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January 2018

What's up Oxen!

Welcome to 2018 and a whole new look for The Ox Box! Who would have guessed that, 5 years ago that when we opened the doors for the first time that we would be here… What a wild ride! A big THANK YOU to all who have come through our doors…current and past members, guests and staff. That said… welcome to a new CrossFit Collingwood! As we have grown more and more over the years and as we continue to expand who we are as a fitness culture and brand, we needed to take the next step forward. While we are still CrossFit Collingwood our name keep is now officially THE OX BOX. Thank you to all and welcome to your new home of fitness, here is cheers to an amazing 2018 together.

— Coach Josh




Monday, January 1st - Closed

Tuesday, January 2nd - 7:00am + 8:00am WOD's only

Wednesday, January 3rd - 7:00am + 8:00am WOD's only

Thursday, January 4th - 7:00am + 8:00am WOD's only

Friday, January 5th - 7:00am + 8:00am WOD's only



Friday, January 26th, Australia Day - 7:00am + 8:00am WOD's only



On the January 11th - Registration will open for the 2018 CrossFit Open. A super exciting time for the CrossFit Community and also the culmination of The Ox Box Training Paradigm. As per tradition, we will be running the 2018 CrossFit Open for our athletes but with a little twist this year. More info to follow in February, but for now, let's get registering!


YIN YOGA - 14th Jan

Our very own Freya Rastall lead an amazing Yin Yoga class in December and is set to do the same for us again Sunday 9 am, 14th January. Book via Wodify under Workshop/Events, grab a Yoga Matt and see you there.



Congratulations to these legends who started their journey with us in Jan. It is exciting to share anothr year around the sun with you all!

Adam Rice - 07/01/2014 - 5 years

Tom Wren -  07/01/2014 - 4 Years

Madeline Oldfield - 17/01/2014 - 4 Years

David Oldfield -  17/01/2014 - 4 Years

Colette van Uffelen - 05/01/2015 - 3 Years

Michael van Uffelen - 05/01/2015 - 3 Years

Andrew Zur - 22/01/2015 - 3 Years

Andrew Coyle - 25/01/2016 - 2 Years

Rhys Cranney - 10/01/2017 - 1 Year

Morgan Dennithorne - 10/01/2017 - 1 Year

Harry Bardoel - 12/01/2017 - 1 Year

Laura Rea - 17/01/2017 - 1 Year

Tom Rea - 17/01/2017 - 1 Year

Josh Sprague - 17/01/2017 - 1 Year

Thomas Wallrich - 20/01/2017 - 1 Year

Matt Bax - 26/01/2017 - 1 Year



The Savage Club Started in Jan 2017 as a celebration to all of those athletes who smash out more than 20 classes per week. A massive shout out to Ben Milroy, Joanna Jellie and Josh Haigh for an incredible ethic to their health and fitness, amazing achievement!

Ben Milroy - 12

Joanna Jellie - 12

Joshua Haigh - 12

Colette van Uffelen - 5

Michael van Uffelen - 5

Matt Went - 4

Ant Borch - 3

Brian Brady - 2

Sweta Sriram - 2

Kirsten Sprague - 1

Mads Knight - 1

Tony Sallad - 1


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"I played a variety of sports through school life; basketball, baseball, cricket, AFL, soccer, etc. but I was far from an athlete. At my biggest about 15 years ago I weighed in over 140kg.

Once part-time work started I gave up the team sports and became more of a gym rat. Eventually, things clicked around 7-8 years ago and I managed to drop a few kg's and from there went through an endless rotation of running, bulking, cutting cycles... including some sports here and there such as golf and squash.

One bad back injury and a year of pilates rehab later I was looking for something different and landed on Crossfit and haven't looked back since. I love the philosophies around it; functionality over aesthetics, variability and the community focus. Plus it's definitely a relief to leave the programming to the experts and just get in and do what you’re told!.."

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Here's a list of what we're loving and learning this month:

  1. Studio Manager Aleisha: Is Exploring Movement

    Tumbling - Circus Oz

    Circus Oz in the Colling"hood" offers short courses throughout the year around all sorts of modalities from tumbling to handstand classes. I am participating in the Tumbling course as it is a good way to explore explosive and high impact movement. Also develops your understanding of centre of mass, and floor movement. Having a strength background is key to tumbling which makes CrossFit is a delicious complementary.

  2. Coach Kev - Is getting Melodic

    During this summer, I'm super excited to be attending the Foo Fighters, Rise Against and Paramore concerts in Melbourne. Live music reminds you of the importance of doing what you love. In every realm, not just that of music, watching a professional do what they do means many things, but most importantly it’s the representation of someone’s passion and hard work getting them to where they are today. It only emphasises the significance of having a dream and believing in it until it becomes reality. Live music is a dream come true, even for those in the audience"

  3. Intern Tommy: Is Ballin'

    One of my favourite things to do when it's warm is head to a basketball court and get some shots up with a mate or group of mates. It's a great opportunity to unwind, get some sun (not too much, sunburn = not cool), talk trash, and make sure I don't lose my jump shot.

    Basketball is also a great way to improve your accuracy (one of CrossFit's 10 recognised fitness domains), as well as putting your explosiveness to the test.

    If anyone is ever keen for a Sunday Shoot-around, hit me up!

  4. Head Coach Joshua - I am (re)reading

    Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris. When I get the chance I actually love reading. Tim Ferris is the author of numerous New York Times bestsellers and has been running one of the most popular podcasts on iTunes "The Time Ferris Show". Tools for Titans is a summation of all of his interviews with amazing guests in his podcasts and is written in a way that distils the tools, tactics and thought processes of influential leaders that we can easily apply to our own lives. You do not have to read the whole book but rather choose a section that you want to work on and apply the learnings within.

  5. Coach Renee - I am Vitamin ing it up

I'm excited to be checking out a new health service that provides high grade nutrient supplementation to people who lead busy lives, that might not always allow for the adequate rest and refuelling needed to match how passionate they are about looking after the bodies they live in.

The health service is Intravenous Vitamin drips and Infusions and the company is IV.Me Hydration Clinic. I got interested in IV vitamin therapy back in April 2017, coming back from The World Masters Olympics in New Zealand, I was hungover from the high of competition training preparation, the overwhelmingly awesome experience of lifting on a world platform and juggling business and coaching along with it all.. I felt tired all the time and kept catching every little sniffle that was being shared around. I had a customised Vitamin shot with all the trimmings, and was so impressed with the outcome that I plan to revisit the clinic in January, to start 2018 free from any sluggish Christmas cheer.


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Welcome to The Ox Box has been the welcome message since we opened our doors 5 years ago and while CrossFit is not in our official name anymore it does not mean that we are any less in love with what we believe is the best Strength and Conditioning program in the world as we shift peoples lives from sickness to fitness. Over the years we have moved into offering more than just a smash session and with our eyes set for growth in the coming years it is important for us to be able to.

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Our first Affilation release for 2018 is our partnership with Hunter Lab. Hunter Lab is focused on encouraging its consumers into healthier, astute living through the development of a methodical, effortless daily skincare routine utilising these highly effective and addictive super natural skincare tools. We love them because they are Melbourne owned and located. Not only will we be stocking their amazing products in our bathrooms for our athletes to use but also they will be available in store for purchase.

If you have a bath, you have to get on their bath salts to relax the WOD away. Pretty friking awesome.


Use #THEOXBOX on Instagram and your picture might get featured here.

Keep Being Savage Ladies and Gentlemen!









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