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February 2018

What's up Oxen!

And so the first month of 2018 is done and dusted… I still can not believe that the calendar is now 2018 but if the speed at which January disappeared is anything to go it will be 2019 before we know it. So if you are still procrastinating on the goals set for 2018, there is no better day than today to get the ball rolling. Change is constant…and I can tell you that we’re really pumped for what is ahead in 2018. With regards to Feb… We’re fired-up to feature a new AOM, The CrossFit Open, and welcome TWO new coaches to the team in James Clift and Heidi Nicholls (make sure you say hi to these two legends). Final a massive shout out the the every inspiring Unicorn that is our very own Renee Purbrick. She competed in the Aussie Throwdown in Jan and came 4th.... out of Australia and that is pretty friking amazing. 

Here’s to a great Open Season and looking forward to competing with you all!

Keep being Savage,

— Coach Josh



First WOD will take place at The Ox Box on Sat the 24th, booking in for heats will Open Friday the night before. Please read our article for full details here



We’re excited to welcome James Clift and Heidi Nicholls to The Ox Box. James comes to us from CrossFit Blackburn as former head coach with 10 years of coaching experience. Heidi hails from Mississippi and is pursue a career in the amazing industry of health + fitness. Supporting athletes in a gym setting all the way from America to Australia we were struck at how even when she is dying in a WOD she still calls out to cheer everyone else on. A full bio from both are coming; however, if you see either in the studio, please give them a warm welcome and show them what our amazing community is all about.



Presented by naturopath Jess Milroy, we will be hosting a workshop all about Gut health at 1030 am on the Saturday the 3rd February. Addressing concepts such as stress, leaky gut, and athlete gut health.



Prior the commencement of the Open, participants of the Workshop are encouraged to participate in 21 Days to a healthy Gut, commencing on Monday the 5th of February. How to go about this will be present in the Healthy Guts workshop.



Congratulations to these legends who started their journey with us in Feb. It is exciting to share another year around the sun with you all!

Jina Song - 29/02/2016 - 2 year Anniversary 

Natalia Hepp - 03/02/2017 - 1 year Anniversary 

Andy Corlett - 16/2/2017 - 1 year Anniversary 

Anna Thompson -23/2/2017 - 1 year Anniversary 

Lincoln Smith - 27/2/2017 - 1 year Anniversary

George Thompson - 28/2/2017 - 1 year Anniversary 



If you don't recognise their face go over say 'Hi! '. You can be weird, but don't be the weird person that doesn't say 'hi', that's the wrong kind of weird. 

Liam Dermody - Experienced CrossFitter, WOD smasher, and a father to a cool little dude. 

Brain Dunn - Once trained under our past member Dani V (who is now exploring Africa), after hearing all the good things about CrossFit Collingwood he decided to join the fold.

Paul O'Brian - Has just finished his Academy with us, we welcome his first experience to CrossFit programming. 



The Savage Club Started in Jan 2017 as a celebration to all of those athletes who smash out more than 20 classes per month. We are continuing the tally into 2018, we are no longer wiping the slate clean. Don't fret new comers! There is still opportunity receive awesome prizes by January 2019 for your efforts!


Ben Milroy - 13

Joanna Jellie - 13

Joshua Haigh - 13

Colette van Uffelen - 6

Michael van Uffelen - 6

Dan Savage - 6

Ant Borch - 4

Sweta Sriram - 3

Kirsten Sprague - 2

Frank Cahill - 1

Fiona Royall - 1

Josh Sprague - 1

Caesar de Souza - 1

Kylie Tucker - 1

Matt Taylor - 1

Molly Jayan - 1

Nick Hill - 1

Paul McMackin - 1

Thomas Wallrich - 1

Tom Rea - 1

Andrew Koulouris  - 1

Andrew Zur - 1

Andy Corlett - 1


"I've been into sport and physical activity since my mid teens starting with soccer, volleyball, martial arts, extreme sports, then finally weightlifting. I first joined a gym at age 16 and instantly fell in love with it. I eventually found CrossFit and knew I had found my sport. I love hard work, mental challenge, and the discipline it requires. I love coaching it as much as I love participating in it. As some one who has been a personal trainer for over a decade now, I've never found a training method that creates better results in performance, aesthetics, and most importantly health than CrossFit. Outside of CrossFit I enjoy hiking, going to the beach, and spending time with my Wife, family and friends."


