We like you and we think we might like the people you like also. If you know someone who would benefit from training with us at CrossFit Collingwood then let us know and we would love to see if we can help them achieve their health and fitness goals. We will make them feel extra special too.

Your friend will recieve:

  • A FREE One on One Fitness¬†Consultation.
  • $100 OFF¬†their CrossFit Academy.

Just fill out the form below and we’ll contact them and do all the heavy lifting from there. Just do us one solid, please be sure to give them a heads up we’ll be reaching out to them with this great offer. Otherwise we just come across as some creepy cold callers and nobody likes them. If you find you’re getting pretty good at this referral thing, we’ve got an even sweeter deal for you.

  • This offer is only available to CrossFit Collingwood¬†members