Josh Hromis - The Ox Box Crew '18

Opening a Box came at a lot of personal sacrifice, but he couldn’t be happier with the life he has made for himself. In everything he does for this Box Josh’s bottom line motivation is “how to help people be the best version of themselves”. You can see this motto in everything Josh does and he will not stray from it even in the hardest of times. Truly we need more people like Josh in the health and fitness Industry.

Andrew Collier - Athlete of the Month September '18

The (on again off again) fantastic moustache man - Andy Collier! We've known this guy long enough to say his seasonal moustache is something to behold. If we had a moustache award it would go to that guy. Obviously we're easily distracted by facial hair, that being said, underneath the (sometimes) bristly exterior is an equally fantastic dude.