The Savage Ox – December 2016

December 2016


Holy Shit Oxes, welcome to the first day of summer!

With our 4th Anniversary only 5 days away (6th of Dec) and our Celebration party on the 10th, myself and the team at CrossFit Collingwood are hoping to see you all dressed up to the 9's for the celebration. It has been an incredibly year of growth at CrossFit Collingwood. I was just reflecting on the fact at last years anniversary party, i commented that 2016 was going to be a big year and i wasn't wrong. What excites me most are the happenings we have already planned for 2017; i am almost bursting at the seams to share them all with you, but alas i must be patient and build anticipation. Stay Tuned.

2017 is going to be EPIC and i am looking forward to sharing it with you all

As always, Keep being better humans

— Coach Josh Hromis





Save The Date - New Years Eve Party

On December 31st 2016, we will be holding our 3rd Annual CrossFit Collingwood New Years Eve Party.

The tradition was inspired by our founders Coach Josh & Renee wanting create a change for their community. Almost everyone wants the new year to be about the changes they want to make to their health and lifestyle; then they celebrate those goals with a massive hang over, questionable food choices and maybe a shameful tryst.

Kick off your new years with an awesome WOD that takes you into 2017, followed by an amazing spread of food, accompanied by a cheeky glass (or 2) of fine bubbles on Cromwell street as we watch the fireworks.

We would love for you to join us in bringing the new year in, in a fresh way and make 2017, YOUR year of change. What better way to do it then beginning a fresh cycle and starting your year with health and fitness.

Tickets are $50


RSVP Date - 27th Dec 2016

Supplement Delay

We have a new supplement range slotting into our preferred supplement range at CrossFit Collingwood. Unfortunately our tock has not arrived due to an issue with a back order. PurePharma will be on our shelves in Dec.

The CrossFit Collingwood Retail Store is here to support you in taking out the hassle of figuring out what the best supplement for you is. At CrossFit Collingwood we approach the companies we want to work with, not the other way around. We ensure that anything that makes it on our shelves, makes it there because it is the best for you.

PurePharma slots into our range of Premium Supplementation available for you to use to support your daily function. Feel free to discuss with you your coaches what may help you in your health and fitness, but remember, good food comes first.



The Start of our Summer Training Cycle


The last 3 months of training has scene CrossFit Collingwood athletes reach over 1000 personal bests in both Metcon and Strength components. How Friking Amazing is that!

As we head into our summer training cycle we will be retesting last months "Tests of Fitness" in 3 to 4 months to ensure that we are improving overall.

1 small change that we are applying to our current programming style is the introduction of a monthly focus. This monthly focus will allow us to gain a little more exposure to specific stimuli and will largely be completed in our warmups.

Decembers Monthly Focus is Olympic Lifting technique. We won’t be lifting anymore than usual, but you will see more warmups that incorporate the Olympic Lifts as a skill. We will use them to refine technique, practise positions and work mobility.

This will be done in the form of KB, PVC and Barbell Complexes that will rotate throughout the month. Which means you will use a Barbell, Kettlebell or PVC most days, sometimes even when the workout doesn’t call for it. Sometimes we will ask people to go heavy and challenge themselves with the Complexes, but what’s most important is that people get comfortable with the movements and positions. Practise, practise, practise.

I hope you enjoy the little push until Christmas, we are very proud of the program at CrossFit Collingwood in developing a healthy body and look forward to seeing what results the next cycle brings you all.



2017 Membership Promotion


Head Coach Josh and the team have been working very hard behind the scenes this year to make 2017 a true year of change for you all. We want you to make 2017 the absolutely tits when it comes to you achieving your health and fitness goals.

So while this is a plug to get you guys to convert over to a paid in full membership their are 3 very compelling reasons why we are offering it to you.

  1. No matter what, your training in 2017 is covered.

Have you ever looked in your bank account and said to yourself… wow, look at all that extra cash i have in there. If you are more like me, it is like… shit, how am i going to pay for that.

By setting yourself up for a paid in full membership, you know that no matter what happens in 2017 your training is taken care of. If something goes down, life gets hectic, the one thing you have given yourself for 2017 is the ability to train, no matter how tight the budget gets. You also eliminate the excuse of training is to expensivee so i can give it away. So it is a win / win

2. The more you invest, the more likely you are to turn up.

Too many people spend money they buy things they don’t impress people that they don’t like. –Will Rogers

Does this resonate with you? In your life where would you like to be better?

In these areas you have chosen I know that your health and fitness is one of them. Now consider the areas in your life you are excelling in and are seeing great success. Now evaluate in these areas how much money do you invest in yourself in these areas?

A perfect correlation... here is your equation:

More money invested = higher value = more time spent = greater results

It all starts with the money and time.

This equation works in all gyms and we see it in ours. The clients we have who invest the most money make fitness a priority and then invest more time which leads to greater results.

The results speak for themselves and we want this change for you.

3. We will reward you.

If you decide to sign up for 12 month, you will pay for 10. As a reward for you taking your fitness in 2017 by the horns, we will give you 2 months as a gift. That is a massive saving.

So that is it guys. We want you to succeed in 2017 and we want to support you in this success.

We think that this is a cracker offer. To take us up on it, email and we can organise the change for you.

** Terms and Conditions **

Offer Expires 31st Dec 2016

All paid in full memberships are none refundable.

Membership hold policy applies - Once per calendar year for 30/60 or 90 days.





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