CrossFit Cycle 3 - Explained

Welcome to the 3 of the CrossFit Training Cycle for 2016. First off, great job to everyone who completed this last testing week and found themselves with new personal records (PR’s). It was awesome to see everyone pushing themselves to establish those new maxes and beat their previous times/scores on the conditioning tests.

Now it’s time to move on to our next training cycle.


A training cycle is a predetermined period of time of which there is a focus and purpose. At CrossFit Collingwood our training cycles are 13 weeks in length. Each Training cycle we look to improve the overall studios performance, that is to say we look at what we suck at and look to improve on our weaknesses.


1. GPP (General Physical Preparedness)

In our previous cycle we largely concentrated tidying up our movement patterns. Putting our bodies in optimal positions and getting stronger under tempo training. Tempo training will still be apart of our training but this cycle we will be hitting a few more Metcons with an emphasis on INTENSITY not volume.

You will need to bring it to each workout to maximise your performances in this next cycle.

2. Skill Development

Trying to get better at everything at one time is very hard especially considering that we only have time for a 1 hour class. So while you may not see the Whiteboard filled with components that we are measuring, we will be spending a lot of time working on skills and drills that will translated to breaking new ground in complex movements. i.e. muscle ups and handstands.

3. Fun

I have thrown some fun games in the warm ups and also Team Workouts on Sat are still a permanent fixture this next 13 weeks.


You will notice that their are 3 main sections to the WOD. Fitness, Rx, Rx+. What does it mean. We have tiered the workouts as a way for you to have guidance on what to do for that particular day. Giving you more freedom to choose a workout that works best for you on that given day.


We are changing the Format into 4 main sections.

Workout Brief

  • Great to read to understand exactly what is going on for that day

Warm Up

  • Specific to the skill that we will be working on that day while being global enough to effect longterm change

Workout Prep

  • Specific for the stimulus of the day


  • Shortly, medium or long covering everything from complex to basic movement patterns with the sole purpose of making you better humans every single day you turn up to the studio.


SO that is it Team, Give it your all, Work 100% in ever session for every minute you are here and lets have some awesome fun crushing weaknesses for the next 13 weeks.

If you have an questions about the programming please feel free to contact me Remember that all other membership enquires always will go to

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