New Specialty Class - Savage Conditioning

Hey Ox’s Hope you are all excited about the next training cycle of “Conditioning and Stamina”. This cycle starts at the perfect times as it peaks right around The CrossFit Open. Of course if you have a solid engine you will perform at your highest level. If you are new to The Ox Box and do not know what The CrossFit Open is, rest assured you will learn more soon enough.

SAVAGE CONDITIONING is our new specialty class which runs in parallel to our CrossFit classes for the next 13-week cycle and is designed to turn us all into cardiovascular beasts by improving our AEROBIC CAPACITY! In these classes, we will be looking at ways of improving our rowing technique, increasing those wattages on the assault bike and identify ways to make your runs not only smoother but faster!


“Aerobic Capacity is the ability to use oxygen to fuel exercise activity”


Sounds sexy, right? I can hear the sighs through the interwebs. Let’s be honest, Nobody really wants to work hard on the assault bike or do rowing/running interval sprints. However, if you are the person reading this and is thinking, “nobody got time for that”, or “I hate running/rowing/assault bike”, then this is the most important cycle for you.

Building a better engine will help you in all aspects of your training from weightlifting to gymnastics and while it can be difficult to see the carry over at times, there is method to the madness.


“Most weightlifters recognise that in between their reps, a developed aerobic system will help them in their recovery.” (Hinshaw 2016)


Improving your AEROBIC CAPACITY is a key element in helping you become a more well-rounded athlete. It will help improve blood flow, oxygen and nutrient uptake to working muscles and help recovery when resting. This  help you perform better and longer during WODs. This could mean performing extra repetitions on the bar before putting it down or hanging onto the pull up bar and performing more pull ups before coming off. Essentially our bodies become more efficient at using oxygen to fuel our muscles during workouts.

You will see this scenario all the time in and outside the gym during an exercise. The individual is hunched over, breathing heavy with the hands on the knees. What I recently learnt at the Aerobic Capacity Seminar with Chris Hinshaw is that when our bodies are in that position, it’s our brain telling our body to stop. Essentially, shutting down our system. This is due to our heart rate exceeding 85%+ of our maximum heart rate. By improving our AEROBIC CAPACITY, this scenario will be minimised, allowing you to continue working out, which in turn will again, help you improve your overall health and fitness.

SAVAGE CONDITIONING, on top of your CrossFit classes will compliment your development and growth as an athlete in your ability to utilise oxygen more efficiently. Do not fall into the trap and not attend these classes because you think it will decrease your strength.

It will in fact do the opposite, help your overall strength gains by improving your recovery rate, meaning you can work for longer. Remember, everything we do at The Ox Box is to help improve your overall health and fitness so you can train until you are 80!

This is going to be an awesomely sweaty cycle, and will help you reach your fitness goals.

As Coach Josh famously puts it:

“We want you to be able to have sex when you are 80” (Hromis 2012)