The take home message from this is, we can not always expect people to for fill our expectations unless we educate them otherwise. Additionally, are we really being; patient, supportive, kind, curious and fair, if we resent people for not filling expectations that were not made known to them?

Language allows us to connect. It can be our greatest tool or a greatest enemy. It can make or break our relationships. We can use to be cruel or to be kind. With great power comes great responsibility. In this community, we advocate you to create healthy experiences. So please, check out Renee's Article "You are what you speak".




What is this Savage Club? You my have noticed in the studio we have a poster with a list of names, and against their names are numbers, formally dubbed as streaks. These are streaks for attending 20 or more classes with in the month. If this is achieved consecutively the streaks will add up.

Currently, Ben Milroy is in the lead with a total of 9 streaks! Lets just take a moment to applaud Ben **CLAP!CLAP!CLAP!** for his dedication and persistence! GO BEN GO!

Even though Ben is doing a fantastic demonstration of commitment, don't stop trying to get those streaks ladies and gents! You still have a chance to win the big!




Not the same as the Savage Club, the savage challenge was released every Month, it was an opportunity for members to challenge themselves outside of the class structure. For the Month of September we had a bonus Win opportunity. Either 200 singles or 200 doubles unders for time.

Colette great time for your Single Unders! Ant 200 double unders whilst in another continent (we miss you)! Amazing work for challenging yourself and putting it up there for the world to see. $20 store credit is now in your account :)

October will be our last Savage challenge for the year. Due to the lack of interest, we're going to put it on a pause on the Savage challenge until further notice.














Use #theoxbox or #crossfitcollingwood on Instagram and your picture might get featured. We have had such a great month of Photo's.

You are what you speak - A word from Coach Renee

Just like the old proverb, ‘You are what you eat’ (Hippocrates) implies our physical health is a representation of the nutrition we consume, the proverb ‘we think what we become’ (Buddha) implies how we speak and what we think is a representation of our mental health.. I was challenged with a task a few years back; to document everything I thought and spoke relating to myself, and the relationship I have with my perception of who I am over a seven day period.

The task’s intention?

To identify if the relationship was healthy or toxic.

The outcome?

I didn't like myself very much! If I was speaking about my body, I would say things like, “I wish I had bigger boobs, I hate my upper thighs and hips, I have shit skin”. If I was speaking about my fitness, I would say things like, “I’m such a slow old lady when it comes to running, I wish I could get my shit together and do better at the gassy WOD’s, I’m no good when it comes to gymnastics….” If I was speaking about my IQ, I would say things like, “I’m crap with numbers, my memory for technical jargon isn't the best, I’m a dreamer…”. Out of the time documented, at least 70% of it was spent in a negative conversation relating to how I felt about myself.

Usually, when we share these thoughts about ourselves with our peers, we are reassured and placated that these observations are false and we are awesome, functional people... retrospectively we know if someone came and spoke to us the way we speak to ourselves a majority of the time, those people would not be someone we’d choose to spend time with or call a friend. Thinking in positive undertones and relating to ourselves in a positive fashion are things that need to be practiced, because being negative is an inbuilt societal daily practice. The task made me realise I had no love for my body, the only one I had to live in for the rest of my life, and we had a bad relationship. This was not a relationship that I wanted to settle for.

To build a healthy positive relationship I started by practicing gratitude in the morning and in the evening. I picked three things…I was grateful to wake up in a body that was capable of taking me where I needed to go for the day, I was grateful for the pleasure it gave me when being with my partner before getting out of bed, I was grateful for it’s ability to feel the nice warm water of my morning shower. In the evening.. I picked three things again.. I was grateful I could train and benefit from the endorphins it generated, I was grateful for the ability to taste and consume delicious food throughout the day, and I was grateful to not be inhibited by any physical limitations on the things I wanted to do.

I committed to writing down my gratitude practice, in a small pocket note pad, for 90 days.

It was a challenge at first, some days were brutal in the sense that I had to contend with days where I had my menstrual cycle and lacked motivation, days where I was tired and overworked and unable to train, days that I didn’t feel like looking at myself in the mirror, I even missed some days in my note book. The outcome, following the initial practice, was a much improved relationship with myself. Celebrating what my body can do for me, having the daily habit of acknowledging gratitude for all the things I get to do because of it is, by far, a way healthier experience.

How we think about ourselves extends to our environment and the relationships we have with others as well. It stands to reason that if you are practicing negative self talk and it impacts your relationship with yourself, then practicing negative speech outwardly will dictate the kind of environment you are living into. Commiseration of negative opinions only serve to generate an environment of bad energy.

When you use gossip or a negative opinion you have to connect with another person, you are hot wiring that connection, instead of having vulnerable, open dialogue that contributes to you and the person you’re speaking with in a positive fashion. Instead you share an interaction charged with information that would cause harm if shared in the wider community. Author and speaker, Brene’ Brown, has began a worldwide movement of people invested in transforming this most human of practices; http://bit.ly/2xELDKp

If you are sharing info that you would not openly convey in a public forum, or worse yet, sharing info that is confidential and not yours to share, you are causing damage to both your trust in yourself but also to others within your community. Energy put out is returned in kind, to this way of thinking, if you spend your social time gossiping about what you view are other people’s shortcomings, you are creating a loop of energy to be returned in kind.

Consider this, sharing opinions about what you view as other people’s shortcomings are interactions being motivated by needs of validation and insecurity, that, when habitual, limit your own personal growth and authentic connection to other humans. How many times a day, a week, a month, do you enter into conversations that are self depreciating or depreciating toward others or situations or experiences? Energy invested into negative practices that do not generate positive return on investment.

Speak to yourself with love, speak to your community from a positively charged thoughtful mindset, speak to your experiences from a solution based mindset, practice this for thirty days.. take the bad days with the good and reflect on the impact…

‘What you think you become, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you create…’

When you converse in your community, is it to elevate others?

Do you invest your time and energy into positively manifesting an environment of support and acceptance OR do you generate negative energy by sharing judgements and assumptions?

Too many of us surrender our power to create the space we want to live in by shying away from self reflection… in my conversations, do I speak about others as I would want to be spoken about? Do I divulge information that is not mine to share? Do I speak for self validation to bolster my personal insecurities? All of these habits, that when practised consistently, lead to you generating a space that is superficial and vapid.

