Welcome to The Ox Box


Dear Oxen,

It’s no secret that we have had our eyes upon expanding for some time. We absolutely love big goals and gaudy challenges and the changes we have to make and the people we have to become to accomplish them. We know to make big dreams a reality (especially something of this nature), we must live in the relentless pursuit of excellence, which can only serve to benefit ourselves, the people around us, and the environment we create.

Aware of the cliche, I’m still going to tell you it is as much about the journey for us as it is the destination.

The journey is the transformation to become excellent and the destination is sharing our brand of health and fitness with as much of the world as we can reach.

After coming to this decision, we realised we had two options…

  1. A bigger box

  2. Another box

After deliberation and research, we came to the decision that we want to go in the direction of opening another box. This allows us to maintain the things that are truly important to us such as maintaining a close knit community feel, and the ability for coaches to be in touch with their athletes needs, goals, and personalities. At the moment, it feels like everyone is a piece in the metaphorical puzzle that makes up CrossFit Collingwood, and we never want to get away from that.

A big part of the reasoning for expansion is a future for our coaches and people involved in The Ox Box. We want to provide a platform for career progression and personal development, and truly live into the relentless pursuit of excellence that is always at the forefront of our minds. This way we can offer more than just coaching classes, but the ability to come into your own as a coach and a leader through having a larger role to play and a larger vision on the horizon.

Our ethos and ethic will remain largely the same, only altering to include things we learn and expand upon the things we have begun learning. Our mindset will remain optimistic and open, and our values will always place precedence upon creative freedom, hard work, personal responsibility, personal development, being as awesome as possible, and being a force of nature.

We see training as a method of curating an active lifestyle and building a buffer of fitness that prevents chronic disease and keeps us out of retirement homes.

We are not about the 6 week summer body blitz or the magic supplement that’s going to strip that unwanted fat away. We are about promoting consistency and patience in a society that craves instant gratification and quick fixes. We promote the enjoyment of the process, the celebration of the small wins along the way, and the feeling that comes along with seeing what your body is truly capable of doing.

We believe that we are putting a better product, facility and community out to market than anywhere else. We do not advertise because you are our advertisement, and our days are filled with the thought of how to make your lives better and our environment better.

This will continue to be the heart of what it means to be at The Ox Box....Lifestyle and Training.

We are still CrossFit, and this is still CrossFit Collingwood, just now under the umbrella of The Ox Box. We believe in CrossFit as a training methodology and are constantly evolving our own interpretation of CrossFit through our programming adaptations to achieve athletic progression, health and wellbeing, and longevity in our athletes. All we need is you guys to turn up and we are profoundly confident we can deliver this in a way that nowhere else can or dares to.

Welcome to The Ox Box has been written on our signage since we first opened our doors. It is with great honour and gratitude that we once again welcome you all to The Ox Box - Home to CrossFit in Collingwood.




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