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About 1 year ago I read this amazingly impactful book called “Extreme Ownership” by Jako Wilink and Leif Babin. The book, in essence, speaks to the mindset of responsibility. That life is 1% of what happens to you and 99% how you react to it and that the only way to truly take control of your life is to take responsibility for everything that happens to you, even if the problem is not necessarily in your control.

This is a truly difficult concept to deal with, I mean think about it. Even if something is not your fault, it is still your fault.

So WHY did I enjoy this book so much? Because it speaks to personal responsibility and I truly BELIEVE in the concept. I BELIEVE that by taking ownership of everything that happens to you in your life it allows you the freedom to take action. It allows me to always look to how I can improve, educate and inspire others. By taking control of the situation regardless of the reason why it happened, you gain the ability to grow, learn and improve.

So let's draw the parallel to your health and fitness goals. You take the first step and get a gym membership. So now that I am paying money for my goals they should happen by osmosis (insert sarcastic tone)

Imagine purchasing a car and then expecting the car to drive you around everywhere, put on your seatbelt for you, change its own oil and tyres, and clean itself. The logic is the equivalent of purchasing a gym membership and assuming you’ll get your goals by default. Here is the thing, you still need to rock up often, make sure you’re moving safely, perform maintenance work on your body, cool down appropriately, and give the workout your all and then eat according to your goals. The same goes for your car, you need to learn how to drive, make sure you are regularly servicing it, put the right fuel in it, etc, you get the analogy.

The positive is the “CAR” that you have purchased comes with all the bells and whistles. You get THE SAVAGE LIFE CURRICULUM which is like the manual to your car aka a better relationship to your body and mind. You don’t have to drive alone, there is a coach in the passenger seat to navigate you and help improve your driving. But here is the thing you still have to drive!

You can have the best car in the world but if you are a shitty driver then you are not going to go far. If you let the excuses start piling up like work is taking up your time, you are not connecting with the trainer, you do not like eating broccoli, your partner is an enabler.

This is you giving up your power and control of the situation.This is you not taking responsibility for the fact that you need to drive. This is you putting a big faceless issue as to the reason why you are not achieving or slipping back to old habits. Until you stop making the excuses for WHY you are not achieving your goals, and take responsibility for the reason WHY you are not achieving them, then identify that the roadblock is you and not “insert your issue” and you then have the power to improve it.

It then becomes a conversation with your boss about your health suffering because of your job, it becomes a conversation with your partner about wanting to change your lifestyle for the better, it is a conversation with a coach about improving the communication between each other, it is coming into the studio with a beginners mind regardless of how many times you have heard the coach explain a clean.

Do not get me wrong, I know that this is a tough concept to deal with but by taking responsibility and not blaming whatever, what you are saying to yourself is that YOU have the power to take control and effect change, that you are not up against some insurmountable force, but the actions that you take daily, the consistent change to lifestyle and habit is what breeds results.

You saying the reason why I am not achieving X is that I am not doing Y is an incredibly powerful statement and one that YOU are able to change.

One thing I have seen time and time again in our industry is people looking for the perfect program, the perfect way. The problem is simple but sure as shit not sexy or easy. It is hustle, hard work and consistent concerted effort that achieves the result you want. It is the refinement of diet, the consistent effort that gets the results. Do you think you will be the CEO of your company if you do not put in the effort to achieve it? No, it is years of learning and effort that make it happen, so why would your body be any different.

That is where I have found goal setting to be such an integral part of living a life of ownership. By clearly defining your goals and the actions you will take to achieve them, you are then able to create change.

Why? I hear you ask... because now that insurmountable WHY now has context and actionable steps towards you overcoming the adversity.

You will never always be motivated, what you need to learn is to be disciplined.

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