The Savage Ox – October 2017

October 2017 Edition

Hey Team,

I can't believe how fast this year has gone by! There are Christmas decorations out already and I'm not sure how I feel about that...

In the month of September we experienced a lot of change; with Coach Caity finishing her journey with us (WAHH!), the search for a Full Time Coach position, the 2017 Team Series, the return of Barbell, etc.

I hope you enjoy this months Newsletter, myself and the team put a lot of effort into improving it every month, we hope you notice the changes.

— Studio Manager Aleisha



Tom Fankhanel - Internship 2017

What does this mean for Tom and our members? See the details below.

Barbell'n'Pancakes - 4th November 

You read that right! Check out Event details below





We are incredibly proud of how everyone conducted themselves during the team series. We are also super impressed by the amazing costumes, as you can see it was a very fabulous and comical affair.

We hope that everyone left the box with new experiences and greater bonds with their fellow athletes. I think at this point its a good time to reflect on a post that Coach Josh released at the beginning of September:

One of my favourite things about CrossFit is suffering with others. Training with people allows us all to elevate each other through inspiration, competition and camaraderie. It allows us to challenge ourselves in different ways, a Partner WOD for instance now has more purpose. 

We are not only training to improve our own fitness but now also want to push a little harder for those people of whom we are sacrificing energy with. We now do not want to let our team mates and friends down by giving into that loud voice in our head that say “just put that wall ball down, you are tired” it challenges us to push ourselves a little further than if we were left to our own devices.

What makes me personally feel warm and fuzzy is that even though “WE” place this expectation on ourselves that we do not want to let our partner or team down, our partners and our Teams just want us to do our best. They are not concerned about winning the WOD, they are just as invested in our accomplishments as they are their own and that is just plain AWESOME. When in life is the success of other just as important of the success of self.

Thank you to all who participated, supported and shared the experience with us. Already looking forward to next year!



We officially said Goodbye to Coach Caity, last Saturday was the last class she coaches with us. It was a privilege to have her apart of this community and we are so proud of her for following her goals. Thank you for being such a great example to us all, hard work and persistence will pay off, and along to way you can make some amazing memories and relationships. We know you we will be seeing you around the traps and hopefully for a few "Guest Coaching" appearances as you will always be apart of the CrossFit Collingwood Community. Bye for now.



At the start of June this year CrossFit Collingwood made a shift in the way we have athletes join our fold. Both New to CrossFit and Experienced CrossFitters alike now complete 8 x 1 on 1 Private Coaching Session to refine movement patterns and identify area's of opportunity. At CrossFit Collingwood we understand the importance of touching base with a coach on a regular basis, there is no cookie cutter way to start CrossFit and more to the point everyone who joins our community has a desire to LEARN to be better. So without further ado, Congratulations and welcome to the CrossFit Collingwood Community to all of those athletes who completed their 8 Academy Session in Sep:

Amy Engler

Aaron Harvey

Kirsten Sprague

Paul Tinkler

Ellen Wilkonson

If you have not sweated with them yet, then make sure you going and say hello to that unfamiliar face in the studio to make them immediately familiar




This is long over due, better late then never! We want to publicly recognise members that have gone around the sun with us. We are proud of you persistence and your recognition that fitness and health is a lifestyle change you carry with you for the rest of your days.


Jesper Nyborg - 2nd Anniversary - 21/09/2015

Andrew Collier - 3rd Anniversary - 22/09/2014

Nancy Nguyen - 4th Anniversary - 25/09/2013

Molly Jayan - 4th Anniversary - 26/09/2013

Frank Cahill - 4th Anniversary - 26/09/2013





Lift some heavy shiz then stuff your face with some freshly flipped pancakes! You'll also have a wonderland of condiments to choose from. Though out the month we will be asking about how you like your pancakes, who know's you may see your recipe on the menu.
We will be using the True Protein Pancake Mix so you can get ALL THE GAINS after lifting the heavy things.

