The Savage Ox – July 2017

July 2017


Happy July Ox's!

The CrossFit Collingwood team are super excited for this month - correction we're always excited! We've two events coming up in the month, you can read more about that below.

In this savage Ox edition we have a great article written by Coach Caity on the topic of 'pain', something we can all take a lesson from, the link is available below.

We've been having fun updating the bathrooms, first with the towel service, now with some fresh paint and shelves. Striving to be better wherever whenever we can. Once again a MASSIVE thanks to those that helped on the day, we enjoyed breaking pizza with you and getting paint in Coach Renee's hair.

— Coach Josh Hromis




22nd July Fundraiser Event

'Lets lift Coach Caity to Taipei' After Saturday classes @ 10 am we will be doing Oly totals, price of admission is a donation for Coach Caity, see more below :)

28th Christmas in July WOD & Pot Luck: Friday Night Lights just got festive! Read more below to find out the details.

July Savage Challenge - Max Effort Pull Ups:

See this months winners for more details below.





Congratulations on completing CrossFit Level Two, we're super proud of the Coach you are becoming, thanks for being part of the team.




Beyond Rest is sharing the love :)

Float tanks are a great way to bring meditation and restoration into your life.

We know its imporant for you to get some Yin to your Yang. We tend to have a lot of yang in our lives, work stress, training stress, eating stress. Stress about stress.

This is why we have organised a special relationship with Beyond Rest, reducing a single float session to $65.

If your still on the fence reach out to us with any questions, to we'd be happy to share with you our experience and what to expect.

Find out more about Beyond Rest here.




We have an emmence amount of gratitude for the crew that helped us out with our paint escepade of the bathrooms mid June. Its so amazing to be apart of a great comunity of people that are willing to lend us a hand on their saturday and share pizza with us in the warm sun.

Thankyou; Ant, Adz, Kieran, Matt Taylor, Sam, Tommy Cap, Emily D (her brownies were YUM!), Anna Thompson, Perri, Kevin, and Caity.

There is gift of $10 store Credit in your account to buy some goodies with.


A Word on "Pain"


In our profession we are constantly approached by the concept of pain vs discomfort and how do we acknowledge the difference. Also, how do we begin to understand pain in the first place? Deepening our understanding on pain can help us to answer the first question and also help us improve as athletes in general.

Our Coach Caity, who is studying to be an Osteopath, has written an article on the concept of pain in the training environment, we love this article and we think you will to :)

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As some of you may already know Coach Caity has been training hard to make it to the commonwealth games, recently she has qualified for World Uni Games (WOOP!) which is being hosted in Taipei. To show our support for her persistence and dedication we are hosting a Fundraiser Olympic Weightlifting Total at 10 am (after gymnastics).

The admission is $20, with all proceeds going to Caity's Go Fund Me.

There is a limited of spots due to floor space, so RSVP is a must.

If you cant make it and you would still like to show your support, simply go to Caity's Go Fund Me page and make a donation.




Shhhh don't tell Santa.We have a Christmas traction here at CrossFit Collingwood, on Christmas Day we open the box to our members for a Christmas WOD called "12 Days of Christmas". Its a fun, sweaty, and challenging WOD. There are many different versions, and we have our favourite *wink*.

Not everyone is here at Christmas of cause, so we thought, why not bring Christmas early? Share a tradition with our members and have some community fun to warm us up in this cold winter.

On the 28th of July, kick off at 530 pm we are hosting the "12 Days of Christmas WOD" and Pot Luck!

Thats right, what you need to do in order to come along is bring your christmas WOD sweater and a Pot Luck Treat. As this is not only WOD event, its also a community Pot Luck event.

There is no charge, however, RSVP is necessary, and contributions to the event will keep you off Santas Naughty List.





Max effort strict pull ups!

Chin over the bar until you can't pull up any more. The count stops when you fail an attempt of let go of the bar.

Get the most pulls for some Store credit, imagine all the Ox bombs you can buy with that.

Happy pulling ;)