Ox Box Barbell - Need to Knows

The Cycle of Ox Box Barbell that is beginning on Tuesday 5th of Sep is upon us!
Here is an overview on what the next 13 week cycle is going to look like:
Movements (main lifts)
Day 1 - Snatch / Front Squat
Day 2 - Jerk / Overhead Squat
Day 3 - Clean + Jerk / Back Squat
So by this logic, you can expect on Tuesday there to be Snatching, Thursday there will be Jerking, Saturdays there will be Clean & Jerks. If you want to be a wholistic lifting you should come the every session of the week. Or if you know your particularly weak at a movement (lift) come to the Day that appeals to you most.

3 Micro Cycles (each 4 weeks)

Movement 1 (OLY) 

Micro Cycle 1 - Triples
* We are looking for timing and position
Micro Cycle 2 - Doubles
* We are looking for strength
Micro Cycle 3 - Singles
* We are looking to put both micro cycles together in prep for comp day (last day of the cycle).
Movement 2 (squats)
12 Week Cycle for Back Squats
* The back Squats build each and every single week and are fucking hard
13 Weeks Cycle for Front and Overhead Squats
* These run in 4 week blocks but there is an expectation that each bock will build on the pervious week
* These will include tempo and explained in the brief.
The intention is to get athletes to excel in the Olympic Lifts and get them to understand 2 things.
1. Volume for Volume sake
This does not help you improve. Coach Caity is excellent at explaining this. It is the INTENTION behind the movement that is more important. Just doing the movement is not enough to get better, it is about the focus that you place in each lift.
2. Chase Position not Numbers
While we certainly want you to improve your numbers. Improving numbers does not necessarily mean that we are getting healthier, stronger yes, but not healthier. The way I have structured the program is not by percentages but more by feel. On the OT90's (on the 90th second), athletes will need to demonstrate that they can complete a weight 3 times before being able to increase loading on the bar. By us repeating the same stimulus 3 times it allows us to ensure that we are hitting position each time, you will need to EARN the right to increase the weight.
This program is designed to be inclusive with the first 20 minutes going over the movements and PRACTISING. This will be the time to for the athletes to get themselves prep for the WORK, just like a normal WOD.
 There is no turning up to the studio to do 30/60 minutes of mobility before a class starts. The back area was getting crazy crowded with accessory work being done before and after the class. So we respectfully ask you to RESPECT this space and train within the time slot allocated to barbell.
While this program is hard and challenging it is also meant to be fun! Enjoy to process!
If there are questions or thoughts, send us an email to Head Coach josh@crossfitcollingwood.com
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