The Ox Box News - Mar 18'

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March 2018

What's up Oxen!

IT WAS A HOT MONTH! We've seen some sexy looking sweating people in the month of February, what can we expect from March? 

Firstly, at The Ox Box we super excited and busy with the Open season, the best season of the year!
We hope you're enjoying it thus far. We are looking forward to seeing our members smashing some more personal goals through out the open. 

Also, in the midst of it, we are now due for our next instalment of programming, The Ox Box Method. There will be a couple more article popping up this month as we head into Cycle 1 of The Ox Box Method. If you want to have deeper understanding of your training, which we hope you do, check out our article of the month, The Ox Box Method.  Keep scrolling for all the good stuff.

Keep being Savage,

— Coach Josh



7 am, 8 am and 9 am WODS only on the following Dates:

Monday, March 12th - Labour Day

Friday, March 30th - Good Friday

Saturday, March 31st - Easter Saturday

Monday, April 2nd - Easter Monday

Wednesday, April 25th - ANZAC Day


Evolutio, our recommended local Physiotherapist are offering us an amazing gift. During the CrossFit Open our members can receive 3 for 2 massages up until 18.5 Open WOD.

On top of that!

Evolutio will be supporting us for 18.4, paying us a visit during the WODs, offering free 10 minutes massages at the studio. So you can expect to see their friendly faces on the 17th of March.



18.1 - Saturday, Feb 24th

18.2 - Saturday, Mar 3rd

18.3 - Saturday, Mar 10th

18.4 - Saturday, Mar 17th

All taking place at The Ox Box, 75 Cromwell st.


18.5 - Saturday, Mar 24th - 2 Box’s 1 Cup

Taking place at Functional U, North Melbourne, scroll below for more info


* No Open Gym during the Open.



Congratulations to these legends who started their journey with us in March. It is exciting to share another year around the sun with you all!

Adz Purbrick - 06/03/2013 - 5 years Anniversary 

Ant Borch - 25/03/2015 - 3 years Anniversary

Ryan Moroney - 10/03/2017 - 1 year Anniversary

Nick Hill - 03/03/2017 - 1 year Anniversary 

Polly Woodroffe - 17/03/2017 - 1 year Anniversary

Pablo Diaz - 22/03/2017 - 1 year Anniversary

Andrew Leslie -22/03/2017 - 1 year Anniversary

Caesar de Souza - 23/03/2017 - 1 year Anniversary



If you don't recognise their face go over say 'Hi! '. You can be weird, but don't be the weird person that doesn't say 'hi', that's the wrong kind of weird. 

Adam Remmers & Liv Finlayson - Keep an eye out for this CrossFit duo! They both roll into The Ox Box on some pretty slick wheels. Welcome to our fold guys!

You would also have seen a lot of Academy members getting sweaty in the Ox Box, stay tuned next month to see their names on the list! 



The Savage Club Started in Jan 2017 as a celebration to all of those athletes who smash out more than 20 classes per month. We are continuing the tally into 2018, after all commitment needs to be highlighted. Super proud of all who are up on our list. Well Done!


Ben Milroy - 14

Joanna Jellie - 14

Joshua Haigh - 14

Colette van Uffelen - 7

Michael van Uffelen - 7

Dan Savage - 7

Sweta Sriram - 4

Kirsten Sprague - 3

Frank Cahill - 2

Fiona Royall - 2

Josh Sprague - 2

Molly Jayan - 2

Nick Hill - 2

Paul McMackin - 2

Thomas Wallrich - 2

Andrew Zur - 2

Matt Went - 1

Pablo Diaz - 1


Goodbyes are never easy, especially when its for a fun and inspiring gal from the USA. With a heavey heart, but full of our support, we bon voyage Coach Heidi to her next adventure away from The Ox Box.

In this short span Coach Heidi was here with us she has made a big impression. It will be a long time before we stop cheering "YALL!"

Thank you for the opportunity to have you in this space, goodbye for now but not forever.


Y’all have been truly amazing and I have been so privileged to know each and every one of you! As you now know, I am moving on from the four walls you are all so lucky to call home. The leaders at The Ox Box have some amazing things in store for your future and I am heartbroken I am not able to stick around for it. Without getting into too much detail, I am in the (exciting and stressful) process of applying for a Permanent Partner Visa with Jack! Our time bomb for this is slowly ticking away and isn’t slowing down! So I have had to make the hard choice to take an offer for a more immediate increase in hours.
I’m pumped to be able to finish the 2018 Open in your awesome community. And if you ever want some Collingwood tickets I’ll see what I can do ;)
I (HOPEFULLY) am permanently in Melbourne, so don’t be a stranger!
Love, Heidi


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Laura REA

Little legend Laura has been with us for a touch over a year. In that year we have seen her come leaps and bounds in terms of strength, fitness, and confidence in her movement.

