“People make mistakes, its all apart of growing up and we really never stop growing” – Adventure Time Script

  • Favorite Lift: Clean & Wheel Push Up


  • Favorite WOD: Filthy 50


  • Musical Motivation: “Feed the Animal” by Girl Talk – whole album


  • Foods: In a world without food intolerances – Spaghetti Bolognese with all of the parmesan cheese!!!


My name is Aleisha, my friends are lazy so they call me “Leish”.


My journey began in 2013 on a plane to Melbourne moving away from my hometown Gold Coast. If you had sat in the seat next to me on that trip and told me I would be pursuing a career in health and fitness through CrossFit within a year, I probably would have tried to switch seats.


Growing up I competed in athletics, cross country, and gymnastics. I was dubbed “chicken legs” cause I was wicked fast – and scrawny. In high school I was fascinated by chemistry, biology, psychology, dietetics  and health education. Despite health and sports playing a role in my early life, it wasn’t the first path I took when I completed high school. Initially, I fancied myself an artist.


After dropping out of Art university, moving to Melbourne and start a new life for a year, I came to the complete realisation with a trope of CrossFitters. Everyday they showed up gibbering about CrossFit, eventually my curiosity went into over drive and I had to know what these guys were about. I did my fundamentals with Coach Renee and Coach Josh but little did I know these two people would play a massive role in my future. From day one I was hooked, I was doing WODs daily and gibbering about CrossFit. In my lunch breaks I would escape the cafe to be in the atmosphere of CrossFit Collingwood.


I began to realise that CrossFit was more than a work out, it was a medicine. I was lucky to find friends and mentors in Josh and Renee, as they inspired my fascination to understand how exercise and nutrition could help me and how I could help others with this powerful knowledge.


After suffering a dislocated shoulder, I did not take that as a sign to quit, it gave me incentive to learn more about the healing power of strength, movement and nutrition. Which lead me to take part in the CrossFit Collingwood 2015 Internship Intake. From day one I was nervous but I also decided I would fight my fears and be better than yesterday. I picked up where I left off from high school and decided to study Sports Nutrition through PN Certification, which I am loving. My should injury encouraged my interest to understand the non physical aspects of CrossFit, thus sprouted my desire to learn the back works of the facility. From that desire I was offered the opportunity to train as the role of Studio Manager at CFC.


Every day I’m challenged and inspired by this industry and am always invigorated knowing that this is what I want to do with my life. The greatest appeal and reward is being part of a community filled with people that challenge themselves daily to become stronger and healthier, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be apart of their pursuits.


Thank you for reading.

Are you in?