The CrossFit Collingwood Manifesto

I am a part of a community of people who strive every day to be better than yesterday. I am without Ego. I am neither more nor less important than the person next to me. I focus on peak performance without self-deprecation, arrogance, or envy.

I am Present. I do not mindlessly attend class, but continually strive to gain knowledge, improve my body, and sharpen my mind. I leave my emotional baggage at the door; this is my sanctuary.

I am Strong. I celebrate the journey of overcoming weakness. I give 100% of myself in the studio. It will never be easy, and that is what makes me stronger.

I am Effort. My effort defines me, not my performance or my self imposed expectations. I understand that form, technique, and consistency are more valuable than the weight of the bar.

I am a Student. I listen to my coaches to actively take control of my health and fitness and discover the path to unparalleled health.

I am Respect. I am not late. I am not rude. I do not diminish the efforts of those around me. I honour my training space, my fellow athletes and above all, the time and words of my coaches.

I am Inspiration. I shout, cheer, and applaud myself and every member of my community. I know that when we work together, we do better and are better than when we are alone.

I am Integrity. I am my word. I am a CrossFit Collingwood Ox.