Why CrossFit? Coach Kevin

My 1st official coaching day was 17th March 2015, so It'll be 3 years come next March but i have been with The Ox Box coming on 4 years now.
Internship was started back in March 2014, after the open.
The experience has been really great. Working at Crossfit Collingwood made me realise I wanted to pursue my interest of becoming a personal trainer and I have always wanted to help people ever since I was a kid growing up. Therefore, as a first step. I studied for Certificate Level 3 and 4 in Personal Training so I can learn more and be a qualified PT to help others.
I have learnt a lot over the past 30 months and that has helped me become a better coach. This involved learning from my mistakes, learning from Ren and Josh and also from the further studies I have done throughout my time while coaching:
- CrossFit Level 1 & 2;
- Aerobic capacity seminar;
- Outlaw way;
- Pendlay Olympic Lifting seminar; and
- This November, Carl Paoli's seminar in November focusing on functional movements and gymnastics!
I will continue to learn and further educate myself so I can be a better coach than I am now. I am always looking at ways of improving as we should all pursue excellence in anything we do not just as a coach in my current situation, but in everyday life, because it is easy to take the easy road and think you know everything (i.e. the saying "ignorance is bliss"). I want to ensure the members are getting the best out of me when I am coaching them on the floor.
I love seeing the changes people have made in their lives by turning up and training every day and living a healthy life because I'm not doing this for the money, but to affect change in people's lives and that is worth more than money. I love what I do and want to continue on with it. I'm hoping that I somehow have contributed and helped in some way shape or form to affect these changes to members within the community.
I love the Ox Box community and how everyone makes everyone feel welcome. No one is singled out and everyone is welcome to every event. We are one big HAPPY Family of Ox's and I love that. I have experienced a lot of communities with special groups within it which promote negativity and exclusion within the community - we don't ever want that at CrossFit Collingwood.  I'm not being biased here, but I truly think the Ox Box is a special gym, a one of a kind and I'm sure many members who have been to gyms all around the world can testify to that. I've been to over 20 and I can safely say, Josh and Ren have done a really awesome job.
I am really stoked to have been part of this journey with the members and the gym and looking forward to what lies ahead. Come December it will be my 4th year with Crossfit Collingwood (literally joined the second day I moved to Melbourne after checking out CrossFit Vic in the morning) and it's funny how I've been a coach for nearly 3 years of that time.
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