The Savage Ox – March 2017


March 2017 Edition


Howdy Crew!

Autumn has arrived and with it, a Public Holiday (Labour Day), Our friendly competition with the Unicorns from CrossFit U, and the completion of the CrossFit Open. Our shiny new equipment is arriving this week for the upgrades to our back area and the awesome transformation it heralds.

A massive Shout out to both Coach Kevin and Coach Caity who both last Month invested both time and money to become better coaches for us all. Coach Caity had the honour and privilege of working with Julian Pineau of StrongFit by completing not only there 2 day seminar but the week long internship.

Coach Kev worked with CrossFit Coaching Royalty Mr Chris Hinshaw, in developing a better understanding of Endurance but ups skilling and completing the CrossFit Endurance Cert.

Studio Manager Aleisha is heading to full time UNI studying Psychology and has left here Barista life to continue working with us here at CrossFit Collingwood. Thank you Aleisha.

Finally, you should be receiving The Savage Life Curriculum in your inboxes team, if you are not please contact the studio manager on

Keep it real Oxes


— Coach Josh Hromis





Save The Date - The CrossFit Open

Saturday 4th Mar - The 2017 CrossFit Open Workout | 17.2

Saturday 11th Mar - The 2017 CrossFit Open Workout | 17.3

Saturday 18th Mar - The 2017 CrossFit Open Workout | 17.4

Saturday 25th Mar - The 2017 CrossFit Open Workout | 17.5


Save The Date - 2 Boxes 1 Cup

Saturday 25th March @ 8.00am till no firkin idea thanks to Castro

A CrossFit Collingwood call to arms!

CrossFit U and CrossFit Collingwood have come together for Three consecutive years for this fun and light hearted competition "Two Boxes One Cup". This competition started as a means to bring two like minded communities together to cap of the The CrossFit Open Season and it is up to US to bring the Cup back to CrossFit Collingwood.

We need your sweat and hard work Oxes. You do not have to be registered for The CrossFit Open to participate in the fun, you just need $30 and a willingness to put yourself in the pain cave a put in some work!

All in all it is an awesome day of sweat, laughter and good food. Please help us get the cup back to CrossFit Collingwood for 2017 and leave the Unicorns in our dust.

From 8.00 inc BBQ and Prizes

$30 for Competitors $15 for Spectators


Save The Date - Barbell & BBQ

Saturday 29th April is set to kick of our First B&B for 2017. More details to follow but it should be a ripper.



As Coach Caity's and Studio Manager Aleisha's schedules have changed for Uni. Head Coach Josh will now taking both mobility sessions for our Autumn Timetable. He is looking forward to being supple with you all and helping you with the all important mobility, flexibility, stability and activation aspect of your health and fitness.




We hope everyone is having fun with the Open so far — one workout down, four to go! The programming for March is built around the Open in that there will be less demanding workouts the day before Open workouts and all Saturdays are left blank (to account for 17.2, 17.3, 17.4 and 17.5). We’ll update the Saturday session plans immediately after Open workouts are released.

Make sure to give yourselves some recovery strategies, extra mobilising time and/or mobility homework. A lot of tension, soreness, and frustration can build up over the five weeks of the Open — as it’s a huge challenge mentally and physically — so just remember to have fun!