Event Details:

- Event Kick off - Saturday 4th November 7 am
- Weightlifting - 7am to 9 am Aprox

- Pancake Feast 9 am - 10 am

RSVP Details:
- Mon 4th October
- Email
- Management will process your ticket and reserve your spot


Familiar photo? Familiar face? We'll you're about to see a whole lot more of this guy. Tom, tommy, T-Fank, is our new recruit for 2017 Internship.

You can expect him to be shadowing our classes as of this month.

What to expect. We'll, when we say "shadowing classes" this doesn't mean Tom will be hiding in dark places... watching...

What Interning involves at CrossFit Collingwood is 100 hours of Shadowing classes, in the first 50 hours the intern (with a registered Coach) will observe and learn; movement patterns, the class structure, how to pick faults and how to correct them, nutrition, coach to client communication, etc. The 50 hours after that get a bit more involved, slowly introducing Tom as holding the classes with a Coach supervising.

We are truley excited to have Tom moving from behind the desk at CrossFit Collingwood to on the floor. His attitude and genuine sincerity is something that we welcome to the coaching team.



The amazing thing about CrossFit is how it fosters a community by bringing people together under a common interest. Sometimes life long relationships are even created from being in the CrossFit Community. Regardless as to whether people become best friends or acquaintances we hope that in this environment - CrossFit Collingwood - all the interactions people have with each other will be positive experiences and lead to positive relationships.

Positive relationship doesn't necessarily mean you need have an intimate friendship or a friendship at all. Everyone won't like you, the same way you can't like everyone, and thats ok. This however should not stop us from creating positive relationships. What we mean by a positive relationship is that you are patient, supportive, kind, curious and empathetic in your interaction with other people.

It's so easy to fall into negative interactions, to commiserate, and sometimes to be unfair and offended. We all do it time to time, we're only human right? However, to what degree is that excuse acceptable? If you're human you also have self awareness. So, if you catch yourself in a negative interaction, good job you caught yourself - now stop. Often we catch ourselves, and we keep going. Or sometimes it's not until we walk away we realise that wasn't fostering a positive relationship.

You may be familiar with the phrase "treat others how you would want to be treated". To us this is a provisionally acceptable phrase. Whilst its important to treat people in a way that upholds your standards of human kindness, it is also important to remember people are not you. They will not always receive your actions with the same sentiment, nor will they always deliver to you the same type of kindness. Its not to say we shouldn't have some standards on how we want to be treated or how we treat others. The take home message from this is, we can not always expect people to for fill our expectations unless we educate them otherwise. Additionally, are we really being; patient, supportive, kind, curious and fair, if we resent people for not filling expectations that were not made known to them?

Language allows us to connect. It can be our greatest tool or a greatest enemy. It can make or break our relationships. We can use to be cruel or to be kind. With great power comes great responsibility. In this community, we advocate you to create healthy experiences. So please, check out Renee's Article "You are what you speak".




What is this Savage Club? You my have noticed in the studio we have a poster with a list of names, and against their names are numbers, formally dubbed as streaks. These are streaks for attending 20 or more classes with in the month. If this is achieved consecutively the streaks will add up.

Currently, Ben Milroy is in the lead with a total of 9 streaks! Lets just take a moment to applaud Ben **CLAP!CLAP!CLAP!** for his dedication and persistence! GO BEN GO!

Even though Ben is doing a fantastic demonstration of commitment, don't stop trying to get those streaks ladies and gents! You still have a chance to win the big!




Not the same as the Savage Club, the savage challenge was released every Month, it was an opportunity for members to challenge themselves outside of the class structure. For the Month of September we had a bonus Win opportunity. Either 200 singles or 200 doubles unders for time.

Colette great time for your Single Unders! Ant 200 double unders whilst in another continent (we miss you)! Amazing work for challenging yourself and putting it up there for the world to see. $20 store credit is now in your account :)

October will be our last Savage challenge for the year. Due to the lack of interest, we're going to put it on a pause on the Savage challenge until further notice.








Use #theoxbox or #crossfitcollingwood on Instagram and your picture might get featured. We have had such a great month of Photo's.

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