The Savage Ox – February 2017


February 2017


Howdy Crew!


Well what a great way to start the year! Firstly thank you for all the amazing feedback on the Savage Life Curriculum, we are truly stoked that you all are getting something out of it and look forward to seeing where it takes you all. We have our first "Savage Challenge" winners and the "Savage Club" Honour board will be up in the studio soon. A quick shout out to our Oxettes Coach Renee, Coach Caity and the Savage Nancy for  their most recent olympic lifting comp, well done. The CrossFit Open is upon is again which is one of my favourite times of the year and i am looking forward to sharing it with you all.


— Coach Josh Hromis





Save The Date - The CrossFit Open


Saturday 25th Feb - The 2017 CrossFit Open Workout | 17.1

Saturday 4th Mar - The 2017 CrossFit Open Workout | 17.2

Saturday 11th Mar - The 2017 CrossFit Open Workout | 17.3

Saturday 18th Mar - The 2017 CrossFit Open Workout | 17.4

Saturday 25th Mar - The 2017 CrossFit Open Workout | 17.5


Save The Date - Goal Setting Workshop


Wednesday 22nd Feb @ 7.30pm

Just before we tackle Autumn, it is a perfect opportunity to train one of our Success Pillars of mindset. The evening will consist of a practical way to start planning out you 13 week plan and a must if goal setting is not something that you are really good at or just looking to create some focus on what direction you want to take.





The 2017 Open is almost here! So it probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you that this month’s programming focus is Open Prep and also the difference between training and testing. Now programming this is a little tricky to do because CrossFit will release each workout on a Friday (starting the week of Feb. 24) which means we have no idea what we are doing on Saturdays. That’s an obstacle, but there’s a pretty simple solution.

We look at the previous 6 years of Open workouts to identify common types of movements and rep schemes which normal consist of around 14 movement varying in difficulty and skill, and then we build a program with the following focus:

a few Open workouts from previous years,

more AMRAP style workouts,

lighter loads,

and more skill work (muscle ups, chest to bar pull-ups, HSPU, etc.) than usual.

The resulting program will help people find their confidence and give people more time to practice movements they’re likely to see in Open workouts. It’s going to be fun! Open workouts will be programmed on the Saturday after they are released. The next 4 weeks should all be about training, concentrating on overcoming weaknesses, slowing down and not trying to top the leaderboard but become more efficient and effective in our movement patterns. This coupled with the focused training on skills for the open should mean that we are primed physically and mentally for the tasks at hand. Again, this is going to be fun!






It should be no surprise to you all the we love the CrossFit Open at CrossFit Collingwood. But what is the CrossFit Open?


Why we want you to do it.


We completely understand that if this is your first time, you may be a little nervous. The CrossFit Open for CrossFit Collingwood is an amazing and fun set of 5 Saturday throw downs for our community to comes together and encourage, inspire and challenge our preconceived expectations around our own limitations. Overcoming what we deem to be the impossible.

For us, it puts a line in the sand so when we come back around in a years time, we see our improvements. For some of the CFC crew this will be their 4th open and for some of you it will be your first. Either way, it is going to be awesome fun.


How to Register


To register click this link


Then What Happens?


On each Friday for 5 weeks @ 12.00 noon (when the workouts are released) from Feb 24th onwards, Coach Josh's head will explode as he figures out all the logistics of how The Open workouts will run at CrossFit Collingwood on Saturday.

That afternoon on Facebook he will be releasing...

  1. The Strategy and Tips for tackling the WOD the next day
  2. Heat Sheets for the following days heats
  3. Setting up the studio for the WOD

Friday Night Open Gym will be cancelled, although you are more than welcome to come and help Coach set the studio up and gain some extra tips ;)

Normal Saturday WOD's are cancelled while the CrossFit Open is running.

Disclaimer, you will need to register for The Open in order to train on Saturday.


What do i need to do?


We require some personal responsibilities from you regarding the open.

  1. Read the brief - Coach Josh will be releasing all the information you need, simply read it, understand it, ask questions and that way you will be armed with everything you need to tackle Saturday.
  2. Turn up at your allotted heat time - Last year we had over 50 people competing in the open and while we do our utmost to accomodate for each athletes individual needs, you need to work with us in order to make this beast run smoothly.
  3. Do not argue with your judge - Trust that the person who is counting your reps with a heart rate of 50 beats per second and has coach movements for years, has a better understand of what is required then you do.
  4. Have fun and encourage others to do the best they can


The last of the open WOD's 17.5 will see an event being held at CrossFit Collingwood called "2 Boxes 1 Cup". This event is where we go head to head with CrossFit Ufrom North Melbourne in seeing which box gets the cup. This fun event in its 4th year will be held at the Ox Box and the hope is we take the cup back from the Unicorns from CrossFit U. After the proceedings have concluded it is time for a good feed, a cheeky beverage shared with a like minded community of people who strive to be better than the day before.

So what are you waiting for Sign Up people!!





Thank to all who participated in Jan's Challenge. The winners receive a $20 gift voucher to the CFC Pro Shop. Not bad for 3 minutes work hey!