It is so much more challenging to be honest and share an issue with the person you have it with than to speak about it with others, with others you can commiserate and generate support on your judgements, but to share it with the actual person that the issue resides means you have to be courageous and subject to confrontation. The benefit of being brave means you will have the opportunity to evolve, be vulnerable and transform the interaction with that person.

In a time where free speech is being challenged and offense is too readily assumed to avoid being wrong or challenged, these positive mindful practices are becoming scarce.

It starts with a choice, to not say the sarcastic quip.. to have the uncomfortable conversation in the moment instead of stewing and having passive aggressive interactions at a later date.. It won’t always work, but for every time you react below the line is the opportunity in the next instance to be a better person. As you get better at the practice, these instances will become few and far between & you will grow in your ability to create a daily environment that is empowering for yourself and others.

In The Ox Box community everyone is on their own journey and we as a collective get the daily privilege of shining a light on each other in a positive manner to break the negative cycle, to sweat together and overcome our adversities, celebrate each individual’s journey, their successes and above all else be better human beings.

Competing Vs Testing - A word from Coach Kevin

“We at CrossFit Collingwood promote and strive for health, fitness and wellbeing of our clients and for general physical preparedness (GPP)” (Hromis 2012)

One common misconceptions in our health and fitness industry is that people think more volume and competing/testing will lead to faster results. This leads to athletes wanting to move as fast as they can, neglecting technique to try and get as much volume in as possible.

“A normal member is competing 90% of the time, training 5% of the time and practicing 5%” (Bergeron 2016)

This way of training may be effective for the short term, but for long-term health benefits; it is detrimental. The question you have to ask yourself is:

  1. “Do I want to be able to train for the future to shape a healthier and fitter version of myself?”


  1. “Go hard, do as much as I can and try and get results as fast as I can and risk being injured in the process?”

DO NOT mistake volume for intensity and end up working out for 90 minutes at 60% when 60 minutes at 90% might be more valuable. We live in a “more is better society” and it is our responsibility to try and change this message. Due to this concept, it seems to have been lost on the general population.

OPEX Director, James Fitzgerald and one of my favourite coaches in the world, Ben Bergeron explains the importance and difference between practicing, training and testing/competing explains the above very nicely below:

“Think testing as going all out. We are talking 100% that may feel like 125%. Think of training as building volume. That volume is not a situation where the goal is to go as fast as possible. The goal is to complete work consistently so that you can come back tomorrow and do more work at the same pace and NOT all out). This pattern must continue for a long period of time so that a person’s system can handle a lot of work at progressively faster pacing over time.” (Fitzgerald 2017)

“(Practicing, Training and Competing) Each one has incredibly different approaches and incredibly different adaptations happening from each one. It is really important to put parameters around what they are so you know what you are doing and what you are trying to get out of the training session.” (Bergeron 2017)

The above quotes relate perfectly to practicing and training. As mentioned above, James mentions; “continue for a long period of time so that a person’s system can handle a lot of work at progressively faster pacing over time”. If we never practice and train the movement, we will never be able to handle the additional work as we progress as athletes as we have not developed the neurological pathways in our brain to handle it. In addition, if we do not practice efficiently moving with good technique, i.e. cycling power cleans, power snatches etc, we will never be able to work at a progressively faster pace over time as again, our neurological pathways have not been trained to constantly perform these movements. I always mention this in my classes, which I think hits the nail in the coffin:

“If we practice and train the movements everyday, we will be training our neurological pathways to move better, with better technique, allowing us to move more efficiently with good mechanics without compromising technique. This will lead to better testing results due to better neurological adaptations to the movements, allowing you to move heavier loads more efficiently at a faster rate with good technique.” (Yun 2017)

As you know, we as CrossFit Collingwood coaches, take the additional time in the brief to explain to you before the intention behind every class we take. It allows you; the athlete, to understand the reason behind why we are performing a particular movement, skill and WOD a certain way.

This puts parameters around which aspect of practicing, training and testing we are looking at during the session.

“Hiding from your weaknesses is a recipe for incapacity and error.” (Glassman 2006)

One of my favourite snippets from Ben Bergeron’s’ podcast, which fits perfectly into our community:

Here’s what a normal day looks like for a regular gym goer; they see a workout on the board, they look at the previous times of other people and or they think about their previous times that they had in the workout…. They go into the workout looking for every available short cut to better their time” (Bergeron 2017)

I think most people can relate to what Ben is saying above, in relation to checking the leaderboard and seeing what time or weight you have get to beat to be No.1 for the day. Remember one of CrossFit Collingwood’s Rules; LEAVE YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR!!

“Look in the mirror. That’s your competition.” (Anonymous)

Listen to his podcast using the link below if you are interested in listening to what he has to say in further detail.


The majority of our athletes are training for life. As coaches, we strive to achieve this by promoting a healthy lifestyle, whether that is in the gym, in our nutrition or other activities outside of our gym. We are at the gym to effectively coach and help the athletes to be a better version of themselves.

“we want our athletes to be able to have sex when they are 80” (Hromis 2012)

You can see in CrossFit Collingwood’s new training paradigm, that we are practicing and training movements while testing every 14 days. So to put a bit of maths around it, we are testing 22 times throughout the year, which is ~7% as we only train 6 times a week. This allows for athletes to neurologically adapt to the movements as we are practicing and training 93% of the year!

However, more volume has some bearing of truth behind it. Look at social media of some of the top athletes in our industry; Kara Webb, Matt Fraser and Rich Froning. These are people who the general population look towards to when they are wanting inspiration to get fitter and stronger. They post insane workouts with lots of volume because that’s what they need to do to be at the top of the game. They exemplify the “more is better” culture because they aren’t training to simply be fit and healthy, but they are training to be the fittest in the world! These athletes are a different breed per say when compared to the general population like us. They are a different breed because these athletes are at the top of our sport who benefit from extra training volume as they stand upon a nearly unshakable foundations of mechanics and consistency. These were developed early in their training lives from practicing and training the movements every day. The general population who start CrossFit or have been doing CrossFit for a few years still lack either one of these or both. For example, if an athlete struggles with mechanics i.e. mobility, then more volume is more detrimental than being helpful for the athlete. If their nutrition is terrible or they don’t get enough sleep, that again is detrimental to the general health and wellbeing of the athlete.

