The 2018 CrossFit Open

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It should be no surprise to you all the we love the CrossFit Open at The Ox Box. In fact our whole Training Paradigm culminates in our Annual Test of fitness, which you guessed it.... Is the CrossFit Open!

Now for those who are not indoctrinated you might be wondering... what is this CrossFit Open thing you speak of?

Well for those of you in the dark, have a watch of this link
then continue along. 


We completely understand that if this is your first time, you may be a little nervous. The CrossFit Open for The Ox Box is an amazing and fun set of 5 Saturday throwdowns for our community to come together and encourage, inspire and challenge our preconceived expectations around our own limitations. Overcoming what we deem to be the impossible.

For us, it puts a line in the sand so when we come back around in a years time, we see our improvements. For some of the crew this will be their 4th open and for some of you it will be your first. Either way, it is going to be awesome fun.

Last year we almost had 60 athletes crushing each Saturday with an electric vibe and this year we want MORE!


From the 23rd Feb, each friday (U.S.A Thursday) for 5 weeks @ around 12.00 noon, one of the workouts is released.

Then Coach Josh's head will explode as he figures out all the logistics of how The Open workouts will run at The Ox Box on Saturday and to ensure that athletes on the day are placing their best foot forward.

On Friday afternoon on Facebook we will be releasing...

  1. The Strategy and Tips for tackling the WOD the next day

  2. Heat Sheets for the following days heats

  3. Setting up the studio for the WOD


Over the 5 weeks the Open is running the following need to be taken into consideration...

Friday Night Open Gym is cancelled. Although you are more than welcome to come and help set the studio up and gain some extra tips ;)

Saturday WOD's are cancelled while the CrossFit Open is running.

You will need to register for The Open in order to train on Saturday.

Yes please sign up even if you are unable to attend all the workouts. If you can't make one, still sign up, if you can't make four, perhaps this year is not the year.


To register click this link

The CrossFit Games

Make sure that you select the “CrossFit Collingwood” team. 


We require some personal responsibilities from you regarding the open.

  1. Read the brief - We will be releasing all the information you need, simply read it, understand it, ask questions and that way you will be armed with everything you need to tackle Saturday. Do this on Friday either via our Facebook Live event or via our Facebook posts

  2. Book your heat time - Last year we had over 50 people competing in the open and while we do our utmost to accommodate for each athletes individual needs, you need to work with us in order to make this beast run smoothly. This year we are doing something different whereby heat times will be available for booking via Wodify (stay tuned for more details)

  3. Do not argue with your judge - Trust that the person who is counting your reps with a heart rate of 50 beats per second and has seen movements for years, has a better understand of what is required then you do.

  4. Have fun and encourage others to do the best they can


The last of the open WODs, 18.5 will see an event being held at CrossFit U called "2 Boxes 1 Cup". This event is where we go head to head with CrossFit U from West Melbourne, seeing which box gets the cup. This fun event in its 5th year and the hope is we take the cup back from the Unicorns this year. After the proceedings have concluded it is time for a good feed, a cheeky beverage shared with a like minded community of people who strive to be better than the day before.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up people!!


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