Andy Corlett - Athlete of the Month FEB '19

Mechanics, Consistency and only then intensity is a catchphrase you hear the coaches throwing around the Box and this AOM is an embodiment of just that.

CrossFitter of mornings and a purveyor of the most sought after drug in Melbourne by day (aka Allpress coffee), I have had the pleasure of plenty 1 on 1 time with this legend since joining us at The Ox Box, it has truly been a awesome watching his progress and dedication to getting shit done right and improving where it needs to happen.

Liam Dermody - Athlete of the Month Jan '19

No other lifting face compares to Liam Dermody’s. Aside from having the best lifting face, he also has a great heart. Liam was unanimously chosen by the coaches to receive our “Heart of the Box” Award in 2018. Athletes who receive this award show genuine care and support for their fellow Oxens. They are always bright, energetic and most importantly, coachable. The Heart of the Box Oxen brings a positive attitude to the box and to their training. Liam embodies all of these attributes and is truly a spectacular member and an impressive athlete.

Josh Hromis - The Ox Box Crew '18

Opening a Box came at a lot of personal sacrifice, but he couldn’t be happier with the life he has made for himself. In everything he does for this Box Josh’s bottom line motivation is “how to help people be the best version of themselves”. You can see this motto in everything Josh does and he will not stray from it even in the hardest of times. Truly we need more people like Josh in the health and fitness Industry.