The Savage Ox – November 2016

November 2016 

Well Hi there Oxes!

Summer is a mere 4 weeks away! Our calendar is packed with community events over the next month 2 months; so we have a few "Save these dates"; A new cycle starting at the end of Nov; A new supplementation range in store; A important change to our terms and conditions around class booking etiquette;

Check it out all below!

Keep being better humans

— Coach Josh Hromis


Save The Date - CrossFit Collingwood 4th Anniversary

Make sure you schedule in the CrossFit Collingwood Anniversary Party on Saturday Dec 10th. We are throwing an Epic Party @ Street from 4.30pm. More Details to Follow

Save The Date - Quarterly Goal Set

We have our quarterly goal setting event on Wednesday Nov 16th @ 7.30pm. We have been running the workshops as we near the end of each training cycle as a tool for you all to use, to help your continued success in your health and fitness goals.

The Goal Set will be replacing our 7.30pm CrossFit Class.

Coach Josh will be leading you through the hour session which will see you working through how to set up goals correctly, the difference between smart goals and stretch goals, common pitfall that people make when setting goals and strategies to ensure that you put yourself in the best position to achieve.

This event is FREE to all members, just make sure you register for the event, just like you would normally book class via Wodify.

Save The Date - Barbell "N" BBQ Round 2

We are getting set for our 2nd, Barbell "N" BBQ event for 2016. Saturday 26th November from 10am-12 noon will see use smashing up "The Other Total" followed by a super yummy well earned lunch.

The Other Total is the sum of the best of three attempts at the Clean, Bench-press and Overhead Squat. Clean is from the ground, power or squat. Overhead Squat is from the rack.

Our last event was a success including Epic Ballads, lots of cheering and sweating, massive PB's and having a rad time with friends over a cold brew.

Tickets are $30 (inc food and drink) and spaces are limited to 30 people. If you are interested then email or alt purchase your ticket at the Wodify Kiosk.

Studio Upgrades

Heading into Dec/Jan, CrossFit Collingwood will be investing over $24,000 in studio upgrades. We strive to continue being a leader in the CrossFit Community, delivering the best training environment for you all.

We starting with the introduction of our Assault Bikes ($6000) last month the revamp will be lead by the following, in no particular order.

Advanced training section at the back of the studio getting ready for our new training programs ($12,000)

New storage solutions to make for a better training environment an maximising space ($2000)

Miscellaneous training equipment purchases i.e. new wallballs / boxes / more rings ($1000)

A fresh coat of painting in the bathrooms and studio ($3000)

Testing Month

Our current CrossFit training cycle has been running awesomely and we are already excited for what Summer will bring. We will be hitting a few tests of fitness to conclude our current training cycle. We are excited to see those gold stars keep popping up on the whiteboard, so keep it up crew.

Make sure you come to our goal setting session to maximise the Summer Training Cycle


So every now and again just like Apple and Telstra, we make changes to our Terms and Condition at CrossFit Collingwood. One of our biggest challenges over the years has been around our Late and No Show Policies. We are getting busier and busier with more athletes joining our community and we want to ensure that one of our most important policies is upheld, aka our Class Booking Etiquette.

For almost the last 4 years, if you late cancelled and no showed to a class, you were given the honour of our infamous NO SHOW WOD. This was done instead of the normally scheduled WOD and was...

3 Rounds for time

1 Block Run

50 Burpees

This was a great workout, the problem was it is hard to enforced. It created a lot of discomfort between the coaches and the athletes receiving the penalty, not to mention making the athletes feel incredibly uncomfortable because everyone in class knew they were in trouble, so to speak.

Firstly let me create some clarity around the main reasons for us having a booking system and consequences for breaking the rules in the first place.

  1. Accountability. You all lead very hectic and stressful lives. A booking system ensures that you schedule time for your most important investment; Your health and fitness.
  2. Integrity (ties into accountability). Saying you will do something and then sticking to your word, especially when it comes to achieving your goals is incredibly important. It is all to easy in our everyday lives to prioritise something more "pressing" over our health and fitness having consequences for cancelling / no showing a class means you will be less likely to cancel at short notice and prioritise something else.
  3. Over Crowding (ties into CrossFit Collingwood's integrity). We believe that what you pay for in CrossFit is the Coaching; When classes get over booked, it makes it more difficult for the Coaches to Coach and provide a training environment to ensure your continued success. Ensuring that our classes are capped means that you get the attention you deserve and what you pay for.
  4. Planning. We are better able to coach a class when we know who is in it. Sometimes WOD are complicated, there are massively different levels of fitness we need to look after, some people are new, some people have injuries and by us utilising a booking system we are better able to plan how we attack the class by looking at who is making up the session.
  5. Respect. We pride ourselves on running our classes on time. We honour your time and intern we ask that you not only honour our time but also the time of every other member of CrossFit Collingwood. When you do not turn up to a class that you booked, you have potentially stopped someone else from training. By turning up late to a class, you disrespect your fellow athletes by taking time away from their coaching.

