The 12 Commandments

Rule 1 - LEAVE YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR What does that mean? Your ego is the little voice inside your head that tells you that you are not good enough, or alternatively, the little voice inside your head that say you are bad arse.

Focus on how you perform, not how others perform. Don’t focus on how you look; that wastes precious energy that you need to perform to the best of your abilities. If you're holding back because you're afraid of looking silly or weak, you're the one missing out. Progress only happens when you're outside of your comfort zone.

If you already think you're a bad arse, there’s no need to tell us (or the class); your range of motion, reps, WOD times, weights and integrity will speak for themselves. If you are confident in your abilities and CrossFitting like a boss, you should be showing the most encouragement and support to your fellow athletes. Building each other up is not about ego, it’s about camaraderie.

Rule 2 - SAY "Hi"

Simply put; introduce yourself to new people. Don’t be shy, go and say "hi" to your new friends. At CrossFit Collingwood the community is very important, and a huge aspect of what makes training here so fun; this is not an anonymous globo-gym (thus the basis of its appeal!) We're all here because we share a common passion for life, hard work, health, fitness and general bad assery– these are your kind of people. The fear or shyness of approaching someone new is nothing compared to the burpees you’ll get if you don’t say hi or introduce yourself to your fellow Athlete.


Out of consideration for your coaches and fellow Athletes, don't show up late (or even exactly at the scheduled training time); be prepared to actually start training at the scheduled time. We don't want to cut your training short or disrupt the training of your fellow Athletes so penalties apply if you arrive late. Yes, even if you arrive 1 minute late you and everyone else will do burpees without question; Punctuality punch in the face! Please note: if you arrive more than 10 minutes late it is up to coach’s discretion if you are permitted to join the class. You've been warned.


We all know what it’s like when you’re talking to a family member or colleague and you ask a question and they don’t respond; how irritating is that? You think to yourself: ‘are they listening?’, ‘do they understand?’, ‘do they care?’ Well it’s no different here. When your coach addresses you or the group and everyone offers up blank stares – we might wonder, ‘are they even listening?’ During training time, be respectful. If the coach is talking that means no one else is talking; only listening. No, this is not to satisfy the coach's ego; it’s to ensure everyone gets the coaching they came for, and to ensure the safety and efficiency of all Athletes. When a coach gives instructions, or tells you to stop, drop-it, slow down, reduce weight, etc… DO IT immediately -no whining, no attitude, no delay- just say “YES Coach” and move on. We encourage you to cheer-on your fellow Athletes, but please leave the technical advice and coaching to the coaches. We have experienced coaches and their reason for doing things a certain way may not be obvious to you, and that’s fine, just keep calm and CrossFit on.


Leave no trace; you are a ninja. This includes, but is not limited to:

Put all equipment back neatly where it belongs. Wipe down bars and equipment. Clean up your blood, sweat, tears, chalk, puke, etc... If you make a mess in the bathroom, clean it immediately (especially skid marks people!) Everyone enjoys training in a clean environment and should not have to deal with your messiness-leave that for home.


You are always responsible for your own health and safety. Maintain awareness of your surroundings; for example, don't stand near someone that is lifting or walk in front of a swinging kettlebell. If there is coaching going on, stay quiet. If there is a WOD going on, stay out of the way. Fight the tendency to misplace your mind when you're working hard; maintain awareness at all times. When you are done with your WOD do not collapse in the danger-zone (aka, where people are still working and/or equipment is flying), get in the clear, catch your breath, and cheer on from the sidelines. Last but not least, if you don't feel safe doing something please don’t do it. If you're not prepared for the potential consequences of exceeding your limits, do not attempt to exceed them.


This is not an airport; check your baggage at the door. Don’t bring your personal, family, relationship, or job problems with you. This studio is your sanctuary. This is where we come to get away from it all (or to sweat it all out!). Channel your troubles or worries into the bar and hitting that new PB, don’t carry the weight of your burdens with you in here, you’ve already got enough literal weight to carry while you’re in the studio.


You are more than welcome to do both. We always encourage you to ‘get that work in!’ If you have some impediments, weaknesses or skills that require a little extra work, feel free to come in early and leave late (except for the last class of the day; coaches need to sleep too). Just make sure you ask the coach each time; for example, "Coach, do you mind if I work on ________ over here, out of the way before/after class?"

Rule 9 - COME CLEAN!

Work up a serious sweat while you're here, but out of consideration for your fellow Athletes and coaches, please arrive clean. Don't come with cruddy clothes, grimy gear or body odor body parts. If you are stinky you will be told; and it is not to offend but as a courtesy to other athletes.

Rule 10 - DON'T CHEAT!

This is your “Ego” which you have already left at the door, right? There is nothing more shameful among CrossFitters than a cheater. If you are unable or unwilling to do full-range of motion or the prescribed distance, reps, movements, weights or time, just say so! There is no shame in scaling down a workout. Don't take credit for an Rx score that you didn't earn. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you! (And you will be labeled a “wanker” by your follow athletes in the process, so why risk it)

Rule 11 - WORK HARD!

We respect hard work; your fellow athletes respect hard work – Full Stop! No one is impressed that you finished first if you cut corners on your range of motion, reps, distance, movements or weights. We honour the athlete that finishes dead-last because they chose the hard road, fighting for full range of motion, going the full distance, doing all of the reps, harder movements, and heavier loads. If it felt easy, you did it wrong. The harder you work, the better you’ll get. Effort is more important than any other attribute. HOLD YOUR MOVEMENTS TO THE HIGHEST STANDARDS.

As your coaches we will never let our eyes adapt to watching shitty movements – so work hard at being the best you can be!


Cheer, clap, yell and encourage others as they struggle screaming, shouting, swearing and pushing their way through the WOD. Even if you finish first or somewhere in between, a true CrossFitter never flees the scene. (Hey, that rhymes!) After you call “time!” and are gasping for air, use that precious breath to cheer on and pump up your fellow Athletes of all levels - just as they would for us.

As you will become aware, we joke around and are not always politically correct, but there is such a thing as too loud, too crass, too gross, or just plain rude, so please be mindful and respectful of others. Oh yea, and HAVE FUN out there – after all, the pain of the workout soon becomes the pleasure you crave.