The Ox Box Method - CYCLE 3

Welcome Oxen to Cycle 3!

Before we delve into what cycle 3 will entail for some of you who are new to The Ox Box Method and our programming within, now is the perfect opportunity to gain a better understanding of the WHY behind our Daily Programming so you are armed with all the knowledge of the reason we practise, train and test the way that we do...

The best place to do this is here - Read More

We have moved to a new era in our programming commencing with Cycle 3 as we are in the midst of winter and with approx 3 months remaining before The CrossFit Open is upon us, we are now at the halfway mark of our training paradigm.

What to Expect

There are 3 things over the next 3 months that we are looking to really start to get a handle on…

  1. Strength with Control

We will be involving a Squat Cycle over the next 13 weeks amongst other strength exercise while applying an incredibly powerful strategy called Tempo. Tempo allows us to build strength while gaining better control and understanding of our bodies. This potent tool only works however if Range of Motion and the Tempo are honoured. So it is less about how much you lift and more about getting the stimulus.

  1. Learn how to progress and tackle skills in a Metcon

A massive hole in our programming has been progressing our athletes in building better skills. Skills generally are more in the gymnastics realm. Think Pistols, TTB, Muscle Ups, Pull ups etc. We will be utilising a skill day to start to develop and further our knowledge of The Ox Box Method of progressions of skill. To give you an example, it is largely a waste of time to practise muscle ups, if you can not do strict pull ups and ring dips. It is the goal to be able to impart this knowledge on you, so you can then utilise these techniques in a Metcon environment to move your progress along faster.

  1. Get back to basics

With the open not far away, we know that getting better at the basics is going to be important. Think wallballs, pull ups and TTB, rowing and cycling barbells and Dumbells. You will see Open Style workouts start to populate the daily classes more frequently as we start to ramp up our condition to peak in October for an exciting time of the year. That and ABs for summer :)

How to Get the Most out of The Ox Box Method

Hit these 5 simple points and you should be good to go

  1. Read the daily brief before you workout

  2. Turn up with the intention of giving it 100% of what you have in the tank

  3. Commit to training a minimum of 3 sessions per week

  4. Be humble in your accomplishments and vulnerable in your failures.

  5. Have fun, we have the privilege of getting to train in an awesome environment and to improve what our bodies are capable of. How fucking lucky are we.

See you in the studio you bunch of Savages :)

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