So this all brings me to our current penalties and the changes we have made

  1. Turing up to a class without booking = 25 burpees.
  2. Turning up late to a class = 5 Burpees for ever minute. If you are more than 5 minutes late to class you will not be able to participate (Coaches discretion) This used to be 10 minutes.
  3. Late Cancellation =$5 donation, this is if you cancel a class within the 30min window before the class starts. This used to be the no show WOD
  4. No Show = $5 donation, this is if you do not show up to a class that you have booked for. This used to be the no show WOD.

Now before you all go crazy like, let me explain further.

Your donation will be pooled for the CrossFit Collingwood Anniversary Party that happens each year. It is not going in our back pockets as profits. We do not want your $5, we want you to turn up to class when you say you are turning up for class.

So here are the top 3 way to ensure that you never have to pay the $5 penalty.

  1. Check that you are booked in for tomorrow's class before you go to sleep. This works three ways, you will remind yourself that you are booked in for a class, you can cancel a class if you think you will not make it, and if you have not booked you can book then and there.
  2. Turn up to the class you are booked in for.
  3. Cancel you class more than 30 minutes before the class starts

If you have any major concerns or frustrations around the changes to our Booking Policies, please contact Owner Joshua Hromis on 0421 933 067 or email directly at

At the start of December you will receive an updated Membership Terms and Condition Agreements that will needed to be signed before the 1st Jan to ensure that your Coaching is not interrupted.

In closing Crew, we want you to understand that a lot of time has gone into the decision to make this change. It is most definitely not a way for us to make revenue. The $5 is and means nothing to us. It is our hope however that it makes you look at missing a class differently. It is not about the money but creating an awesome training environment based on accountability, integrity and respect.

Thanks in advance for understanding



Everything that we stock at The Ox Shop we ensure actually works and meets our very high expectations. You guys trust us with your health and fitness and we want to ensure that we keep your trust by providing you with only the best. That is where by when we bring on board a new product etc it needs to meet our Incredibly high standards.

Our Head Coach Josh has been trying out the supplement range for the last 30 days he has been incredibly impressed at not only the quality of the products themselves by they way the company conducts itself around health and fitness. Check out their instagram to see what he means, especially their instastories.

With the introduction of PurePharma to our supplement range it now means that CFC is a 1 stop shop when it comes to stocking a supplement range that covers everything that your body needs to be in tip top health where it matters most, the inside.

So onto a bit about PurePharma.

PurePharma was founded in 2009 in Denmark with the ambition to create a transparent, honest and quality-conscious supplement brand. For you. For themselves. And for a healthy future. They believe quality supplements should be simple. To them this means no artificial flavors, sugars or fillers - just genuine natural ingredients. Remember, numbers are for accountants - not ingredients. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

So at CFC we bang on about how it is incredibly important to eat whole foods always and treat supplements as exactly that, supplements. So why do we then endorse our members to take supplements, well that is a great questions.


Vegetables today look amazing. You can get them anywhere and all year round. What’s not to love? However, in the modern agriculture industry, we tend to focus more on growing crops bigger and more rapidly to boost the yield rather than for the minerals and vitamins. Food produced today is significantly different from the food produced just fifty years ago.


PurePharma and our Bio Pharma range provides the nutritional support you need to help bridge the gap of the most common vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Our health relies on the quality of the food we eat, but when extensive topsoil, full of minerals and microorganisms, has been lost through the overuse of inorganic fertilizers, pesticides and modern farming practices, it has become needlessly complicated to get the right amount of minerals and vitamins.


Everyone claims to be the best in the health and supplement  world but these guys go the extra mile to make it easier for you to enjoy a healthy, happier life. They handpick our natural ingredients and carefully monitor everything from start to end. They handle every aspects of their production because it is the only way they can stand behind every single product and guarantee that it is a responsibly made, high-quality natural supplements.

To check out what PurePharma have to offer, click the LINK and check our shelves soon. If you would like more advice on what you should be taking for optimal health touch base with Head Coach Josh for a chat to see what will best work for you.


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