The Savage Ox – January 2017

January 2017


Welcome to the New Year Oxen!

With the introduction of "The Savage Life Curriculum" a way for CrossFit Collingwood to continually support you when you are not in the studio training up a storm. Our monthly "Savage Challenge" to test your fitness in all manor and have some fun doing it; and finally the "Savage Club" a leader board to show the most dedicated Oxes, 2017 is set to turn us all in to Savage Ladies and Gentleman.

As always, Keep being better humans, lets make 2017 our bitch.

— Coach Josh Hromis





Save The Date - Friday Night Lights

On Friday 27th Jan 2017, we will be holding the First "Friday Night Lights" party at CrossFit Collingwood.

You can come to train, You can come to eat, You can come to party,

You can choose to do One or the Other or Both or all Three, its your freedom of choice. Stay tuned for updated details.

The Savage Challenge


In 2017 we are bringing you The Savage Challenge. A fun little fitness challenge each month for you all to give a crack and see if you can take the Crown and the prize!

January kicks off with a 3 minutes Assault Bike Challenge - Accumulate as many calories as possible.

February will see you hanging from the rig for as long as possible.

Challenge specifics will be up under the golden barbell and we will be announcing the winners in next months Newsletter.

The Savage Club

The Savage Club is a leaderboard displaying our most consistent Oxes. To join the Savage Club is simple

  1. Attend more than 20 classes per month

All athletes who achieve this will be added to the honour board and announced each month. You can earn Savage Streaks by backing up each month with another. All classes including specialty classes and Private Coaching are counted.

See you there :)




Sometime as a coach we only get to see you 3 times per week and during that time we largely are coaching you around movement, not the other aspects of your health that might be holding you back, introducing The Savage Life Curriculum (TSLC). TSLC has been a massive undertaking for the crew at CFC behind the scenes in 2016. We have been working on a way to not only support you inside the studio but also outside and have pooled our over 25+ years of training together to create a platform to do just that.

TSLC has been broken down into 4 specific categories which we believe are the keys to knocking success out of the park and truely living a Savage Life.


We are super proud to be rolling it out to all of our members new and old in January 2017 and excited to see the results you gain from tackling the program with focus.

So, how does it work?

Their are 4 modules

1 module = 13 weeks

Each week has a specific focus example....

Week 1 - Welcome to The Savage Life Curriculum

Week 2 - Mindset

Week 3 - Eating Clean

Week 4 - Training Consistently

Week 5 - Balance

As we go through each Module (13 weeks), emails will hit your inbox on most Saturdays to give you some guidance on where your attention should be for the upcoming week. In those emails are the best practises for you to achieve the health of your dreams (what to do and when you should do it). For some, it will expose you to concepts that you may never have tackled before; and for others, concepts you may already have mastered.

That being said, we know regardless if you have been CrossFitting for a long time or a short time when we all look in the mirror, there is something that we want to work on, overcome and conquer. We are always working on being better than yesterday and by following this program closely we know that 2017 will be your most successful year yet.

So heres cheers to living a Savage Life in 2017



2017 Affilate Partnership

CrossFit Collingwood strives to be a one stop shop for you all when it comes to your health and fitness, we strive to find the best so you do not have to go through all the hard work. We scoured Melbourne for the best in physiotherapy and have found it in Evoltio, and thanks to 2 of our favorite oxes, we are now adding Dexa Scans to our affilate partners in 2017.

Dexa Melbourne located on Albert Street in East Melbourne is Melbourne premier body composition scan facility and by far the best dexa scan facility CFC has ever found. We are pleased to offer with our new found partnership a 10% discount off all scan packages that are purchased through CrossFit Collingwood.

·       Single scan $135 becomes $121.50

·       2 scan package $180 becomes $162

·       3 scan package $240 becomes $216

Packages will be available from the Kiosk in Jan 2017.



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