"Hello! I am super excited to be apart of The Ox Box family!
I have moved around my whole life as my dad was in the Army, but I came to Melbourne from Mississippi. Australia has been on my radar for about 5 years and I am happy to finally be here! My partner was born in Adelaide and went to the same university in Mississippi as I did, he was a basketballer and I a swimmer. Being a competitive swimmer, I have been attracted to goal setting and developing my athletic performance. I found CrossFit in 2015 after I wrapped up my swimming career and craved another competitive outlet. In 2016, I started my coaching career and have not looked back since! I have a bachelors in Exercise Science and am wrapping up my Masters in Exercise Science and Nutrition. I think CrossFit and movement fit perfectly into these studies and give me an awesome knowledge base. In the future I plan to dive more into sports nutrition and competitive programming for athletes. See y'all around the box!"



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Nancy nguyen

In a short paragraph we are set with the challenge of summarising Nancy's 4 year journey at CrossFit Collingwood (now The Ox Box). If we had to describe Nancy in four words this comes to mind; Ambitious, Humble, Determined, and Kind...

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Here's a list of what we're loving and learning this month:

  1. Coach Josh: Best self habits

    Stay away from my phone or all electronic devices 20-30min before I go to bed, to unplug, calm my mind and improve my sleep. I finish my Bestself journal off at the end of the day with some melodies playing in the background. Take a shower, read a book, drink some tea. Great way to end each day and I am already finding I am better refreshed for the next day ahead.

  2. Coach Renee - Beating Drums

    Ive been learning how to play the drums for 12 months. It was initially started to improve my hand and eye coordination to benefit my passions in olympic weightlifting and motorcycle riding... the pleasant surprise was that Im really enjoying the process. This month I'm learning drum rolls, specifically those in Dazed and Confused by Led Zeppelin.. kick back and enjoy a listen to the inspiration peeps.

  3. Intern Tommy: Getting Gut Healthy

    I've been trying to wrap my head around the basics of gut health. It's all well and good to read a completely comprehensive review of the digestive system as a whole but personally I think it's much nicer to have something written in simpler words in a clear and concise manner. Our member Amy Reichelt wrote a very helpful piece related to the difference between prebiotics and probiotics in the link above. Thanks to Amy for the enlightenment

  4. Coach Heidi - Giving Zero Effs

    I am reading, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck,  because I'm super into the power of positive thinking and how it can get/keep you on track with your goals. Devoting all your focus to things that do not allow forward progress can easily take up your whole day and cause you to be unproductive.

  5. Coach James - Gettin a Juggernaut dose

I am reading, Juggernaut Training Systems: Scientific Principles of Strength. Really into developing my powerlifting knowledge at the moment, this book has a whole new level of knowledge on how to get brutally strong in the basic barbell movements. Really interesting and in-depth read for both coach and athlete


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The 2018 CrossFit Open

It should be no surprise to you all the we love the CrossFit Open at The Ox Box. In fact our whole Training Paradigm culminates in our Annual Test of fitness, which you guessed it.... Is the CrossFit Open!

Now for those who are not indoctrinated you might be wondering... what is this CrossFit Open thing you speak of? Is it for me? The answer is YES! 

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You guys are awesome, we all know that. So we wanted the brand of clothing that we aligned ourselves with to reflect that same level of awesomeness. In 2018 we are very proud to announce that we are entering a partnership with lululemon athletica. Many of you have an idea about the workings of Lululemon but let me express, after being involved with the brand on all levels from both inside and outside, you could not find a more awesome company.

Their motto of elevating the world from mediocrity to excellence has something that we have seen time and time again. A company built on empowering woman, setting goals and community spirit. We could not be prouder to have The Ox Box Logo next to theirs. Their pursuit of excellence inspires many including our own at The Ox Box, and for these reasons we could not think of a better alignment.

Stay tuned for pre orders and designs and rest assured that their WILL be apparel through the year from now on. 


Use #THEOXBOX on Instagram and your picture might get featured here.

Keep Being Savage Ladies and Gentlemen!

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