The Process

We are uniquely involved in our athletes progress and development. 

STEP 1 - No Sweat Intro Session (Fitness Consultation)

The first step in getting started is coming in for a Free “No Sweat” Intro.

During this 30-minute session we’ll discuss:

  • who we are and what we do

  • any questions you may have

  • your goals and how we can develop the best plan to achieve them

STEP 2 - The Ox Box Academy

30 Days Membership Starting with 4 x 1 on 1 Small Group Coaching Sessions.

The Ox Box Academy costs $286. You start your 30 days by completing your 4 session Course. Once completed, you can start taking classes until the end of those 30 days. For instance, you start your first session on June 13th, and you finish the fourth session on June 28th, you can start taking classes until July 13th. Then you will move to step 3 and Choose your membership.

STEP 3 - The recipe for success

Train 3-6 sessions per week

Eat Clean

Live Savagely

Regularly touch base with your coach