The Savage Ox – June 2017

June 2017

Its June and Winter is upon us!

We're super pumped for the new cycle as always! The beauty of CrossFit is that it appears random, however, there is meaning behind the madness. We look at your weaknesses and strengths, and figure out how we can make our members more well rounded athletes - correction more rippling and supple athletes.

We've also opened up more CrossFit Class availability in the evenings with the removal of our Mobility Classes. This is not a statement against mobility, we stress the importance of mobility all the fricken time. If you have time for Netflix you have time to mobilise, and we are going to tell you how. More on this later in the Newsletter.

Even with the cold breeze and upcoming winter storm, we're in high spirits about this season and what is to come at CrossFit Collingwood and this journey we get to share with our members.

Keep reading below :)

— Coach Josh Hromis



New training Cycle 4th of June - Testing Week! For the first week of every cycle the WODs are designed to measure an aspect of fitness. So in 13 weeks time, when its retested, we can see how you have advanced. Ask your coaches for more information.

12th June Queenies Birthday - Public Holiday Training hours:

Cheers Lizzy for the day off! 7 am and 8 am WODS only. OBSU 7am and 8 am slots only.

24th June PAINT PARTY:

As part of the bathroom renovations we are painting the walls black! We appreciate any extra hands and company. We’ll be cranking the tunes and serving a spread at lunch for anyone that joins in. Read more below.


We’ve ordered in a bunch of wicked mobility gear, plus hand guard care, and more. If there is anything you would like to see on our shelves send us an email to



We stock Pure Pharma supplements, well we did, now with their name and brand change we’re stocking PUORI!

What we love about PUORI is that they speak our language.

Basically the Pharma to Pharmaceutical doesn't align with Puori's believes, rather, they want to represent a holistic approach to life.

Their aim is to make a real difference by giving people better options and better choices. Shifting the paradigm, moving from quick fixes and convenience to helping people understand their biological origins and strive to reach their genetic potential.

With this change comes some delays, SB3 will not be in stock until until further notice.

However, all their other products will still be on our shelves :)

Find out MORE



We put a lot of emphasis on performance as being strong, fast, powerful, training hard, and looking like Chris Prat. Nothing wrong with these things, especially looking like Chris Pratt. However, its misses an important element - mobility.

Mobility: - prevents injury - relieves injury - prevents age related staticity - improves range of motion (eg for overhead position) - improves your chances of looking like Chris Prat ETC

There are different kinds of mobility - static, dynamic, and invasive. You want to hit all three. Here are some helpful programs and knowledge bases out there:

Mobility Wod with Kelly Starlett the Mobility guru of CrossFit, flossing technigues and more: KELLY STARLETT MOBILITY WOD

RomWod, the Yoga programming for CrossFit: ROMWOD

Ido Portal, the Movement guru of Life, explore movement and be dynamic: MOVMENT GURU IDO PORTAL

Theres plenty more out there.

Find 15 minutes a day minimum to do one of these things! Do it while watching an episode of whatever in your living room.

Theres a saying; for every minutes of intense training earns 2 minutes of mobility.

Coach Renee and Aleisha in particular love talking about mobility, feel free to have a chat. The rest of the Crew are also great source of knowledge.




1. Invest in your warmup

When showing up for a WOD remember, just like a car, your body will take longer to warm up in winter. Rushing into a movement when cold is asking for injury. In lamence terms, training without adequate warm up can lead to shock in muscles, tendons, ligements and joints.

Attach importance to you warm up! Dont wait until the WOD.

2. Motivation

Summer bodies are made in winter! It can be helpful for to some to think that when summer comes back they want to lay on the beach under the warm sun and feel sexy. Aint nothing wrong with that. Ideally you'll want to feel good naked all year round, that is to say you want to be healthy -not just for summer - for life! So what we're saying is, you deserve to feel sexy all year round, even under a million layers of clothing.

3. Set Goals for Winter:


Set Goals for NOW!

Whether thats to hit a new PB, reach a body fat percentage, learn a skill/movement or hit the gym 5 times a week minimum.

Set a goals to achieve by the end of the Winter Season.

If you need help with creating goals set up a session with your Coach to help you create some targets, its their Jam to support you.

4. 6 P's: Prior Planing Prevents Piss Poor Preformance

Following motivation, if you know you struggle in Winter (or in general), you need to put in some extra effort. Obviously your Summer strategy is not going to be as effective in Winter.

For example, if you know you struggle getting out of bed, set your self up the night before to make it as easy as possible for you the next day. Pick out your out fit and lay it out. Have lunch and breakfast made, slippers by the bed - whatever you can do that night before do it. Dowload the Light

Make commitments. Organise your day, dont simply wing it.

Winging it leaves you open to comprmise for things like sitting on the coach and binge watching netflix rather then getting your gym gear together and heading to the Box. Or ordering uber eats instead of cooking a healhty meal.

5. Fuel for Winter

Which brings us to nutrition.

Some people often describe an increase need for "comfort food" during winter. There are multiple reasons for this. One being that in winter our body is trying to create more heat, and thereby needs more energy dense food. It also wants to create more fat to protect your organs from the cold and have a surplus of energy storage.

Its a misconception that we should avoid "comfort food". We certainly shouldn't over indulge, but we also need to understand what "comfort food" should be. So dont get to excited we're not recommending danishes as a staple for winter diet.

A simple recommendation is to eat seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Root veggies are often in season in Winter, funny enough they are also energy dense food (coincidence? I think not!). Also whole grains, brown rice and quinoa is a good go to.

CLICK HERE for list of seasonal veggies.

6. Ask the Coach

If you struggle with any of the above, talk to the coach. They're not just here to get you through a WOD, they genuinely want to help you be the best you can be.




Firstly Hello to Beyond Rest, offering amazing experience of flotation therapy!

A great way to achieve muscle recovering from the intensity of CrossFit.

Secondly, Welcome to A - Space,

Offering the Yin to your Yang, a beautiful space with beautiful people. Offering meditation, mindfulness and Yin yoga.


Max effort Back Facing handstand hold. Check out the poster at the Ox Box for how to participate. What if being upside down isn't you Jam!? Thats why we picked this - its a challenge.

Check out Gymnastic WOD with Carl Paoli for progression techniques.

Or better yet ask a coach :)