The Savage Ox - August 2016

August 2016


Spring has almost Sprung Crew. Oh do you remember sunshine?

July was a fantastic month culminating with the 2016 CrossFit Games. To all those who came along to our Sunday event, thanks for making the day awesome. Hopefully it inspired you as much as it does me. This newsletter has been postponed but for good reason and i look forward to sharing it with you all.

Keep being better humans — Coach Josh Hromis




  • Goal Setting Seminar 27th August is our 2nd Goal setting workshop. For those new or old to our goal setting workshops it is always great to attend. If you joined in last session, how are all your goals going, this will be a great time to reinforce the habit of looking at them everyday. For those who did not attend last session it is a great way to learn how to create actionable goals and start enforcing them everyday.


  • Dan + Dan + Michael + Matt 4 of the CrossFit Collingwood Oxes headed out into the competitive fitness world and competed for glory. Dan + Dan hit up a partners comp  and Michael roped New Ox - Matt into competing in a beginners individual competition with him. Well Done boys!.


  • Change is on the Horizon Coach Josh has been epically working behind the scenes for the last 4 months on the next phase of CrossFit Collingwood and finally the hard work is coming to fruition. Stay Tuned as we start to leak information about the changes over the next weeks and months.


  • Cycle 14 is about to hibernate and Cycle 3 is about to spring I am excited to announce that we are almost into cycle 3 - aka Cycle 15 and starts on August 29th. Testing week is set to begin next week, make sure you get plenty of rest and eat your Wheeties so we can see your records fall. We will be giving you guys more information about what is going down for the next cycle as we head into the end of August. Stay tuned for our special post.




We had our CrossFit Total and BBQ in June and we are already feeling the itch for some more community spirit and we are looking to cobble together some teams together to compete in the CrossFit Team Series. Each Coach has been tasked to bring on board 3 athletes from the community to compete in the events and while we know some of you will jump at the chance, we know others will take some bribing. Just be aware guys that you want to be on Team Josh! and spaces are limited :)


Listen to below video to gain a better understanding of what the Team Series is. FYI - Most teams will be likely scaling the workouts.


Once you have been pressured/coerced/threatened/bribed to join a team, CrossFit Collingwood will add you to the registered team and charge your account the registration fee. All you need to do then is turn up and have some fun. Feel free to create your own teams also, the more the merrier, we will have the team rosters on the Whiteboard, if you are keen, speak to the Coaches and we will get you guys in.


$20 per person + Lunch money for the food afterwards. We likely head over to our new neighbours @ Streat Cafe for a refuel.


We will hit the released workouts on

Saturday 10th September @ 7.00am till around 10.00

Saturday 8th October @ 7.00am till around 10.00

  • Note - no classes will be running on these days. If you are not participating in a team, you are more than welcome to come on down and cheer on your crew. However, ideally get your but in gear and pressure some friend to compete with you.


I do not want to participate because i will let people down!

Guys and girls, you should know by now that everyone in this community want to see you succeed and all we ask is that you try your best. Competing is an awesome way to challenge the self imposed boundaries we put on ourselves about what we can and can not do. I challenge you to make yourself uncomfortable and join a team, no one will judge you in this enviroment, we are just doing this to have fun doing the fitness thing :)

I am washing my hair!

We all know that you are lying

I am busy that day!

We are only going to be taking up the first half - You will have plenty of time after.

I do not have the money!

Just sell your kidney!

Looking forward to having an awesome day sweating and training along side you all.