Another piece of information which people tend to miss out on is that these athletes spend long hours stretching, mobilising, attending physios and chiropractitioners etc which takes up a lot of their time. Top CrossFit athletes do not post these kind of sessions on their social media page as it is boring and unpopular compared to them uploading a video of hitting a 100kg snatch.

CrossFit’s philosophy is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity over broad time domain. This means every day is different and the more intensity you put into the workout, the more you will get out of it. One of Glassman’s quotes resonates perfectly to CrossFit, it reads:

“Be impressed by intensity, not volume” (Glassman 2006)

This goes back to the question at hand, does more volume and testing lead to faster results. If your goal is to be a CrossFit Games athlete, yes of course you need the volume but also lots of time, intensity, gymnastic skills and specific muscle group training and a great nutrition. You can do as much volume and testing as you want, but if it is not practiced, trained and performed at some kind on intensity with the different skills and proper nutrition, the development will be very slow to even detrimental.”

“More is not better.” (Glassman 2006)

CrossFit Collingwood has identified that the general population will benefit with a better understanding of living a healthier lifestyle while moving consistently and allowing athletes to train every day. We do this, as mentioned before, with our programming, by how we go about our daily lives in the community. We give our all at every class we take, wanting to impart knowledge which will help the athlete learn something which will help them develop as an athlete. To be a better version of yourself, you don’t need to train 2 to 3 hours, working on isolation movements, extra lifts etc. Practicing and training the movements and performing workouts at high intensity will be more beneficial, especially with everyone having busy lives, i.e. work, social life etc.

These kind of changes are what CrossFit Collingwood strive to achieve with all our athletes, even if it is a small change like not drinking every weekend, getting 8 hours of sleep or reducing the amount of sweets eaten per week. Small changes have a dramatic impact on an individual, which will help them live a healthier life.

In Summary, we at CrossFit Collingwood are getting you ready for general physical preparedness (GPP) for what life throws at you by guiding and inspiring you to be the best you can be. This means the right programming with effective coaching and nutritional advice so you can come in every day, practice and train with intensity and leave the gym as a better you.

Ox Box Barbell - Need to Knows

The Cycle of Ox Box Barbell that is beginning on Tuesday 5th of Sep is upon us!
Here is an overview on what the next 13 week cycle is going to look like:
Movements (main lifts)
Day 1 - Snatch / Front Squat
Day 2 - Jerk / Overhead Squat
Day 3 - Clean + Jerk / Back Squat
So by this logic, you can expect on Tuesday there to be Snatching, Thursday there will be Jerking, Saturdays there will be Clean & Jerks. If you want to be a wholistic lifting you should come the every session of the week. Or if you know your particularly weak at a movement (lift) come to the Day that appeals to you most.

3 Micro Cycles (each 4 weeks)

Movement 1 (OLY) 

Micro Cycle 1 - Triples
* We are looking for timing and position
Micro Cycle 2 - Doubles
* We are looking for strength
Micro Cycle 3 - Singles
* We are looking to put both micro cycles together in prep for comp day (last day of the cycle).
Movement 2 (squats)
12 Week Cycle for Back Squats
* The back Squats build each and every single week and are fucking hard
13 Weeks Cycle for Front and Overhead Squats
* These run in 4 week blocks but there is an expectation that each bock will build on the pervious week
* These will include tempo and explained in the brief.
The intention is to get athletes to excel in the Olympic Lifts and get them to understand 2 things.
1. Volume for Volume sake
This does not help you improve. Coach Caity is excellent at explaining this. It is the INTENTION behind the movement that is more important. Just doing the movement is not enough to get better, it is about the focus that you place in each lift.
2. Chase Position not Numbers
While we certainly want you to improve your numbers. Improving numbers does not necessarily mean that we are getting healthier, stronger yes, but not healthier. The way I have structured the program is not by percentages but more by feel. On the OT90's (on the 90th second), athletes will need to demonstrate that they can complete a weight 3 times before being able to increase loading on the bar. By us repeating the same stimulus 3 times it allows us to ensure that we are hitting position each time, you will need to EARN the right to increase the weight.
This program is designed to be inclusive with the first 20 minutes going over the movements and PRACTISING. This will be the time to for the athletes to get themselves prep for the WORK, just like a normal WOD.
 There is no turning up to the studio to do 30/60 minutes of mobility before a class starts. The back area was getting crazy crowded with accessory work being done before and after the class. So we respectfully ask you to RESPECT this space and train within the time slot allocated to barbell.
While this program is hard and challenging it is also meant to be fun! Enjoy to process!
If there are questions or thoughts, send us an email to Head Coach josh@crossfitcollingwood.com

2017 CrossFit Cycle 3 - Explained

Welcome Oxes to Cycle 3, Before we delve into what cycle 3 will entail for some of you who are new to the CrossFit Collingwood Programming Paradigm, now is the perfect opportunity to gain a better understanding of the WHY behind our Daily Programming so you are armed with all the knowledge of the reason we practise, train and test the way that we do...


Our programming paradigm is based around a yearly-cycle of progressive programming working towards the CrossFit Games Open season. No matter whether you joined for general well being or if you are pushing the boundaries of your own performance, The CrossFit Games Open, (“Open”) will function as the major testing of our change in GPP from year to year. The open runs annually kicking off in late Feb.

Here’s the nitty-gritty of how it works:


The year is broken into 4 ‘macrocycles,’ each 13 weeks in duration. During each 13 week macrocycle we will focus on two of the following areas of performance at a time: Strength / Power / Conditioning / Stamina + Endurance. The alignment and overlap of the cycles allows us to build towards the Open workouts in a cumulative way.

CYCLE 1 = Stamina + Strength

CYCLE 2 = Strength + Power

CYCLE 3 = Power + Conditioning

CYCLE 4 = Conditioning + Stamina


Each macrocycle is divided into 6 ‘mesocycles,’ each consisting of 13 workouts.  Each mesocycle begins with a Test of Fitness (think: benchmark workouts and 1RMs), The other 12 training sessions concentrate on Training and Practise so we can continue to excel at our Tests and improve the overall health of our athletes.


