Why CrossFit? A word from Intern Hugo

My story is simple, I grew up in France, small city in middle of the country with a very great family. I always practiced sports since my childhood because my parents are athletes. At 18 years old, I decided to join the French Army, I worked 5 years on a mechanical airplane. It’s also in the army where I discovered CrossFit. I started CrossFit in addition to martial arts. The CrossFit concept interested me more and more with time. After 1 year of training I decided to devote myself to CrossFit totally.
Through CrossFit I discovered a lot of different skills. This for me more than just a sport or training method, it’s really a lifestyle or art of living by taking care of our health. Because health to me is the most important thing. This why I want to be a Coach. I want to transmit my knowledge to the people interested in developing their health. Of course I've just started and I need to learn a lot more.
I love the challenge and I’m so curious, this is the reason I decided to start a big journey around the world which has lasted over 1 year. I wanted to associate my travel with CrossFit and I think It was an amazing idea because I met and will meet a lot of incredible people in with the same mindset as me, thousands of kilometers from my home.
My biggest challenge right now is to control my emotion to be focused on my goals. The best remedy for that is to keep my life simple but simplicity is not always easy…
Thanks to my passion, I can progress in a lot of skills, I learn to live outside my comfort zone and learn about myself.
CrossFit makes me act and it’s by acting that you can evolve. I think it’s by staying positive that you can meet positive people and it’s thanks to these people that I can keep going my adventure.
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