The Savage Ox – December 2017

December 2017


HOLY BANANAS! The year is wrapping up Oxes,

For the month of December we are really excited about what is ahead. Not only is it our 5th year anniversary tomorrow the 2nd December, have a YOGA class with our member Freya coming up, our Annual New Years Eve event, The Christmas Day WOD, but also the start of cycle 4 and the introductions of our NEW specialty cycle of Savage Conditioning. We are jam packed!

Now we are really getting close to the silly season we are still focused on you achieving your goals. Our dedication to your health and fitness will stay firm and we want you to do the same, keep your goals in mind, keep coming to train, keep making smart food choices and let us support you starting 2018 differently.

We had some sad news that our intern Hugo Gondart is leaving us before the end of the year to head back to New Caledonia. While we are super disappointed, It has been amazing to support him in his growth as a coach. His willingness to be out of his comfort zone, not only to learn English but pursue a passion for health and fitness is beyond admirable. He will not be here but we will be staying in contact with him.

Our intern Tom who started training with us 1 year ago this month, completed his CrossFit Level 1 certification last weekend, showing that he is dedicated in being the best for the athletes at The Ox Box. Amped up and wanting to share the knowledge he has learned he will be moving forward into the next phase of Internship with us.

Coach Kev has been apart of the crew at the Ox Box for 4 YEARS! and coaching for almost 3! Chemical engineer by degree, procurement specialist by day, after working a solid day at his day job, he comes in to the studio to educate and inspire you all just because he loves seeing you all improve. Thank you very much coach.

Keep it savage team.

— Studio Manager Aleisha



Sat, 2nd Dec - 5th Anniversary and infamous Christmas party!

Sun, 10th Dec - Restorative Yoga with Freya

Sun, 31st Dec - New Years Eve WOD/PARTY



27th Dec to 6th Jan - 7 am & 8 am WODS only

Christmas Day, 25th Dec - 9 am Christmas WOD

Boxing Day, 26th Dec - CLOSED

1st Jan - CLOSED




For our members,

As indicated above we will be offering 7 am and 8 am WODs from Wednesday the 27th to Saturday the 6th of January. For those under individualised programming, there will be 7 am and 8 am slots available.

As per tradition, on Christmas Day we will be hosting the 12 Day of Christmas WOD.

This is something that the staff do to celebrate Christmas. Whilst all members are welcome, please keep in mind it is super casual. The staff will always support you when needed, however, keep in mind its Christmas to them too. Be super respectful of the space, clean up after yourself. Read the WOD before you enter the building, and know what you're doing.

Boxing Day and New Years Day we are closed.




At the start of June this year CrossFit Collingwood made a shift in the way we have athletes join our fold. Both New to CrossFit and Experienced CrossFitters alike now complete 8 x 1 on 1 Private Coaching Session to refine movement patterns and identify areas of opportunity. At CrossFit Collingwood we understand the importance of touching base with a coach on a regular basis, there is no cookie-cutter way to start CrossFit and more to the point everyone who joins our community has a desire to LEARN to be better. So without further ado, Congratulations and welcome to the CrossFit Collingwood Community to all of those athletes who completed their 8 Academy Session this month:

Drew Davis

Dale Hawthorn

Sarah McArthur

Kerem Hamdi

If you have not sweated with them yet, then make sure you going and say hello to that unfamiliar face in the studio to make them immediately familiar



This is long overdue, better late than never! We want to publicly recognise members that have gone around the sun with us. We are proud of your persistence and your recognition that fitness and health is a lifestyle change you carry with you for the rest of your days. We are at a stage where we have had athletes with us as long as we have been open. A massive shout out to Anna Whitelaw, Adam Rice and Tammy Fankhanel for their trust and support all of these 5 frikin Years.

Madz Knight - 2nd Anniversary - 4/11/2015

Matt Went - 1st Anniversary - 14/11/2016

Anna Whitelaw - 5th Anniversary - 01/12/2012

Danny Ditroia - 1st Anniversary - 01/12/2016

Pez Quattrociocchi - 1st Anniversary - 09/12/2016

Dom Bates - 1st Anniversary - 13/12/2016

Tom Lowe - 2nd Anniversary - 15/12/2015

Tammy Fankhanel - 5th Anniversary - 19/12/2012

Adam Rice - 5th Anniversary - 30/12/2012



For those that don't know our member Freya, she has been studying hard to achieve her goal of becoming a yoga instructor. We are super proud of all her efforts and we would like to continue supporting her development in a class setting.

9 am Sunday the 10th December Freya will be taking us through a 1-hour Restorative Yoga Session.

To support Freya, simply show up to the class (before 9 am), friend and family are welcome. Simply pay with your smiles and support. We have limited Matts, so feel free to bring your own if you have one.

For anyone that has experienced a Yin Yoga class, you can expect a similar experience in this session. For those that are completely new to Yoga, GREAT nows your chance! Restorative Yoga involves long passive stretching and breathing techniques. We also believe the YOGA is extremely beneficial to CrossFit Training, here is a list of reasons if you are not convinced:

1) Yoga improves your range of motion and general mobility.

2) Yoga helps you focus.

3) Yoga teaches you how to breathe more efficiently.

4) Yoga develops your ability to balance.

5) Yoga gives you time to relax.

6) Yoga reinforces good positioning.

Hope to see you then, simply book through WODIFY under Events. Please email us at if we can expect your friend or relative.



My Day at the Freestyle Seminar

Recently we sent Studio Manager/ Coach Aleisha to Freestyle Seminar to hang out with Carl Paoli, author of Freestyle and Gymnastics WOD. Whilst this was an amazing opportunity for Aleisha to refine her coaching technique from a physical perspective, Carl Paoli also challenged her perception of the experience of movement. Click the link below to read the full article.

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Check out Coach Kev's article on our Specialty Cycle in cycle 4. Coach Kev completes the CrossFit Aerobic Capacity seminar taught by CrossFit Legend Chris Hinshaw.

" Improving your AEROBIC CAPACITY is a key element in helping you become a more well-rounded athlete. It will help improve blood flow, oxygen and nutrient uptake to working muscles and help recovery when resting. This help you perform better and longer during WODs. This could mean performing extra repetitions on the bar before putting it down or hanging onto the pull-up bar and performing more pull-ups before coming off. Essentially our bodies become more efficient at using oxygen to fuel our muscles during workouts."

A great read for all those both nervous and excited about what is installed for the next 13 weeks.

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