The Savage Ox – May 2017

 May 2017 


Happy May Oxes!

Frikin pumped as CrossFit Collingwood as a business continues to evolve and provide outstanding services and coaching to you all. We have had some awesome developments at The Ox Box in 2017 thus far as mentioned in last months newsletter.

Last Month included the introduction of our New Membership Structure and changes to our Academy Onramping. We also unveiled Individualised Programming or IP.

So did you guess what is changing at The Ox Box this month?

Today we unveil The CrossFit Collingwood Programming Paradigm. I am really pumped to be sharing this with you all regardless of why you walk through our doors each day. Our Programming Paradigm is sure to help take your health to the next level.... If you turn up to train of course.

This news letter does cover a lot of content on upcoming transitions. So take some time out to give these upcoming Newsletters your full attention, as the content is valuable for you to have the best experience with us.

I look forward to hearing your questions on our Paradigm and much love from the team #livesavage

— Coach Josh Hromis



Save The Date - Goal Setting Workshop #2.17

Wednesday 31st @7:30 pm it that time again for our quarterly Goal Setting Workshop #2.17 with head coach Josh talking to you about how to stay inline with you health and fitness goals in Winter.

  • There will be no 7:30 pm CrossFit Class at this time.

Timetable and Class Changes

Our Winter / Cycle 2 Timetable will commence at the end of May. This will be the biggest change to our class schedule in 12 months. Class times will remain the same however our specialty and mobility classes will be moving on our timetable. As per our new training Paradigm (make sure you read the article to learn more) Ox Box Barbell will be taking a 13 week break as we head into our Strength and Power focused cycle. OBB will be replaced with our Gymnastics cycle which will massively help improve barbell when it returns in September for cycle 3.

Facebook Live with Head Coach

The first will be this Friday 5th May @ 5.30 during the Start of Open Gym.

Coach Josh with his impressive nostrils, and the occasional Guest will be giving Facebook Live updates once a week, generally on Friday evening. Sharing with you Ox Box Knowledge bombs, community announcements, answer any live questions you may have and more.

This Week he will be discussing the CrossFit Collingwood Programming Paradigm and the changes to come in June.

May Savage Challenge

Max effort Kettle bell Swing 16kg for the ladies and 24kg for the gents. Give at a crack for your chance to receive a $20 shop credit reward.

CrossFit Regionals

Did you know the CrossFit Regionals Kicks off this month? The Pacific Regional kicks off in Wooloogong from May 26th - 28th. Our eyes will be glued to Youtube to see who will be flying to Madison to compete in the 2017 CrossFit Games.

Keep your eyes glued to the CrossFit Games Website for more information on the start date of all regionals and where to watch some CrossFit Fitspiration.




There was to much information to put in this newsletter. So follow the rabbit hole down the link below to read more about the changes to our programming structure.



During April we announced the Cancellation policy for morning classes would be changing. Last night it was offical. With the cut-off Cancellation time moved to 9:30 pm the evening before the morning class from Monday to Saturday.


As discussed in the email we sent to all our members, we want to support our athletes in reinforcing healthy lifestyle choices and create a culture of integrity around sticking to commitments.

Classes were booked out in advance yet on the day classes were not full, with a list of cancellations and waitlisted members.

The solution:

The evening before the class you have the opportunity to make a decision to commit to the class while you're awake and coherent, also giving some else the opportunity to take your place.

Fundamentally when you book a class, you book to train, and not 'just in case'.

Don't be a 'just in case' person, its not fair to those that really want to be in the class, and its a disservice to you developing healthy habits.

The more you practise waking up and hitting the studio for your morning session, the easier it becomes to stick to those commitment. Go crush it.



Why you started your fitness journey is unique to you. The same can be said about why joinined CrossFit Collingwood. You're a special flower with your own unique goals and we (the CrossFit Collingwood team) strive to learn this about you because we ultimately want the best for your health and fitness.

We'll admit it takes time, experience and repore to learn that makes you tick, what you as an individual strive towards. With that in mind CrossFit Collingwood is more then just a place for you to workout on yourself. Its a genuine community that encourages each other to believe that they can be better, stronger, fitter and ultimately healthier humans.

In order for this community to thrive it falls on all of us to uphold the culture of it. Our non-elitest humble attitude that our individual goals are not superior to the goals of anyone else training in the space is what makes this such an amazing environment for all to succeed. The empathy to remember this journey of health is unique to everyone, and we are individually experiencing different levels of that journey.

You are, believe it or not, inspirations to each other. Especially our longer standing members, like it or not, newer members really look to you for guidance and inspiration.

We are here to elevate each other, to support each other in adversity, to cheer and encourage others in their struggles. We will all have greater personal growth if we participate in a supportive community that encourages each other to develop along side by side.

"Being selfish is easy, sharing takes courage"

- Simon Sinek

This is the culture we create at CFC. We genuinely care about your health and fitness and want you every success and are here for you at every step of the way, but above all else we care about how you treat each other and help this community to thrive.



Proper protein have moved to online purchasing, which is great for you guys, simply head to their website and make your purchases. If you're concerned about delivery, you can get it delivered to the box and we'll keep an eye on it…at a distance…to avoid temptation.

That being said Nano Protein is still available and a substantially better product. We have also reintroduced the Nano Vegan Pea Protein option. As always we strive for premium quality product, and we've been offering the BioPharma Scientific Range since we opened our doors. We have yet to find anything that matches it in nutritional value and consumablity (aka doesn't taste like ass). NanoPro itself not only has the benefits of being Grass Fed Organic undentured whey but also has the added benefits of Colostrum for immunity and rich in proline rich polypeptides which truely makes it one of the best protein powders on the market. You only need to have 1 scoop of the NanoPro to absorb the same amount as other brands.

As stated in Precision Nutrition education forum, its important to get enough protein in your diet. Check out this Precision Nutrition link for a crash coarsen the benefits of protein supplementation.

FitAid Beverages now in the Ox Box Fridge for purchasing.

Why are we stocking this beverage? Is it because its delicious? That it looks so attractive when one is holding it? Or its because its paleo? It is because at the right angle you can crush it against your forward?

Check out here what is does and how it works:




As part of your membership we will be offering our members Towel service, yes fresh towels daily! No need to bring a towel from home, its one less thing you have to remember, and they will be dry and clean everyday for you to use.  This towel service will be starting soon within this month, we will send all our members an email when its in effect.

How does it work:

Ask one of coaches or the studio manager for a towel at the Desk, ideally before you shower, as entertaining as a nudey run would be during winter, we want to keep the floors dry. The coach will tick you off on you sign in sheet.  Once you are done return the towel to the coach and they will sign you off for retiring the towel. You don't need to hold onto the towel for the week, you get to get a new one everyday.

Also a friendly reminder that personal towels shouldn't be left at the Ox Box, they are smelly and wet, and doesn't make for a great bathroom experience. Any towels left at the box will be donated for rags by the end of the week, some of the towels are gathering dust they are that forgotten.