In traditional CrossFit fashion, we will still be training all modalities (metabolic conditioning, gymnastics and weightlifting) as well as all ten General Physical Skills (cardiovascular/ respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy) all year long. The macrocycle format simply dictates the FOCUS of that cycle, building progressively towards the CrossFit Open season testing.


The program is built to be appropriately challenging for all experience and skill levels and is broken up daily into our 3 tiers…

Fitness (those looking to be as healthy as possible)

RX (those who are looking to push the boundaries of their own performance)

RX+ (those who are looking to compete in the sport of fitness)

While some days may have options to make sure all members are able to achieve the intended stimulus of the workout, others will have only one option. Continue to talk to your coaches for appropriate scaling, if needed.


Power + Conditioning is the focus of Cycle 3 as we shed the winter and autumn dawns. With only sixth months remaining before the open is upon us, we are now at the halfway mark of our training paradigm. The subtleties of differences between Cycle 2 to Cycle 3 will be small but as we are at the halfway mark, it is important to start improving on our aerobic base and remove some of those winter kg’s, all whilst still concentrating on the ability to apply force to a barbell.

Speaking of Barbells... Our specialty program Ox Box Barbell is back on the cards for the next 13 week Macrocycle.

All of our accessory programs are stand alone programs designed to improve a specific Modality.

Gymnastics was designed to improve your gymnastic base, core strength and general body control and awareness.

Ox Box Barbell is designed to improve our proficiency in weightlifting and moving a barbell with maximum loading.

2017 is also the first year we will be introducing Metabolic Conditioning as a stand alone accessory program in line with cycle 4 of the CrossFit Collingwood Programming Paradigm.

The Savage Ox – September 2017

September 2017

Yo Team,

I'm going to keep this short and sweet.

As always lots going on in the business, above and below the surface. We are always striving to be better then yesterday, and pursuing that very same goal in our athletes. We hope you (our athletes) are enjoying your journey with us and feel supported in that journey. We also hope that you feel like we are giving you the opportunity to be honest with us. Tell us about your high and lows so we can do our very best to support you.

On that note, you're awesome and you should check out all the awesomeness that is to come below.

— Coach Josh Hromis






Welcome Back to Coach Caity, you were missed! Congrats on your amazing lifts in Taipei.  CrossFit Collingwood is super proud of you and psyched to have you back :)

Sep 4th - 2017 Cycle 3 Commences

Head coach Josh has written a neat article below, check it out our Fitness enthusiasts. Also ,with the new cycle comes our Spring schedule and the return of Ox Box Barbell! See more below.

Sep 23rd & 29th - CrossFit Team Series Duo WOD

GET PUMPED! Not enough room to talk about it here, see more below.

Say 'Hullo' to new Staff Member - Tom Fankhanel

All round cool guy Tom joining the admin and future internship team. Read Tommys Bio below.

True Protein in Stock and we want to know what you want!

WE finally found something that was a near substitute to to Nano Pro. Rest in peace Nano Pro, you will be missed and we hope for your resurrection.




2017 TRAINING CYCLE 3 Explained


Its that time again! New Training Cycle is in play as of the 4th of Sep. With that also comes the Spring Schedule, not much has changed, except for Gymnastics being swapped out for Ox Box Barbell - 'More Power' as Arnie would say.

For those that committed to Gymnastic we are super proud of you, a massive shout to Sarah Fardy, her journey has not been easy, it was very impressive to watch her commit to her gymnastics development in her time of rehabilitation.

We highly recommend you read Head Coach Josh explanation on Cycle 3 and Ox Box Barbell in the link below. If you really want to achieve you goals, become the best version of yourself, it helps to know why your doing what your doing, and how you can optimise your performance with that knowledge.


[vc_wtr_button url="url:http%3A%2F%2Fcrossfitcollingwood.com%2F2017-crossfit-cycle-3-explained%2F" label="For Cycle 3 Explained- Click Me!" align="center" size="big" color="c_rurple" corner="wtrButtonRad" background="wtrButtonNoTrans" animate_icon="wtrButtonHoverAnim" full_width="wtrButtonNoFullWidth" target="_target" el_class="" margin_left="0" margin_right="0" margin_top="0" margin_bottom="0" animate="none" delay="0"]

[vc_wtr_button url="url:http%3A%2F%2Fcrossfitcollingwood.com%2Fox-box-barbell-need-to-knows%2F" label="For Ox Box Barbell - Click me" align="center" size="big" color="c_rurple" corner="wtrButtonRad" background="wtrButtonNoTrans" animate_icon="wtrButtonHoverAnim" full_width="wtrButtonNoFullWidth" target="_target" el_class="" margin_left="0" margin_right="0" margin_top="0" margin_bottom="0" animate="none" delay="0"]





Partner Up and Work out! CrossFit Collingwood Team Series 2017.

Two person team taking on Two sets of WODS.


You and your partner MUST PICK A FAMOUS DUO THEME!!!!!!


The CrossFit Team series is a similar beast to the CrossFit Open (if you dont know what that is, dont freak out). It is hosted every year through CrossFit HQ and is open to the world to compete. Allthough the Team Series won't qualify you for the CrossFit Games, you could win a ton of cash. That being said, that's not why CrossFit Collingwood encourages our members to join.

This is an awesome opportunity to train with a mate, or find someone that is equally eager (or in need of encouragement) to take on the unique experience of working out as a pair.

Pairs will be able to choose between the Rx'd and scaled version of each workout. Choosing scaled for one workout will not prevent a team from doing the next workout as prescribed.

The partner workouts will be released with a live announcement on WOD 1, Sept. 21, and WOD 2, Sept. 28.

We will be attaching the Link on our Newsfeed for each announecement.

EVENT DATES: We will be offering our Members only TWO WOD dates to participate in this event.

WOD 1 - Saturday 23rd 7am Kick off

WOD 2 - Friday 29th 7am Kick off (Grand Final Eve Public Holiday)

*We unfortunately cannot offer times to reschedule the WODs. Sorry not Sorry, we simple don't have the time or space. If you really want to do it, you will be free. If you can make it to one and not the other, that is acceptable, you can just do one, but you still need to meet the participation requirements.



