Why we are a Non- Biased Program

After programming for CrossFit for the last seven years, I have learnt some essential lessons, and the learnings never stop a-comin".

One of the most common things I hear and have heard in the past is that our programming isn’t “CrossFit” enough. Often complaints from members that your program doesn’t spend enough time on strength training?

Most people’s view of CrossFit is a popularised one. Double sessions, involving a strength component followed by a Metcon. However, this is NOT what CrossFit is. If you are every interested in having a look at what CrossFit HQ programs daily, head over to crossfit.com and have a peak. Double days are Very rarely programmed, and some days a 5 x 5 back squat is the only thing needed to accomplish.

The strength and conditioning program we provide at the OX Box is one of longevity; we look to design a program that is centred around health and improving performance. We aim to switch an understanding from volume to intensity and the importance of the WHAT you do in the hour as opposed to the AMOUNT you do in the hour. This is a topic we’re particularly passionate about, which you’ll probably pick up on in one of my rants :).

We concentrate on General Physical Preparedness or GPP for short. This will see you having the ability to turn up to the studio 4+ sessions per week, combining that with all of your life stress, family, work, puppies, without feeling like you have hit a brick wall.

Then your training program is something that is maintainable, that will allow you not to burn out and keep improving in not only what your body can do but the way it can do it because consistency is what has you achieving.

Keep improving the standard team!

Coach JComment