CrossFit Cycle 11 - Explained

Welcome to the final CrossFit Training Cycle for 2015. This is exciting for me as a Coach. The coaching staff have noticed our athletes taking more interest in understanding they "why" behind what we do in every WOD. CrossFit Collingwood believes that knowledge is power and it is my hope that by giving you the knowledge to the "WHY", you will be better equipment to apply yourself and achieve more in your training sessions.


A training cycle is a predetermined period of time of which there is a focus and purpose. At CrossFit Collingwood our training cycles are 12 weeks in length. Each Training cycle we look to improve 3 major points in the overall studios performance, that is to say we look at what we suck at and look to improve on our weaknesses.


1. Bullet Proof Back

We will be using our Warm Up and Cool Down to get in some solid accessory work to decrease back pain and increase range of motion.

2. Core to Extremity Power

We are weak in movements like thrusters and wallballs. However getting stronger in these two movements, our squats, presses and overall back strength will improve

3. Vertical Pulling Power

Pull Ups! we might have this as a focus for the next few cycles but if we get stronger in our pull ups, then we will start getting muscle ups and variants and also reduce the risk of shoulder injury


1. Testing Weeks.

We always test! but this cycle we are putting our tests at the start and finish. Below are the dates of our testing weeks so you guys are prepared to give it 100% during the sessions you plan to turn up to

Test Week - Week 1 - 31st August to 5th September

Retest Week - Week 13 - 23rd November to 28th November


We are changing the Format of our Warm Up and Cooldowns to Prehab and Rehab. While our warm ups have always been focused on priming ourselves for the WOD. Moving forward we are also looking to improving our overall longterm health in overall mobility/range of motion and also preparing the joints for movement. The warm ups are going to be a lot more global as opposed to specific. You may have already started to notice the change as we are making small changes each session so it is not such a shock when the 31st August arrives.

If you are coming in early for your sessions, I want you to forgo your normal bits and pieces and start on the Prehab for the day straight away. We will have this up on the big screens at the front and at the back of the gym. Please do it guys, work hard and progress each session. If you apply yourself in 12 weeks you will not know yourselves.

You will notice that your Rehab work i.e. old cool down, will be almost a workout in itself. Once you finish the WOD, hit your rehab with the same effort to ensure that we undo everything that we just did.


SO that is it Team, Give it your all, Work 100% in ever session for every minute you are here and lets have some awesome fun pushing towards our 3rd Birthday on the December 2nd 2015!.

Lets go crush these weaknesses!