To participate your Team Captain must email info@crossfitcollingwood.com the following:

- A screenshoot of your receipt from CrossFit Games. Admission is $40 USD. (PER TEAM) Simply click here to log in. - Your Team Name (Must be a famous DUO) - If you are coming to both WODS - RX or Scale - Your Partner (Including last name)

If you're in need of a partner, write your name on our Whiteboard in the studio, and we can play match making service.

Also if you haven't already, join our Facebook Event here.






Say HULLO to all round cool guy TOM!


Fun Fact, Tom (Thomas Fankhanel) is Coach Josh's Brother, who recently joined CrossFit Collingwood with the intention of being a healthier human being, and he caught the CrossFit Collingwood FEVER! Now he part of the Awesome CFC team.

Here a bit about Tom:

Favourite WOD and or Movement:

DB/KB Snatch, Bench Press, Muscle-Ups

MUSICAL MOTIVATION (favourite training song):

Gorgeous- Kanye West


Chicken Pie (shout out to Tammy the real MVP)


Makes me feel like a badass, simultaneously quite humbling

WHY DO YOU LIKE CROSSFIT COLLINGWOOD (not the same as crossfit)?

A whole bunch of people who love to train like I do but also appreciate keeping things light and smiley. Also the coaches awesome at supporting me and answering my questions

What Does you Health and Fitness Journey mean to you?

I want to be that old guy that whips out like 35 push-ups at the family christmas in 2080. Also I get to train in the same space as my brother and mum so we can stake a claim at fittest family. (Family series please CFHQ?)

What is your ROLE at CFC?

-Put systems in place

-Resident grammar Nazi

-General admin work

-Comic relief




Article of the month



A word from Coach Kevin, some great training advice!

“If we practice and train the movements everyday, we will be training our neurological pathways to move better, with better technique, allowing us to move more efficiently with good mechanics without compromising technique. This will lead to better testing results due to better neurological adaptations to the movements, allowing you to move heavier loads more efficiently at a faster rate with good technique.” (Yun 2017)

[vc_wtr_button url="url:http%3A%2F%2Fcrossfitcollingwood.com%2Fcompeting-vs-testing-a-word-from-coach-kevin%2F" label="Article by Coach Kev - Click me" align="center" size="big" color="c_rurple" corner="wtrButtonRad" background="wtrButtonNoTrans" animate_icon="wtrButtonHoverAnim" full_width="wtrButtonNoFullWidth" target="_target" el_class="" margin_left="0" margin_right="0" margin_top="0" margin_bottom="0" animate="none" delay="0"]





The Savage Ox – August 2017

August 2017

We had a great July, supporting Coach Caity with a Fundraiser event to get her lifting in Taipei, followed by a Christmas in July WOD event with AMAZING Christmas food. It was magical. Thanks to all that participated and showed their support for this community and their fellow athletes. For a flash back on the events check it out further down in this months newsletter.

What to expect from this month?

Well, we are counting down to the NEXT training cycle, which begins on the 4th of September. More on that in the September Newsletter and there will be changes - I know the suspense is killing me too! What I can tell you for now is that at the end of August we will be in testing week, retesting WODs from the beginning of this cycle. So stay consistent in your training and intent in order to get measurable results.

Something equally as awesome and exciting is that the CrossFit Games is NIGH! I feel like a kid in the candy store. If you don't know what it is, get ready for your socks to be rocked off! More about that in this months newsletter.

— Coach Josh Hromis


4th-7th Aug CrossFit Games Bananza!

Its the olympics of CrossFit. The quad show. See more below about when and where to watch, you could even join us :)


Good bye for now but not forever. Coach Caity is off to Taipei, thanks to your support, to compete in the Uni World Games. Although these date may change Caity will be away from us for the 14th to the end of August.

26th Aug CrossFit Collingwood CLOSED for Choas Pairs Comp:

We're super excited to have our community involved this event, having our staff competing alongside fellow members. We will be closing our doors on Saturday the 26th. Find out more details below.

30th August Goal Setting Workshop #3.17: Time to Goal Get at our 3rd Goal setting Workshop of 2017, See more below.

Aug Savage Challenge - 200 m Sprint for Time:

See this months winners for more details below.


For those that don't know our member Cat Dolphin, she works for RainBird Clothing head office, she is sharing the love with us, and what great timing! With this cold wet weather here is your chance to get some discounted Winter weather gear from RainBird Clothing. Use the code ‘rainbirdfamily’ on the website and receive 30% off your purchase.

'The Go Stow is a MUST for Melbourne's unpredictable wet weather, the bonus is its easy to travel with, just in case :) '

-  Aleisha (Studio Manager/ Rainbird wearer)

[vc_wtr_button url="url:http%3A%2F%2Frainbirdclothing.com.au" label="RainBird Clothing" align="center" size="big" color="c_rurple" corner="wtrButtonRad" background="wtrButtonNoTrans" animate_icon="wtrButtonHoverAnim" full_width="wtrButtonNoFullWidth" target="_target" el_class="" margin_left="0" margin_right="0" margin_top="0" margin_bottom="0" animate="none" delay="0"]

COMMUNITY EVENT Chaos Pairs Comp 26th AUG


Its very rare we close our doors, so when we do we are sure to make it count. The staff is participating and supporting members at the Chaos Pairs Comp being hosted at CrossFit Rosebud. We welcome all members to come and support, cheer athletes on. It is a bit of a distance to get to, and I'm sure there are people happy to car pool.

Check out the Facebook event in the link below, get connected and come along. Don't hesitate to email info@crossfitcollingwood.com for more details.

[vc_wtr_button url="url:https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fevents%2F247241249074858%2F%3Ffref%3Dts" label="Chaos Pairs Comp" align="none" size="normal" color="c_rurple" corner="wtrButtonRad" background="wtrButtonNoTrans" animate_icon="wtrButtonHoverAnim" full_width="wtrButtonNoFullWidth" target="_target" el_class="" margin_left="0" margin_right="0" margin_top="0" margin_bottom="0" animate="none" delay="0"]



Once again thank you to everyone for supporting Coach Caity in achieving her dream, which is to go and compete in the World Uni Games at Taipei. She has certainly trained hard and deserves all the support.

