The Savage Ox – September 2016

September 2016

So Spring has arrived and i even managed to get this badboy out on time - Well done me.

I thoroughly enjoyed going over everyones Goals at our Goal Setting Session on Saturday. Kudos to you for tackling them right before our new training cycle, it is awesome. Do not stress if you missed out on it for whatever reason, we will be holding a goal setting session every quarter as we believe that it is an incredibly important part of your health and fitness journey. The next one will be in November just before we hit the summer season.

Now for some sad news. Coach Lukas Cheney has decided to pursue his passion for BJJ and is finishing up his time with us at CrossFit Collingwood. Do not despair as we will defiantly see him around. I just wanted to personally shout out and say thank you to all that he has contributed in his time with us at The Ox Box. We all look forward to him coming back on board and training again in the near future.

On a happier note, i am super excited to be competing with you at the CrossFit Team Series in Sep/Oct. We have 7 teams currently all signed up so the event is set to be EPIC!!

Keep being better humans

— Coach Josh Hromis




• New Training Cycle - Cycle 3

Have a review of our Training Cycle 3 post so you have a firmer understanding of what we are doing the next 13 weeks.

• The constant pursuit of excellence

Not only do we apply this to our lives but also our business. With that in mind the ever evolving CrossFit Collingwood is set to take the next step towards awesomeness and we continue to develop our training programs, services and studio. I am super pumped to have you guys along for our journey and lucky to have you guys choose the path with us.

• Streat Cafe

Streat is a Non for Profit social enterprise founded by one of our newest members and will be opening it's cafe doors half way through September and we can not wait to walk across the road for some bacon and eggs. We are also working with the manager of the cafe to get a CrossFit Collingwood smoothie on the menu for a post workout refuel. Stay tuned!




What is Myotherapy?

Myotherapy is a specialist form of soft tissue therapy, which focuses on the assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. It is used in the preventative, corrective and rehabilitative phases of therapy to restore and maintain the normal integrity of the soft tissue structure (muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia) of the body.

Dysfunction and injury can be caused by occupational, postural and recreational stresses, faulty biomechanics, muscular imbalances, traumatic or overuse injury, musculoskeletal illness or disease.

Through the use of various treatment techniques such as muscle manipulation and massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, dry needle therapy and stretching, Myotherapy will help to improve muscular strength, increase joint mobility and range of motion and decrease pain.

The prescription of corrective exercise, stretching and relevant advice will be given to help manage any pain, injury or dysfunction.


What conditions does myotherapy effectively treat?

•Muscle strains & tears


•Back & neck pain


•Lymphatic drainage

•Repetitive strain injuries

•Sports injuries

•Poor posture

•Muscle imbalance

•Shin splints

•Post operative soft tissue rehab

•Tennis/golf elbow

•Ligament sprains

•Jaw pain / stiffness

•Nerve entrapment


 Treatment techniques that myotherapists use?

Shallow and deep soft tissue massage

Muscle Manipulation

Trigger point therapy

Dry Needling (use of acupuncture needles into muscle lesions (hotspots))

Myofascial release

Thermal therapies for muscle spasms

Passive muscle stretching

Postural correction and exercises



If you haven’t made the time to book an appointment with the guys at Realign Myotherapy, now is a great time to do so. Book in for an Initial consultation OR standard consultation (new or existing clients) and you will receive a 10% discount! This will help ensure that your body is working at its optimal best when in the gym doing the WOD and also away from the gym with everyday activities. It is amazing how much improvement in strength and movement you will gain from just one session. The offer is exclusive to Crossfit Collingwood members, so make sure you get in and take advantage of the great opportunity.

You can contact Robbie and James on 0433 820 194 OR you can book online here

*Valid throughout the month of September.