“Are you a pussy or a badass?”

  • Favorite Movement: Split Jerk – it’s been my nemesis for so long & finally learning how to crush it


  • Favorite WOD: Fran, I can not stray away from an old classic


  • Musical Motivation: Anything loud that I can rap to, so everything by Kendrick Lamar


  • Foods: I’m partial to anything Italian


I have been involved in CrossFit since 2012, starting out as a regular member I soon took the opportunity to get involved in the coaching side and completed an internship at Crossfit Bold in London. From there I coached at two other gym in the UK before returning home to Australia.


As a child I tried and tested almost every sport on offer but later specialised in gymnastics competing for 10 years and coaching for 2. I have always loved seeing people progress, and excel in sport.


I am currently training to be an Osteopath at RMIT university which has definitely given me a fresh perspective on how important movement is for overall health and independence.


When I started CrossFit something really struck me, these movements, skills and ideas being implemented weren’t just a fad, they were designed to keep people healthy, fit, and mobile for the duration of their hopefully long lives.


Whether you are a young athlete or an elderly person injury & limited mobility can have the greatest negative impact on your independence, and the best way to prevent this is to train and maintain quality movement, which requires sufficient mobility, stability, and strength.


While I thoroughly enjoy coaching, I also love competing in CrossFit but after several years of competition I have turned my hand to weightlifting with a goal to eventually qualify to compete in the green and gold.  


My goal is to introduce CrossFit to as many people as possible, and to use my coaching to enhance their lives & their health in all aspects.


Coach Caity’s Qualifications:


Cert 3 + 4 Fitness


CrossFit Level 1

Are you in?