As mentioned above Caity will be absent from us for almost half a month! It will feel like a lifetime, were already counting the days when we will have her back being an amazing Coach.


We're still rolling around. Sore from the WOD and full of Christmas food. Its a very confusing, yet pleasurable feeling. A massive thank you to Luliecakeb for the Custom Cookies - they were AMAZING!




Click on the sexy athletes below to read a review of our CrossFit Open events and what is to come of the CrossFit Games.


From  Coach Joshes 15 years experience as a coach and personal trainer, he has discovered a major area of both interest and weakness of his client, their training and life goals.

In order to address this weakness we host a Goal Setting Workshop for our members every quarter. An opportunity to develop you goal getting skills.

Hosted on the 30th of August Wednesday at 7:30 pm, register through Wodify and Facebook Event, which will be posted shortly.


The CrossFit Games - A word from CFC Team

Flash back to FEB 23rd to MAR 27th, the CrossFit Open Season, the first stage of CrossFit's largest community event.We saw members challenge themselves in ways they didn't think was imaginably in their spectrum of fitness and skill. This is a time a magic, in the sense that across the glob athletes participate in a united event for fitness.

The top 30 in each region are sent an invitation to compete at the CrossFit Regionals. The top 5 place getters at in each region at Regionals qualify for the CrossFit Games, which take place in Madison, Wisconsin between the 4th and 7th of August.

The CrossFit Games is the final stage to determine the fittest on Earth. Participation and sponsorship have grown rapidly since the inception of the Games. The prize money awarded to each first-place male and female increased from $500 at the inaugural Games in 2007 to $275,000 in 2013-2016.

There are currently six divisions each for women and men: 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, and 60+, as well as 14-15, 16-17 for teens and an open ages teams competition.

Most of these athletes devote their entire lifestyle to preparing for the CrossFit Games, and meticulously plan their training, recovery, eating habits and mindset around this goal, and it certainly shows. From watching these athletes you can see they are 'next level'. Even Greg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit, states that the Games athletes are 'unique' in the sense that they epitomise CrossFit at its EXTREME.

No wonder they swell admiration from viewers and are a sauce of inspiration - yes sauce - smear it over your health and fitness motivation. Yet remember the steak of CrossFit and your health is:

"Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat. Practice and train major lifts: deadlift, clean, squat, presses, clean and jerk, and snatch. Similarly, master the basics of gymnastics: pull-ups, dips, rope climbs, push-ups, sit-ups, presses to handstand, pirouettes, flips, splits, and holds. Bike, run, swim, row, etc, hard and fast. Five or six days per week mix these elements in as many combinations and patterns as creativity will allow. Routine is the enemy. Keep workouts short and intense. Regularly learn and play new sports."

- Greg Glassman, CrossFit CEO and Founder

For more information on The Games and the WODs keep you eyes and ears open as events are live streamed on CrossFit Reebok home page and their Facebook page. We, CrossFit Collingwood, as per tradition will be watching the Games from the comfort of the studio, TBA on when we will be causally opening the community to come join us for the event, as per tradition.

A Word On "Pain" - Coach Caity

A WORD ON "PAIN" - Coach Caity

Within my experience over the 5 years I have coached CrossFit, I generally see three types of people, those who fear pain, those who love pain and those who respect pain. Regardless of the type of person, it is commonplace for “pain” or at least discomfort to be a demon that you regularly confront at the studio.Understanding what pain actually is, as well as dissecting the reasons that the body experiences pain, can help give you the mental edge over your performance, as well as keep your body safe and injury free.


           It is no surprise to any of you that all forms of training can be at times “painful”, yet it’s important to understand; What does this pain actually mean? Are you able to distinguish the sensation of discomfort, fatigue or muscle use? Or do you assume everything that hurts is painful, which equates to instant injury? Do you understand the mechanism that is involved with muscle activation, and that exercise is essentially micro trauma to the muscle tissue – hence the reason we repeatedly go on about mobility, stretching and recovery at CrossFit Collingwood– however that within itself is another article.
Clinically, pain is defined as - an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage (Merskey et  al 1986.) The complexity of this definition shows the many elements to pain, and can explain why often as human beings we find these ‘pain signals’ scary, confusing and hard to understand.
Fundamentally, pain is a sensory experience where input from special nerve cells called nociceptors travel from our body to our brain for processing. These nociceptors can react to a myriad of inputs, such as heat, cold, touch/trauma, and chemicals. This crossover between inputs can often explain why really hot and really cold things often elicit the same pain response. The interesting point to understand is that this noxious input needs to be processed, meaning our brain actually will choose whether or not this pain is felt within the body, and to what degree.
When you feel pain within your body, your brain has decided that your body must hurt in a particular way in order for you to make the decision to change your behaviour so you avoid potential injury or tissue damage or discontinue actual injury or tissue damage.
If we break this down further, it’s interesting to note that pain is an ‘experience of the brain’ and does not actually equate to tissue damage.  Pain is rather a warning bell that your brain creates with influence and input from past experience, environment, psychological well-being, physical well-being as well as the noxious input it is receiving.


         Pain serves a purpose in normal physiology – it signals to remove or escape the noxious stimulus, yet it can play a confusing role in strength or metabolic training. Our body is integrally trained to move away from things that hurt yet during training we are often pushing into activities or movements that ‘hurt’, hence the importance of becoming self-aware and being educated around that distinction.
Those of us who train habitually and confront pain on the regular, can be comforted that Pain does not equal damage. Research has shown that in people with low back pain, the actual amount of disc and nerve damage found through imaging and assessment rarely correlates to the pain experienced by the individual. There are countless stories of severe injuries and life threatening grievances that have occurred with the person feeling no pain at the time of injury. It is through these studies that we have come to understand that pain relies on context. The sensory inputs received by the brain need to be evaluated and processed before a “pain” decision or reaction can occur.
External cues can also influence the amount of pain felt, research showing that pairing a painful stimulus with a red light hurts more than when it is paired with a blue light.  As well as this, there are many cases of people undergoing major invasive surgery with no anesthesia, merely hypnosis to a particular part of the brain, yet patients “awake” reporting absolutely no feeling of the surgery or any pain felt during the procedure.
 The take home point is this – pain depends on many factors, and it is the brain that ultimately decides 100% of the time whether something hurts or not. Your history, environment and mental wellbeing can impact whether or not the pain you feel is ‘painful’ or whether you have the capability to train your brain to move past it.
For the typical athlete this is both fantastically liberating but also terrible news. You have the ability to decide that pain is merely an experience, and you can trust yourself to push past greater boundaries and thresholds that once existed as a safety net. Yet this same level of knowledge can work in converse. This safety net, that is biologically designed to keep your body safe may be deemed fickle and ignored when it should also be respected.


