The Savage Ox – April 2017


April 2017


Sorry for the delay Crew,

This one took a little longer to get out. Firstly a massive shout out to all those who competed in this years Open and also those who represented CrossFit Collingwood at 2 Boxes 1 Cup. I could not be prouder of the way you conducted yourselves on the day. Well Done.

We are now over a quarter in to our New Year. We started of 2017 with the introduction of "The Savage Life Curriculum" with a lot  of you about to complete Module 1. I hope you are enjoying it and getting something out of this extra layer of coaching. This was one of the ways we wanted to continue to support you all outside of the box each day.

We are now ready to unveil our next piece of awesomeness which is "Individualised Programming", which will be available to those athletes who are interested in taking the next step in Athletic Performance at CrossFit Collingwood.

We are always shifting and pivoting to make CrossFit Collingwood better than yesterday, improving our services, support our athletes and ultimately create an environment that other are jealous of. We have and will continue to ensure that CrossFit Collingwood thrives and is able to provide you all with nothing but the best.

There is more to come but for now, #livesavage

— Coach Josh Hromis





Save The Date - Barbell & BBQ

Saturday 29th April is set to kick of our First B&B for 2017. What Total are we running i hear you ask?.....

The Powerlifting Total = 1RM Back Squat / Bench Press / Deadlift

Couple that with catering from our friendly neighbourhood cafe STREAT, it is set to be a great day of PB's and Delicious food.

Kick of will be @ 8.00am and you will have 2 hours to complete your lifts. At 10.00am we eat!

RSVP is the 17th of April - Email to reserve your spot. Tickets are $20.

  • Only the event will run Saturday 29th April, all regular classes are cancelled.


Public Holiday - Trading Hours

Good Friday 14th April - 7.00am + 8.00am WOD

Easter Saturday 15th April - 7.00am + 8.00am WOD (No Barbell)

Easter Monday 17th April - 7.00am + 8.00am WOD

ANZAC Day 25th April - 7.00am + 8.00am WOD




February and March were centered around preparing for the Open. With that came some increase in high rep volume and higher level skills or gymnastic movements. For April, our focus is ‘not focusing’ on any single aspect. Instead, we'll use the month to recover and focus on the basics/fundamentals. General Physical Preparedness is still the basis of our programming, but we will add a few additional accessory movements (1 Arm Presses, DB Rows, etc.) in the warmup/skills portion of the workouts to ensure we are getting the skills needed. We also wanted to ride that community spirit from the Open a little longer, so we have programmed a partner/team workout every Saturday in April. You are going to love them!



We are proud to release Individualised Programming as a new layer of service offering at CrossFit Collingwood. This release ensure that CrossFit Collingwood continues to be the best we can be for all of our members ragardless of if they are just trying to stave of metabolic disease or if they are looking to push your athletic potential.

Individualised Programming is something that we have been working on hard behind the scenes to release. Believe it or not this was not just about creating some extra programming. There are a lot of pieces of the puzzle that need to fall into place for us to be able to facilitate such an offering and the main reason being SPACE. This program needs to not only support those who are going to take it up, but more importantly not negatively impact everyone elses current training. With the introduction of our beautiful Rogue Rig down the back of the studio and also recent changes to Our Academy Process we now believe that we are ready!