2017 CrossFit Cycle 3 - Explained

Welcome Oxes to Cycle 3, Before we delve into what cycle 3 will entail for some of you who are new to the CrossFit Collingwood Programming Paradigm, now is the perfect opportunity to gain a better understanding of the WHY behind our Daily Programming so you are armed with all the knowledge of the reason we practise, train and test the way that we do...


Our programming paradigm is based around a yearly-cycle of progressive programming working towards the CrossFit Games Open season. No matter whether you joined for general well being or if you are pushing the boundaries of your own performance, The CrossFit Games Open, (“Open”) will function as the major testing of our change in GPP from year to year. The open runs annually kicking off in late Feb.

Here’s the nitty-gritty of how it works:


The year is broken into 4 ‘macrocycles,’ each 13 weeks in duration. During each 13 week macrocycle we will focus on two of the following areas of performance at a time: Strength / Power / Conditioning / Stamina + Endurance. The alignment and overlap of the cycles allows us to build towards the Open workouts in a cumulative way.

CYCLE 1 = Stamina + Strength

CYCLE 2 = Strength + Power

CYCLE 3 = Power + Conditioning

CYCLE 4 = Conditioning + Stamina


Each macrocycle is divided into 6 ‘mesocycles,’ each consisting of 13 workouts.  Each mesocycle begins with a Test of Fitness (think: benchmark workouts and 1RMs), The other 12 training sessions concentrate on Training and Practise so we can continue to excel at our Tests and improve the overall health of our athletes.


In traditional CrossFit fashion, we will still be training all modalities (metabolic conditioning, gymnastics and weightlifting) as well as all ten General Physical Skills (cardiovascular/ respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy) all year long. The macrocycle format simply dictates the FOCUS of that cycle, building progressively towards the CrossFit Open season testing.


The program is built to be appropriately challenging for all experience and skill levels and is broken up daily into our 3 tiers…

Fitness (those looking to be as healthy as possible)

RX (those who are looking to push the boundaries of their own performance)

RX+ (those who are looking to compete in the sport of fitness)

While some days may have options to make sure all members are able to achieve the intended stimulus of the workout, others will have only one option. Continue to talk to your coaches for appropriate scaling, if needed.


Power + Conditioning is the focus of Cycle 3 as we shed the winter and autumn dawns. With only sixth months remaining before the open is upon us, we are now at the halfway mark of our training paradigm. The subtleties of differences between Cycle 2 to Cycle 3 will be small but as we are at the halfway mark, it is important to start improving on our aerobic base and remove some of those winter kg’s, all whilst still concentrating on the ability to apply force to a barbell.

Speaking of Barbells... Our specialty program Ox Box Barbell is back on the cards for the next 13 week Macrocycle.

All of our accessory programs are stand alone programs designed to improve a specific Modality.

Gymnastics was designed to improve your gymnastic base, core strength and general body control and awareness.

Ox Box Barbell is designed to improve our proficiency in weightlifting and moving a barbell with maximum loading.

2017 is also the first year we will be introducing Metabolic Conditioning as a stand alone accessory program in line with cycle 4 of the CrossFit Collingwood Programming Paradigm.

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