          When considering pain, it is important to evaluate your symptoms from a mindset of ‘cause and effect’, enabling you as an individual to begin to widen your understanding of your own pain and whether or not this pain is linked to discomfort, potential injury or an actual existing injury. Pain is designed to work in a way to signal your body to do something differently – in a training enviroment this may mean asking a coach to check your technique as your movement may be incorrect, it may mean taking less load on the barbell or approaching the movement with a different mindset or goal, it may mean something is hurting because it is overloaded, and doing too much work – hence an investigation should go into the weaknesses displayed elsewhere.  These distinctions are hard to understand, and often require an athlete to air on the side of caution as they develop that insight into their own body, with the help and guidance of their coach.

My last point is this, Pain is a normal biological experience and is essentially part of our humanity. Those of us who choose to exercise fast need to not fear pain but definitely respect it. Having a bad knee, or bad shoulder isn’t ‘normal’, just because it’s been there for 10 years does not mean that it is an experience you need to accept and welcome. You can overcome it. With the help of a coach and/or a manual health professional, it is your oppourtunity to investigate your habits, your movement patterns, your environment and your mechanics to identify why something may be causing you pain and create a change in order to move away from that painful experience.

The Savage Ox – July 2017

July 2017


Happy July Ox's!

The CrossFit Collingwood team are super excited for this month - correction we're always excited! We've two events coming up in the month, you can read more about that below.

In this savage Ox edition we have a great article written by Coach Caity on the topic of 'pain', something we can all take a lesson from, the link is available below.

We've been having fun updating the bathrooms, first with the towel service, now with some fresh paint and shelves. Striving to be better wherever whenever we can. Once again a MASSIVE thanks to those that helped on the day, we enjoyed breaking pizza with you and getting paint in Coach Renee's hair.

— Coach Josh Hromis




22nd July Fundraiser Event

'Lets lift Coach Caity to Taipei' After Saturday classes @ 10 am we will be doing Oly totals, price of admission is a donation for Coach Caity, see more below :)

28th Christmas in July WOD & Pot Luck: Friday Night Lights just got festive! Read more below to find out the details.

July Savage Challenge - Max Effort Pull Ups:

See this months winners for more details below.





Congratulations on completing CrossFit Level Two, we're super proud of the Coach you are becoming, thanks for being part of the team.






Beyond Rest is sharing the love :)

Float tanks are a great way to bring meditation and restoration into your life.

We know its imporant for you to get some Yin to your Yang. We tend to have a lot of yang in our lives, work stress, training stress, eating stress. Stress about stress.

This is why we have organised a special relationship with Beyond Rest, reducing a single float session to $65.

If your still on the fence reach out to us with any questions, to info@crossfitcollingwood.com we'd be happy to share with you our experience and what to expect.

Find out more about Beyond Rest here. 






We have an emmence amount of gratitude for the crew that helped us out with our paint escepade of the bathrooms mid June. Its so amazing to be apart of a great comunity of people that are willing to lend us a hand on their saturday and share pizza with us in the warm sun.

Thankyou; Ant, Adz, Kieran, Matt Taylor, Sam, Tommy Cap, Emily D (her brownies were YUM!), Anna Thompson, Perri, Kevin, and Caity.

There is gift of $10 store Credit in your account to buy some goodies with.


A Word on "Pain"


In our profession we are constantly approached by the concept of pain vs discomfort and how do we acknowledge the difference. Also, how do we begin to understand pain in the first place? Deepening our understanding on pain can help us to answer the first question and also help us improve as athletes in general.

Our Coach Caity, who is studying to be an Osteopath, has written an article on the concept of pain in the training environment, we love this article and we think you will to :)

[vc_wtr_button url="url:http%3A%2F%2Fcrossfitcollingwood.com%2Fa-word-on-pain-coach-caity" label="READ HERE" align="none" size="big" color="c_rurple" corner="wtrButtonRad" background="wtrButtonNoTrans" animate_icon="wtrButtonHoverAnim" full_width="wtrButtonNoFullWidth" target="_target" el_class="" margin_left="0" margin_right="0" margin_top="0" margin_bottom="0" animate="none" delay="0"]




As some of you may already know Coach Caity has been training hard to make it to the commonwealth games, recently she has qualified for World Uni Games (WOOP!) which is being hosted in Taipei. To show our support for her persistence and dedication we are hosting a Fundraiser Olympic Weightlifting Total at 10 am (after gymnastics).

The admission is $20, with all proceeds going to Caity's Go Fund Me.

There is a limited of spots due to floor space, so RSVP is a must.

If you cant make it and you would still like to show your support, simply go to Caity's Go Fund Me page and make a donation.




Shhhh don't tell Santa.We have a Christmas traction here at CrossFit Collingwood, on Christmas Day we open the box to our members for a Christmas WOD called "12 Days of Christmas". Its a fun, sweaty, and challenging WOD. There are many different versions, and we have our favourite *wink*.

Not everyone is here at Christmas of cause, so we thought, why not bring Christmas early? Share a tradition with our members and have some community fun to warm us up in this cold winter.

On the 28th of July, kick off at 530 pm we are hosting the "12 Days of Christmas WOD" and Pot Luck!

Thats right, what you need to do in order to come along is bring your christmas WOD sweater and a Pot Luck Treat. As this is not only WOD event, its also a community Pot Luck event.

There is no charge, however, RSVP is necessary, and contributions to the event will keep you off Santas Naughty List.

RSVP to info@crossfitcollingwood.com




Max effort strict pull ups!

Chin over the bar until you can't pull up any more. The count stops when you fail an attempt of let go of the bar.

Get the most pulls for some Store credit, imagine all the Ox bombs you can buy with that.

Happy pulling ;)





The Savage Ox – June 2017

June 2017

Its June and Winter is upon us!