Laura has always been attentive and coachable ever since her time in The CrossFit Academy, and ever since then we have been lucky enough to have her become a member in our individualised programming.

In one year Laura has come from 10kg bar Push Press in Academy to Handstand Push-Ups and all sorts of strict pull-up variations unassisted. Perhaps this may not have been possible without the motivation of beating fellow Ox and husband, Tom, but it's impressive nonetheless ;)

What impresses us is Laura's desire to get better and stronger. This is evident in her advocacy for strong muscular females in our culture.

Read More


Here's a list of what we're loving and learning this month:

  1. Coach Renee: My Duches

    My favourite thing this month is riding the duchess on my own private motorcycle track - The Yarra Bend Boulevard.. its the most fun you can have within the speed limit, with its perfectly canted corners and well kept road conditions.. you will find me up there most days, even if its just for a quick 20minute play.

  2. Coach Heidi - Doin the splits!

    I am learning how to do the splits! It's forcing me to take more time that normal to stretch out my body which, in turn, keeps me physically healthy for high intensity workouts. Learning new things is also what keeps our brains young. And how cool to say I learned how to do the splits before I turned 26?

  3. Coach Kevin: StrongFit Seminar

    My fav is the StrongFit Seminar that I just attended over the weekend. The seminar was insightful and provided an out of the box perspective from Crossfit to training, programming and recovery. Really excited to test out the new concepts and movements I learnt and apply to the athletes on an individual basis as I see some of the content really beneficial for or athletes.

  4. Coach Aleisha - Slayin the CrossFit Open

    Im really nervous and excited to experience the challenge of the Open in my current physical condition. This is the most injury free I have been since I started CrossFit. I have on occasion experienced panic attacks during public WODs, so Im really taking the opportunity to challenge my fear of public performance. 

  5. Coach James - Chasing Excellence

“Chasing Excellence” by Ben Burgeron. This book follows the journey of the hugely successful strength and conditioning coach Ben Burgeron as he coaches his athletes through the 2016 CrossFit Games. It’s a wonderful insight into the world of elite CrossFitting and the lengths Ben goes to to prepare his athletes not only physIcally, but mentally and emotionally for the extreme challenge that is the CrossFit Games. I highly recommend if you want to improve your mental game, inside and outside the gym.


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The Ox Box Method is a comprehensive strength and conditioning program that utilises the founding principles of CrossFit to help us be the best version of ourselves possible.

Since the beginning in 2012, we’ve offered well-rounded CrossFit programming designed to increase the General Physical Preparedness (“GPP,” i.e. overall fitness and health) of our members. Our program has continued to evolve and improve not only our athletes conditioning, strength and skill but also overall joint function, mobility and flexibility. 

This is what it means to be a part of The Ox Box Method.


Read More


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We are BestSelf Co, human performance junkies who translate the success, strategies, and habits of high performance into meaningful yet simple tools that will guide you to become your Best Self.

BestSelf Co. started as a project between two entrepreneurs, Cathryn and Allen. They learned what differentiates outstanding performers from the average person is an ability to plan, effectively execute and track progress. Top performers create daily rituals for success. From their learnings they wanted to create meaningful products that helped people become their best self. 

We're all about people becoming their best self, we have also found that in this industry it is about helping our members plan for success, create goals and actions, motivate and inspire themselves to move forward.

Coach  Josh has been using Best Self co quarterly journals for over  year now, and believes these journals will aid a lot of our members in becoming the best athlete and healthy person they can be. In March we will be offering journals for purchase, branded in our colours. 

We look forward to helping you scribble your way through the quarter and achieving your goals. 


Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 2.46.39 PM.png

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Its our annual outer community event, connect with fellow humans that are aspiring to be fit and healthy like you. Its an awesome opportunity to meet people outside of the Ox Box, also an interesting way to test your performance against an unknown component.  On that note! This is a super friendly event, nothing to spicy about this. This year it will be throwing down with the community at Functional U.  

$30 per participating athlete

$20 per spectator

Date - Saturday 24th March

Place - Functional U West Melbourne

Time - From 9.30am

Lunch and brews after the sweat fest



Use #THEOXBOX on Instagram and your picture might get featured here.

Keep Being Savage Ladies and Gentlemen!