Athlete of the Month

Andrew Collier - Athlete of the Month September '18

The (on again off again) fantastic moustache man - Andy Collier! We've known this guy long enough to say his seasonal moustache is something to behold. If we had a moustache award it would go to that guy. Obviously we're easily distracted by facial hair, that being said, underneath the (sometimes) bristly exterior is an equally fantastic dude. 

Ben Milroy - Athlete of the Month Jan 17'

The progress Ben has made at The Ox Box during his relatively short time here (14 months) has been nothing short of incredible. While his heart may belong to Ox Box Barbell, he has showed up to almost every single CrossFit and specialty class we have programmed this year. He has set the standard of what it means to train consistently, holding the record of over 370 classes crushed in 2017 (Insane).