We're super pumped for the new cycle as always! The beauty of CrossFit is that it appears random, however, there is meaning behind the madness. We look at your weaknesses and strengths, and figure out how we can make our members more well rounded athletes - correction more rippling and supple athletes.

We've also opened up more CrossFit Class availability in the evenings with the removal of our Mobility Classes. This is not a statement against mobility, we stress the importance of mobility all the fricken time. If you have time for Netflix you have time to mobilise, and we are going to tell you how. More on this later in the Newsletter.

Even with the cold breeze and upcoming winter storm, we're in high spirits about this season and what is to come at CrossFit Collingwood and this journey we get to share with our members.

Keep reading below :)

— Coach Josh Hromis



New training Cycle 4th of June - Testing Week! For the first week of every cycle the WODs are designed to measure an aspect of fitness. So in 13 weeks time, when its retested, we can see how you have advanced. Ask your coaches for more information.

12th June Queenies Birthday - Public Holiday Training hours:

Cheers Lizzy for the day off! 7 am and 8 am WODS only. OBSU 7am and 8 am slots only.

24th June PAINT PARTY:

As part of the bathroom renovations we are painting the walls black! We appreciate any extra hands and company. We’ll be cranking the tunes and serving a spread at lunch for anyone that joins in. Read more below.


We’ve ordered in a bunch of wicked mobility gear, plus hand guard care, and more. If there is anything you would like to see on our shelves send us an email to info@crossfitcollingwood.com



We stock Pure Pharma supplements, well we did, now with their name and brand change we’re stocking PUORI!

What we love about PUORI is that they speak our language.

Basically the Pharma to Pharmaceutical doesn't align with Puori's believes, rather, they want to represent a holistic approach to life.

Their aim is to make a real difference by giving people better options and better choices. Shifting the paradigm, moving from quick fixes and convenience to helping people understand their biological origins and strive to reach their genetic potential.

With this change comes some delays, SB3 will not be in stock until until further notice.

However, all their other products will still be on our shelves :)

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We put a lot of emphasis on performance as being strong, fast, powerful, training hard, and looking like Chris Prat. Nothing wrong with these things, especially looking like Chris Pratt. However, its misses an important element - mobility.

Mobility: - prevents injury - relieves injury - prevents age related staticity - improves range of motion (eg for overhead position) - improves your chances of looking like Chris Prat ETC

There are different kinds of mobility - static, dynamic, and invasive. You want to hit all three. Here are some helpful programs and knowledge bases out there:

Mobility Wod with Kelly Starlett the Mobility guru of CrossFit, flossing technigues and more: KELLY STARLETT MOBILITY WOD

RomWod, the Yoga programming for CrossFit: ROMWOD

Ido Portal, the Movement guru of Life, explore movement and be dynamic: MOVMENT GURU IDO PORTAL

Theres plenty more out there.

Find 15 minutes a day minimum to do one of these things! Do it while watching an episode of whatever in your living room.

Theres a saying; for every minutes of intense training earns 2 minutes of mobility.

Coach Renee and Aleisha in particular love talking about mobility, feel free to have a chat. The rest of the Crew are also great source of knowledge.




1. Invest in your warmup

When showing up for a WOD remember, just like a car, your body will take longer to warm up in winter. Rushing into a movement when cold is asking for injury. In lamence terms, training without adequate warm up can lead to shock in muscles, tendons, ligements and joints.

Attach importance to you warm up! Dont wait until the WOD.

2. Motivation

Summer bodies are made in winter! It can be helpful for to some to think that when summer comes back they want to lay on the beach under the warm sun and feel sexy. Aint nothing wrong with that. Ideally you'll want to feel good naked all year round, that is to say you want to be healthy -not just for summer - for life! So what we're saying is, you deserve to feel sexy all year round, even under a million layers of clothing.

3. Set Goals for Winter:


Set Goals for NOW!

Whether thats to hit a new PB, reach a body fat percentage, learn a skill/movement or hit the gym 5 times a week minimum.

Set a goals to achieve by the end of the Winter Season.

If you need help with creating goals set up a session with your Coach to help you create some targets, its their Jam to support you.

4. 6 P's: Prior Planing Prevents Piss Poor Preformance

Following motivation, if you know you struggle in Winter (or in general), you need to put in some extra effort. Obviously your Summer strategy is not going to be as effective in Winter.

For example, if you know you struggle getting out of bed, set your self up the night before to make it as easy as possible for you the next day. Pick out your out fit and lay it out. Have lunch and breakfast made, slippers by the bed - whatever you can do that night before do it. Dowload the Light

Make commitments. Organise your day, dont simply wing it.

Winging it leaves you open to comprmise for things like sitting on the coach and binge watching netflix rather then getting your gym gear together and heading to the Box. Or ordering uber eats instead of cooking a healhty meal.

5. Fuel for Winter

Which brings us to nutrition.

Some people often describe an increase need for "comfort food" during winter. There are multiple reasons for this. One being that in winter our body is trying to create more heat, and thereby needs more energy dense food. It also wants to create more fat to protect your organs from the cold and have a surplus of energy storage.

Its a misconception that we should avoid "comfort food". We certainly shouldn't over indulge, but we also need to understand what "comfort food" should be. So dont get to excited we're not recommending danishes as a staple for winter diet.

A simple recommendation is to eat seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Root veggies are often in season in Winter, funny enough they are also energy dense food (coincidence? I think not!). Also whole grains, brown rice and quinoa is a good go to.

CLICK HERE for list of seasonal veggies.

6. Ask the Coach

If you struggle with any of the above, talk to the coach. They're not just here to get you through a WOD, they genuinely want to help you be the best you can be.




Firstly Hello to Beyond Rest, offering amazing experience of flotation therapy!

A great way to achieve muscle recovering from the intensity of CrossFit.


Secondly, Welcome to A - Space,

Offering the Yin to your Yang, a beautiful space with beautiful people. Offering meditation, mindfulness and Yin yoga.



Max effort Back Facing handstand hold. Check out the poster at the Ox Box for how to participate. What if being upside down isn't you Jam!? Thats why we picked this - its a challenge.

Check out Gymnastic WOD with Carl Paoli for progression techniques.

Or better yet ask a coach :)