What's wrong with the Fitness Industry

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In the Western world, we no longer need to expel high levels of physical exertion to get shit done, but that doesn’t change the fact that, like any vehicle we use, we need to move it regularly.

By move, I am referring to moving in ways that explore the full ranges of motion that the body is designed to do.

The problem with this, however, is the industry that is supposed to support us by providing the information we need to know, the Fitness and Health industry, is, generally speaking, misinformed and full of ulterior motives...like taking your money with very poor to zero intentions of giving you anything for your investment.


Why do most people explore fitness? To lose weight, to maintain weight, to look good, to feel good.

A very small percentage of people who do fitness, do it to be a healthy human.

At The Ox Box, we define the pursuit of fitness with the goal of being able to have a healthy sex life in our 80’s...because if you’re mobile enough, strong enough, cardiovascularly fit enough to have sex in your 80’s then its a safe bet you will still be capable enough to have independence from being dependant on care or institutionalised.


The Fitness industry sells short term challenges attached to unhealthy, unsustainable aesthetic outcomes that promote a disconnect with the fact that training is not a short term fix, but a daily necessity.


Because being strong means you are stable, being flexible means you are adaptable and being cardiovascularly healthy means you are more resistant towards chronic disease.

Taking a generalised, consist approach to your movement practice, and being sure to be inclusive across strength, mobility and cardiovascular stimulation in this practice will keep you healthy and generally physically prepared for life and all it’s known and unknown joys and stresses.


To take that statement further; training across the body's three energy systems, https://bit.ly/2uBQKYr, provides a well rounded health and fitness that benefits the physical and mental states that promote happier, more capable humans.

That’s why, after an accumulated 30 years in the fitness industry, Joshua Hromis and myself (Renee Purbrick,) opened The Ox Box - Home of Crossfit Collingwood. Because we found that these very principles were embodied in what Crossfit is https://bit.ly/1YZZ3F0, at its fundamental core:

‘Constantly varied functional movement executed at high intensity.’

Over the last 6 years, our commitment has been to a very transparent no BullS*!t delivery of information and education that debunks the short lived ‘8-12 week challenge’ as the way to achieving the body you want now and the ultimate physical nirvana of having washboard abs.

To educating, coaching, and inspiring the real facts; that making fitness a part of your weekly practices - for life, is the real way to achieve the healthy, capable body you need to traverse lifes landscapes.

That with solid linear programming that allows you to sustain, maintain, develop, evolve and adapt within your training, just as you do within your careers, relationships and lives, is a far more realistic and sustainable approach to being fit, healthy humans.

Uncompromising consistency, turning up and training more often than not, is the secret to achieving and maintaining the confidence to be youthful, capable and able bodied for the full duration of our lives.


Our message is clear and to the point,
‘It never gets easier - you just get stronger.’


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