Our CrossFit Academy program is an informational and instructional course designed for anyone new to CrossFit. Learn the ABCs of CrossFit — we’ll guide you through the foundational movements, the lingo, familiarise you with the format, and get your body primed to join our CrossFit classes. A dedicated Academy coach leads a small group of no more than 5 so each person gets the individual attention they need with a community feel. It’s also a great way to get to know other new members and find that workout buddy, and to give the coaches an opportunity to really assess the beginning of your journey with us. 


CrossFit is a training program that builds functional strength and conditioning with constantly varied workouts that are sure to provide superior results in all aspects of fitness. CrossFit combines gymnastics, weightlifting and metabolic conditioning in varying degrees and durations to create unparalleled results. From the basic (but all-important) air squat all the way to the very technical muscle up and Olympic lifts, we utilise them all and make it workable for anyone at any level of fitness. We build strength, endurance, agility, technical ability, and general awareness of body and mind by training movements that support functional ability and translate to real life. And of course, there are the aesthetic benefits, too. 


Collingwood’s Olympic Weightlifting classes aim to improve the classic Olympic lifts. We have found that the most successful athletes have built a strong technical foundation in these 2 lifts. Our programming follows set cycles ranging from the introductory level, to more advanced cycles prepping lifters for WODs or competition. Our Olympic Weightlifting classes are great whether you are looking to improve your technique, proficiency, and strength, or wanting to pursue Olympic Weightlifting as a sport.


Our mobility class is our restorative class geared towards CrossFitters. Flexibility is a key element to a wellness program that is often over looked. Mobility Classes will compliment your fitness regimen, no matter your pursuits. Mobility and flexibility are heavily emphasised, with a strong focus on range-of-motion and core engagement to help you gain efficiency and proper mechanics when performing exercises at high-intensity. 



Whether your goals are enhanced athletic performance, weight loss, health, longevity, or elevating your training, our mission is to enable you to look, feel and perform at your best.

We train mostly in a group setting, whether it be general strength and conditioning classes or specialty mobility and olympic weightlifting sessions. Not only will you be receiving world class coaching but making friends and having fun at the same time. 


Whether you’re an elite athlete looking to take your performance to the next level, or someone new to the world of health and fitness, our coaches can help develop an individual program just for you to take your training to the next level. 


Our Private Coaching sessions are the most effective and efficient way to achieve your personal fitness goals, whether you’re just starting out on your fitness journey, or an experienced athlete looking to break through a stubborn plateau.

Sign up for our private coaching sessions where one of our world-class coaches will work with you to help define your goals and blow them out of the water. Each session is designed just for you with a set of eyes on you at all times to ensure you’re getting value out of every one of those minutes.


Precision Nutrition is nutritional program tailored specifically to meet your needs and maximize results as you work towards your goals. We make what most people find to be the hardest part of fitness simple and flexible. We won’t demand you to cut anything out of your diet, but we’ll work together to find the right set point for you as a unique individual, and teach you how to make your body and food work for you as a coordinated system.


CrossFit as a workout regimen is proven to provide superior results over the typical gym routine; dialing in nutrition boosts results not only in body composition, but also rate of recovery, so that your work capacity increases dramatically. The better you fuel yourself, the better you recover, and the overall cycle is optimized so that your goals are met rapidly. Burn fat, build lean muscle, make strength gains, increase stamina, reduce inflammation and pain — make it all work for you. 

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